Course vlog – Kennemer Golf & Country Club – Part 2 of 3

Short hole, you can also try to go for the green It goes to the right?
To the right around the dunes So for you, if you want to go for it Aim for the right dune, that bare part And just hit your normal fade If you want to hit a banana ball aim for the trees in the middle And let it come in How long is the hole then? It’s reachable, you can go for the green I’ll try that then If you just hit it straight you’re left with a
pitching wedge in If you hit a good one A bullet! Your driver is working huh? This is the risk/reward par 4 Daniel is gonna try, with a power fade Right dune edge… Uhm, that’s the left dune Daniel… Curls back to the middle of the fairway,
if it can hold the fairway Could it be to long?
Should be fine Okay Seve That drive deserved better You’re gonna punch it under the branches? Yeah, and hope it will roll through the valley Bit of a hook Daniel just through the fairway but with a good lie 111 meters
Moss like surface with a nice bounce on it Oh, that looks nice! Just short, in the bank, spun back
to the level where Marko is too Slope left to right And the classic: never up, never in Hill runs to about here, 3/4 And after that it’s still uphill and to the right So aim 2 meters left With the putter Come on! 1,5 meters straight up the hill Par putt for Daniel This one is also uphill and breaks a lot to the right Didn’t really break… Bad bogey Too bad What do whe have here?
Par 5, almost 500 meters Also used in the KLM Open course,
here at the Kennemer The hole is right there, you can see it there
behind the bushes lying in the sun A sharp dog leg At the end of the fairway you can see a lonely tree, bare branches, that’s the line where you want to end up If you can chose where to land it of course… 🙂 That’s to far to the right Not entirely solid but… It landed in the fairway First shot on the par 5, seventh hole. 3 wood, for safety Way left, bounces, over the path Exciting huh?
That will be a challenge A hybrid, try to find the fairway again That won’t be a problem Nice… 3 wood, Daniel Björk He still has 210 meters left With the flag on the back of the
green on this par 5, uphill 215 meters I find that far
Yes it is, against the wind and uphill And the pressure is on ’cause your opponent
is 200 meters further in the fairway Lay up! Lay up, up and down par and run away… A bit too much slice, stay! Got a good kick
Against the hill Oh, nice picture! 118 meters but a lot uphill, uphill lie Club extra Nice contact again A bit left on the green 74 meters from the middle of the fairway This has to be an up and down Uphill lie, I expect a lot of spin! Oh, straight at it Will you take the ball out of the whole?
Ball?!? Yeah, when I make this… 🙂 For birdie
I will… Here it comes Well Just a little low
I think it’s a very good par Let’s see if I can make this one For a nice par then… Daniel has just experienced an adventurous par 5 But thanks to a super wedge from 74 meters Still a good change to make par Downhill and straight in the hole I think a bit on the left edge of the hole 184 meters, land it on the left side of the green It will run back to the flag Tough par 3 this
Absolutely! 184 meters Ohhh, very fat Classic error A lot of sway Hybrid 4 Very low, be over the bunker Through the green, velodrome… Rolls back, on the back of the green It’s okay A little bump and run? 2 small ones Oh, too soft…Go! Easy now! Oh well this is the Daniel length, 8 out of 10 Yeah this should be okay
8 out of 10… In the middle The red roof behind the fairway, that’s the line It’s the greenkeepers house Of the head greenkeeper Wow, the air is nice huh? Yeah like a blanket, fantastic Looks very tight It’s very wide That’s good right? Ahhh, just about Yeah nice shot On the 9th hole, driver Started left It looks relatively flat around the green but
everything that lands left of the pin… Will roll all the way off the green and into the valley So you want to aim for the caddymaster house Or the “tea house” as it is called here on the Kennemer And if you can try to feed it in Well, show us… Oh that’s too far, stay! A classic
Ah, that’s what you ment Good contact but too much draw
Yeah, too bad Neat… Very good! That was very aggressive Left with one of these for par again Again way to hard And you have this one for par Good chip, or was that a putt?
Yeah putt… Nice They are lying on the slice side Björk!

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