Course vlog – Kennemer Golf & Country Club – Part 1 of 3

Hi, this is Daniel Björk And Marko Sterkenburg And we’re on The Kennemer today, nice course! Turn around Daniel, then we see this. This is what a clubhouse should look like Fantastic! See that lonely tree on left side? That’s where you want to go That would be a good spot Maybe reachable in two shots for you So there.. It has to come in a bit then It’s okay. Yes fine I’m in the middle of the fairway And Marko left How far to go? 273 meter. So, far…
And one halve. So just a lay up 180 meters.
Yep, hybride Good result. Yes. 92 meters… This fox lives here on the course It’s just so nice here Left down hill, have to watch out that we don’t end up in the valley behind you. I’ll tend the flag Ahhh, nice length A very good par Birdie putt, 3 meters down hill, left to right I heard green.
Yeah, sounded like green I never know what to hit here Beautiful par 3 this Beautiful par 3 Stop! Hard kick, gone… Landed it too short Marko lands his ball on the down slope here And the you end up…there… Yeah come on Dead straight Short par 4 Yes, short par 4 with a big sloping fairway from left to right So you wanna land it left and you’ll end up right Well, I think you did just that… Nice shot I think it’s still rolling Think that one will be out Oh it landed soft, nice. Over the hill Still 100 meters I think.
125… Full born 9 iron Has to be a good one.
To the left plateau Bit right Pin high but will roll off the green I think But a nice ball.
That spin man! Nice drive from Mr. Marko 107 meter to be precise We’ll use a pitching wedge for that I saw the spin you got so I will try to land a bit left Smart! Smart! 🙂 Just short.
Nice shot though 8 meter putt left, straight up the hill Needs a firm hit Daniel, 6 meters, also for birdie just off the green Flag out, big right to left swing And an easy par What have we got?
A par 4, pretty long Dog leg right at the end So again, you want to stay on the left side of the fairway Oh that one is gone. A bit too much… Oh it will be okay Yea right?
A bit high Yeah, in the corner No problem No just short, it landed very soft on the edge Good drive, still 75-80 meters left? 100? Let’s see, yeah, the distance marker is just behind us, yeah 100 meters So that’s right It looks like there’s a bit of green behind the flag Haha, but there isn’t… I think I got away with that ‘Cause that one was very thin! And stay there… Pulled it a bit left because of the lie I’m long But fortunately not too long ‘Cause this runs off big time Too bad, good putt It had the right line Well this would be a great putt 5,5 to 6 meters, straight down hill I think it will break a lot Right to left Here it comes… Ohh, that’s a nice putt First birdie, okay… Short hole, you could try to go for the green It goes to the right?
To the right around the dunes Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh… Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss… Djeaaaaaaaaaaa…


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