CRAZY Pin Location Scramble With Experior Golf | Golfing In California

Oh what is up y’all hope you’re having a
great day out here at Sand Canyon again have the whole crew out here good mark
thank you so much for having us out I really appreciate it have a little
team event today with the superintendent’s revenge these pins
because of Mark had them go out and set these pins in crazy locations very
difficult to putt chip teams are me and Brian against Kevin and Mark we’re
taking them down by the way exterior golf they have been so kind to host me
this week it’s been incredible so far tons of YouTube videos coming y’all’s
way so stay tuned we’re gonna take you straight to the tee right now number one
Mountain Course Sand Canyon let’s go this is going to be a three hole stroke
play event the lowest score through three holes will be deemed the winner
today you’re gonna coach okay I wasn’t doing like a 7-iron just hit him 150 or
just go with five would take out five would do you think par-5 number one 480
yards from the T’s were playing pretty much straightaway that’s all right partner I got you that’s right the things that he can do
when he’s using a regular ball and a normal Club okay hi partner we’re in
good shape tie I do believe you never played this hole but I think the Hobby
is your first time we’re gonna run the mountain mountain course and union
Country Club place is pretty awesome views are incredible thank you so much
to mark for having us out here that was a monster hit thanks sir
I mean longer than mine Marky Mark and the dirt skis all right what’s our team
name the piece I mean by burgers I need all the time you guys were showing up so
I had the big screen on with Zach’s video all right so here is where the
Marky Mark Thirsty’s 192 all right and our ball is right over there we are
roughly 180 right down the middle heading towards
the middle of the green sure almost in the bunker alright here
we are right here 175 yards left to a back left hole location and just a
little right good little way up there dude I will take that shot all day just
a little long but to that hole location ping a little long I don’t know we’re
gonna work it out for how much space behind the pig and it is on a huge slope
cannot wait to show you all this pin location here borderline ridiculous
alright walking up here there’s where I landed big hop a little long but look at
this pin this is on a slope massive slope I don’t know if y’all can tell
right there this chip that we have y’all are really
not in bad shape here yeah I agree I’m better shape than we are it is got
pretty straightforward little chip here up and down for the bird pin slammer on
the first Oh Oh No
I was a little long and not it’s not where you want to be and it did settle
there what a chef now I’m afraid of this putt though this putt it’s no gimme I’m
less afraid for putt no then do we get one of your famous teardrop famous cuz I
don’t know if I’ve been able to completely see how did you know maybe I
have you telling me you give me the word I’ll go for the teardrop I want the
tiered right off the marker in that was amazing that right there camera dropping
eagle on the first hole and the superintendence revenge let’s go
that this is why is real this is stroke play so after all that excitement
y’all have to make this to be one back tough it was awesome
drop a like if you like that camera dropper how can you not like that camera my heart’s my heart’s still pounding you
all had a pin slammin birdie yeah yeah it means nothing compares here your
camera dropping needle no one ever most challenging spot on the
golf course that we’re making fun of you we’re fun of your guys got an
up-and-down – that was so much fun camera dropper on the first hole one up
through one this is total score so that’s why they had to put that out they
are one under or two under superintendent’s revenge through one
hole not seeing much revenge number two yards straight down the hill that’s my shot selected we’re using
Brian’s wall thankfully kept us in play because mine just in case you happen to mess up we
got something we’re getting out of this my partner – 54 – a middle difficult pen
I’m yes absolutely zing it not a stinger but that’s alright can
play 254 yards downhill downwind I’ve got 5-iron I think it’s a club if I
hit a well just on the front edge it looks like from here we will take it
about 143 okay the center depends someone in the back so I’m gonna let’s
just say it’s about 155 with this elevation we’re gonna do 129 okay to
tell from here very nice shot sir dialed in what a shot it’s tracking it is
tracking are you serious yeah I take that comment back what a shot alright me
and Brian right here both of them hit great shots up here and see Kevin’s just
right there marks right over there however I’m pretty sure they’re going on
Kevin’s just want to show you this pin real quick look at this I mean this is
like eight feet from the edge of the green with that behind straight downhill
straight downwind this is okay no more actually I can’t
you’re you’re almost I need to just do something crazy in case it’s crazier
than yours the teardrop is what everyone wants to see
so we want to say be here talking about Zach shop but I’m really hoping this
does not go well stop stop pretty good all right all
right they’re there they’re saying that we may be out still we’re both roughly
four-and-a-half five feet all right so Brian says he’s gonna go ahead and go
we’re gonna go ahead and knock the sin oh that was a big up-and-down for par
here on to the pressure is on if you’ll make this it’s all squared going into
the last hole that was a saucy putt right there pin slammer here on to
square going into the third final hole I was starting to think that that was all
you know I’m with Brian I’m like if I can buy this last hole last hole I think
the pressures on them there’s you know no real rhyme or reason for that I just
filled up no I think they do feel the pressure they do number three par four
371 yards there’s a creek that runs right there so still trying to decide do
I light up short or T it I and let it fly that should play well right there it’s fading right I saw the contact it’s alright I gotcha partner Oh didn’t
realize that to the left the creeks actually running away from
you so it’s further she chariot on the left and I was kind of middle left
didn’t carry it definitely saw a splash but you know I didn’t come here to lay
up that’s true and we didn’t there hopefully we find your ball otherwise
we’ve been in trouble we’re gonna be taking a drop up there which we can
still make par from there no worries I think we’re gonna find yours though I
know my way so we couldn’t find the ball there we’re gonna have to speak mine
we’re gonna be taking the drop we’re gonna have a wedge probably in hand so
yeah definitely advantage to the marky-mark der skis something like that
really let’s get contact just having a laugh oh my oh my oh alright partner this is
where we ended up right there I’ve got a pretty good look for our par need to
make that I do not see them yet alrighty sir y’all ended up going the
one in the bunker the other one was just over the bunker on that slope there
little deep not much green to work with oh what a shot it’s rolling out just a
bit but they’ve got a good look for bar oh I thought we had a partner you never
want to be in this situation but it was a valiant effort they do have a putt for
the win here this putt is for the win mark wanted me to do the cap off valiant
effort yeah yeah had so much fun hope you all enjoyed this little
superintendents revenge those pin locations were brutal 30 and these guys
came out victorious great pies awesome way to end it thank you so much thank
you thank you welcome to the family thank you really appreciate you having
us out mark sand Canyon I’ll drop the link down below check it out it’s an
awesome course I’ll drop both of their instagrams down below as well
experior golf thanks so much for hosting me this week i Ryan have a bunch of
videos on your channel as well so I’m gonna link one of our videos not sure
which one yet but you’re gonna find out here in the little ending credits which
video make sure to subscribe to exterior golf as well we’ve just done a bunch of
fun videos hope you’ll enjoy them check them out this guy’s content is unreal
it’s like TV production it’s incredible y’all will enjoy it so check them out
and y’all until next time we’ll see you when we see ya

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