Cricket Masterclass: How to bat!

I’ve just arrived at the crease England
at 10 for 2. The Indian fans are going wild. It’s hot, it’s muggy and I’ve
got these men under the lid. Silly mid-off, short leg, man round the corner
for the one that turns and bounces and Virat Kohli, the captain, at first slip. it
is very important that you get right forward and right back. Gone are the
days where players play with the bat on the pad. The reason why is because of these men. As soon as you do that the ball turns a bit it might take a bit of your
bat with the pad pops up and you’re out. So what we try and do now is really use
the bat make sure that I get right out in front of me. Balls turned, it’s bounced
a bi,t I’ve gone out in front of me but I haven’t pushed too hard. My hands are
quite soft even though I’m there I’m letting the ball turn and letting it hit
my bat and hopefully because I’m not too hard at it the ball will drop somewhere
near here. Now I’m going to show you a bit of a different idea of how to play
that. Same delivery same length. I’ve gone right forward to the other one I’ve
used my depth so can you see how that works if I’m standing here and I play
that one out here my impacts around about here that same ball I’m going back
here my impacts there I’ve created almost two meters of difference you’ve
got to be aware of this guy around the corner and these guys here and I’ll show
you what some of the things that can happen early on Oh see there I try to
get across the balls bounced and turned a bit more I’ve got my bet on it but
there’s a man waiting for me ok so again getting back in your crease getting
forward you still got to make sure that you’re able to get your weight back into
the ball and be able to control it enough that you can push it into the gap
for one and not give these guys who are like little hound dogs waiting to just
buy it your heels I have to hold my hand happen say some
of the worst parts of my international batting dean l get the Wonder is running
down first or second ball to try and hit him over the top not getting it right
I’m out Ian Bell that first test match in a meta
bud when you try to come down the wicked be positive the ball went straight up
and he was out very difficult balance to strike because you are under pressure
and there’s a batsman you’re thinking gee one big shot and I can clear the
guys and I can get rid of them okay I’ve not got that hold of that too much but I
don’t know the pace of the pitch the balls I don’t know if it’s turning I
don’t know if it’s sticking in the wicket and I don’t know how much it’s
going to come on and I’ve just loved that one up and mid off and Madonn I’ve
got a chance to catch it again it’s a tough balance to strike but I do say
that the longer you spend out there the more you get a feel for conditions and
the easier it is to then impose yourself but particularly early on it’s very
important you get the pace of the wicket coming down and give it having a big
slog and getting yourself out is a very high-risk option


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