Como fazer Gol de Bicicleta no Dream League Soccer 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva and you’re on my channel. I’m trying to bring a series of tutorials
to you that wants to learn tips about DLS. So today I will teach you how to make the 2 goals that we all love each other
are the goal of volley and the bicycle. These goals are easier to make
that goals kicking literally. Let’s start with the bicycle goal,
when the ball comes crossed at the top for you no matter where it comes from
provided it is crossed at the top the only thing you’ll have to do
is to slide your finger towards the goal type if you make goal on the right side you will have to slide your finger
from the left side to the right side and vice versa and then you just
need to aim for the side you want. But all this has to be in question
seconds to make everything come out perfect The volley follows the same scheme
but when the ball is crossed in mid-height the player makes the beautiful volley. Then passing high ball
your player will turn the bike and ball in half height he will turn the volley. I hope the video helps you in some way and soon I will be teaching how to make goal from outside
the areá and how to do goal of letter and heel If you think the video helped you in any way I hope you count on your enjoyment of the video, now if you liked my content subscribe to the channel that soon has new video Thank you for watching me
until the next video, God forbid.

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