CRAZIEST ADVENTURE GOLF EVER | Follow Me Around Actionworld

Hi everyone, I’m Smileypeacefun. And here are the English subtitles for the beginning and end of this video. 🙂 Today me and my friends are visiting Actionworld in Zurich (Switzerland). They not only have laser tag and escape rooms. Their newest attraction is called “Adventure Golf”. But it’s not a regular mini golf course. I have only seen pictures online so far and it already looks like the craziest mini golf course I have ever seen. And for those of you who don’t know: I love playing mini golf courses. I played a lot with my dad when I was a kid. And today I’m here with my awesome friends to check out this place. I’m really excited so let’s go! And we did it! It was absolutely crazy. It included a lot of cool marble track features and so many moving objects. And Actionworld built it all on their own, so this course is very unique which is a big bonus point for me. Me and my team, we had a ton of fun. So a big ‘Thank You’ to the Actionworld team for this collaboration. And just so you know: I’m not getting paid to make this video. So all opinions in this video are my own opinions. I already made a video about the escape rooms and laser tag at Actionworld. So if you wanna check that out I’ll leave you the link to the video. So last but not least: I hope you liked this video, see you hopefully next time. I’m Smileypeacefun. Bye 🙂


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