Cobra F-MAX One Length Irons Preview

The F Max One Length irons are an intriguiing
Super Game Improvement product from Cobra. Lets take a Golfbidder look Under The Hood. Cobra with their F Max line are throwing everything
in their armoury into ensuring the beginners, occasional players and those of us without
the brute force of Tour pros can enjoy their game. The design philosophy in the F Max One Length
irons is to take the idea inspired by Bryson DeChambeau, which sees all the irons being
the same length, that of a seven iron, then making them super light-weight yet full of
game improvement technologies which the moderate swing speed golfer will benefit from. So you
need just one same swing for every shot. Now Weight is saved with much Lighter than
standard shafts and coupled with slightly thicker and very tactile Lamkin grips inspire
confidence. The F-Max One Length iron heads are a feat
of engineering in themselves where the weighting is totally differently than in a normal set.
Add to that you a deep undercut cavity with the centre-of-gravity low and back to create
a high launch with plenty of flex for distance. There’s loads of offset which makes them easy
to hit and as with all the F max family there’s a draw bias weighting to prevent the weak
fade. And again with ONE Length then you use one swing for every iron. So there it is the Cobra F Max One Length
irons, designed for the super game improvement category with an emphasis on being light.
Watch out for our in-hand review video of the Cobra F Max family coming soon but for
now from me it’s a super light Donal Out!!


  • can u compare the F-max one length with the F7 one length on to the coarse and compare them for distance and dispersion?? I'd love to see the difference between the 7iron F-Max one length and the 7iron F7 one length and while your out there, show the difference graphite gains has on steel shafts Please? I'm about to buy but don't know which set, or set up to go for.

  • ive had these for a month, have hit thousands of balls on the range. The verdict= I love them!!!! i had the f7 last yr and didnt want to drop $800 on a new set, but these are a small amount larger,so a little bit easier to hit then the f7s. My misshits are better with the fmax than with the f7s . Love them.

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