Como cobrar falta no Dream League Soccer 2019

Save me, I’m Willian Silva
and you’re on my channel. You asked too much how to hit
lack in Dream League soccer, both with the C button for close,
as with the A button away, so I decided to take a little time and make for you the best tutorial
for dream league soccer. In this tutorial I will teach you
how to hit curves and with stop, and at the end of the video I’m going
teach a way to beat fouls which you have never seen before, then watch the video until the end to
learn this bonus that I have prepared for you. Let’s start … First of all let’s go to this tip
crucial that I have prepared for you. When you go and look
no matter where it is from or whatever distance, You will always look at the
part of the beam, The good thing is that you are already sharp
to make goal foul by playing online, but will also depend on the
internet of yours and your opponent because if it is a bad internet,
the game had many crashes, But anyway, Hold this in your head. and always look in the
from within the beam, even if the fault is
from far or near. Now let’s go to the
distance from each fault. When the fault is far away
you will charge with button (A) and will fill 60% to
80% of the force bar, This will certainly help.
to make several goals, a big tip is you
try to hit strong kicks in the angle of the goalkeeper, so you already train
to collect absences online. Often the barrier of your
opponent begins to move much, so are you going too
charge with button (A) and nothing to charge with the
(B) much less with (C) because of this distance to
collection goes very slowly, You will fill up around
of 90% of the force bar, that the ball will equal one
rocket in the middle of the barrier. Good, now we’re going to
lack of medium distance. Missing from this distance
it’s the easiest to beat because any touch on button (A)
the ball goes in the angle does not have much secret, but for those who do not know, just read
on button (A) you will make the goal. Now when you’re playing
online things will change a bit, instead of just checking the button (A)
you will fill 10% of the force bar, that the kick will go a little stronger and I’m sure it will give a lot
work for the opposing goalkeeper to catch. Another tip is that if you
are playing in ofline mode, you can try
to kick with the button (C) just fill about 15%
to 30% of the force bar, that the ball will roam and
you will make beautiful goals like that, and also if you are very audacious,
you can try to kick with the button (B), but in this case it is only if the
barrier move much, You’re just going to need to look.
and fill the force bar, that I have absolutely
sure that will be goal, this low collection was widely used by Ronaldinho
and also by Neymar in real life. We are almost staffed
arriving at the end of the video, but I want to talk to you, What are you waiting for?
leave that like in the video and already subscribe to the channel, Enjoy that I’ll bring more
videos tutorials for the channel and do not forget that you have
still charges close plus the bonus I have prepared for you. The latest and most complicated
lack is logical than the collection closely. But it’s not that difficult, you just have to learn that from
near you will never use the button (A) but the button (C) You just need to fill
15% to 20% of force bar who will make fantastic goals like that, And you can expect
the barrier wiggles and charge with the button (B) just fill the force bar
and then celebrate the goal done. To you who stayed until the end,
here’s a bonus tip for you guys, when they charge near misses,
or even of medium distance, you can charge the curb foul,
Even if the barrier does not wick, just fill 90% of the force bar, and the aim is already a little different, you look at the second barrier player that you will see the curve that
ball makes behind the barrier. Curves made in kicks
in videos my personal, are made when moving the
analog to the side I want the curve, and if the fault is on the right side, I put a player right to
hit the curve to the left, but I charge for the lack of
that the effect is much more beautiful, and when I charge for
close to wandering with the button (C), many times the
player snake with stop, So it’s not me who does it anymore.
yes that is more even random, Some say that depending on the cell phone You can not do some
things in Dream League Soccer, I also do not know why I only have this one
and only tested on my Dream League Soccer And remembering that my version of
Dream League Soccer is the HD version, So this version has more stuff that the most borated version
for weaker phones. I hope God can bless
the life of each one of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went!

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