Course vlog – Kennemer Golf & Country Club – Part 3 of 3

Working to hard Over the bunker, it’s okay No problem I’m going over the “herts” To the right
And the “herts” are still alive 190?
Yeah, a bit enthusiastic Flag is all they way over there
Grip it short In the valley
There’s some room on the left side Oh, that’s a bit of a hook Yeah but the result is good I think And what did the audience think about it? Was that good? Could have been a lot worse from that lie 160 – 165 meters left?
165 meters I’ll curl a small hybrid thingy in there Well no curl, straight in the air 2 meters down the hill Uhhh, that one breaks man! Bad This is one of the famous par 3’s from
Harry Colt the architect of the course If there’s a signatur hole here, is that this one?
Signature hole, yes Pretty much every par 3 but this one in particular 130 meters, so short But everything left and over runs 15 meters down to the green of the 16th hole of the KLM Open Leave it short and it also rolls 20 meters back So you have to be up on the plateau And the flag is now all the way to the right So not much space on the right side 130 meters?
A bit more than 130 meters Daniel hits a fade to the flag on the back right position Oh, bounces just short, ball stays, stay, stay Run there to mark it! Daniel just short On the par 3 eleventh hole With an enourmous valley, hard to see on video But right here And the flag up on the hill, you can
see the difference in height A very good line Come on Yet another tester for par. 1,5 meters What will this one do? Run to the hole if you’re lucky Straight? Very fast though 127 meters, a soft 8 iron Flag is on the right side behind the deep bunker,
where you really don’t wanna be We skipped a few holes ’cause it’s getting dark We’re playing 1, 2, 8 and 9 now What’s up?
I think you like that one… Yeah! 128 meters Oh that one is nice! Short? Yeah, didn’t feel good Tough up and down, I’ll just bump it against the edge And then just hope… A bit long And it’s to hard again A 2 meter putt for par, again!
Well, 2 meters and then some… Super shot! Two good pars I think
Absolutely The final hole of the KLM Open Back to the clubhouse, up the hill A wide fairway with a lot of undulation But the danger is in the second shot So start by just hitting it forwards Very straight!
A bit on the right edge You really want to be left of that Good shot 180 meters to the flag Sounded good Okay, Marko a bit right Too bad
A few centimeters fluff under it Well, for an amazing birdie, I’ll tend the flag 3rd shot on the 9th hole Wow, I didn’t see that break at all So this one breaks a bit right… Left to right, yeah And yet again a meter too short! What a mud ball… This is what a clubhouse should look like Fantastic! Looking out over the whole course, 27 holes.
Three 9 hole courses The original 18 are designed by Harry Colt The famous English architect from the
beginning of the 20th century And Pennink, his disciple, has designed
the last 9 holes on the outside Which course do you like the most? I think…The KLM Open course, they make a combination of the 3 courses. That’s the most spectacular one For me the B course is the real first 9 holes With the deer in the backround, that’s the first hole… Tough, long, a true links course! So…It’s just fantastic here! Great day! Today we started on the Van Hengel course, actually the 3rd nine holes Hole 1, long par 5 second hole Uphill par 3 4, 5, dogleg right 6th The long 7th Super tough par 3 eighth The 9th, and the we went to the Pennink course Actually the first 9 One, two Went back to 17 and 18 and they
are part of the Colt course We skipped all of the holes on
this side because of the dark

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