Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat™ Practice Mat Review

pga professional Todd cold here with
another Pro golf mat review and today I’m taking a look at the Country Club elite by real
feel golf mats review as a golf instructor who bases out of the Midwest having a
quality golf mat is a key component for me at the academy because the reality of it
is is that we use golf mats very often and want the best golf mat for our academy certainly during the winter and
sometimes even in the spring and in the fall so I get a lot of golf mats we’ve gone
through a lot of mass at my Academy here over our 25 plus years and when I came
time to build my new facility I called jay and i wanted his top mad
and that’s what I’ve got here the country club elite so I want to talk a
little bit about why I chose this matt and what are some of the features that
really distinguish it that are different from some of the other ones that we see
first of all the quality now this particular piece right here
actually cut this piece out of my regular man that I have because we put
our pressure plate in there but I wanted to bring it out because it really shows
the quality that the first thing you’re going to notice is it’s very heavy a lot
of mats are kind of light you start hitting shots and the mat
literally moves around i don’t like that at all this mat is nice and heavy and
once you start getting shot it’s not going to move of course the density and quality of the turf is another key component when you take a look at you can tell right away that
it’s denser and there’s a lot of quality there’s a lot of grass turf there and it’s going to
hold up over time now (very durable) certainly what I’m looking for as a golf
instructor is performance I want something first of all that I can use
with woods and of course irons and even pitch shots and chip shot so one of
things i like about it i can literally put a teen it can put a reaal golf tee in it we can hit driver shots three woods whatever it is that we want probably the feature that I really liked
the most about the country club elite golf mat is how it reacts when my students a shot
that isn’t quite perfect a lot of mats when you get a little bit behind the
ball (fat shot) the club just kind of bounces off the mat and goes into the ball and the student or the golfer and actually a shot that
looks pretty good and then they going to make that same swing out on the actual turf and that shot is chunky or
its kind of thin and it just isn’t the same as they saw off the mat its kind of
frustration or maybe even confusion with the country club elite if the contact is
not good if I if I had a little bit behind it or I have a student who hits a
little bit behind it you notice it right away because because
of the density of the turf and the way – [True Divot Action®] its design the shot comes out like a
chunk shot like a fat shot would off regular turf and that’s a key component
that I really like about the country club elite also since I said earlier we get a lot
of shots off golf Mats i’m looking for durability but i’m also have a concern
for my students and my golfers I don’t want them hitting off a mat
that’s going to hurt their wrists or that are you know things like that {easier on the body] andso the country club he’s got a little bit of give to it and the first thing
whenever I have a new student come into the Academy they want to come over they
want to step on the mat because they can feel it’s got some cushion it’s got some
give to it so if you’re looking for a quality golf Mat
take it from somebody who’s been teaching for over 30 years who literally just built a brand new
Academy I could have chosen any mat i wanted i went with the country club
elite because number one is quality number two I can use it with woods and
irons number three the ball reacts like it should just as it was off the turf
and forth and probably the most important is the customer support that i
get if I’ve got an issue i’ve got a concern I can call the guys i can call Jay the
owner I can call them i get them directly and I get any problem that i
have handled right away so if you’re looking for a mat you certainly want to take a look at
real field golf mats [] and specifically the country club elite [a five star review from pga professional Todd Kolb] yeah

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