Cricket Travel Trailer by Taxa

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cricket dealer this is the cricket we’re going to show you that scene today we’ll
go around everything on this thing is super sturdy anything that looks like a
staff or a seat that is truly what it’s meant to be everything’s very sturdy on
these these are built in houston company that man named Garrett started he’s a
NASA engineer so these are built a lot like an aircraft everything is put
together very solid riveted together made to last up here in the front you’ve
got the rock guard dual propane tanks so this when this top is down it’ll fit in
your garage when we go inside and show you how to lift this up you’re gonna
have six foot four clearance at the kitchen inside it’s a plenty room to
stand up when you get in there so out here’s a latch to latch this top down
inside there’s two more latches we’ll show you so he just gonna unlatch this
latch when you get ready to open that top up
this is your outside shower so you have a true McCombie in here which is a water
heater furnace combination so you have both hot and cold water out here at your
outside shower you’ve got a place to plug into electricity if you’re gonna
plug in and then you’ve got a place to hook up to water as well so this is made
to go either to a campground or to be off-grid there’s an outlet back here to
plug in your solar panel solar panels are an option we have two or three
options that work pretty well with this the idea with this being a portable
solar panel instead of something that’s built on to the top is that you can take
this camping the trees and be comfortable still have your solar out in
the Sun where it’s doing the most good there’s the other that water up there
just to hook up your hose for pressurize this water is for filling your onboard
tank we supply these crickets with a dual house battery
so everything’s upgraded to two batteries so you can go out a little
longer without any services and of course that solar will just keep
everything charged for you it has four stabilizer jacks on each corner of the
unit every one comes with the Thule rack on top and of course Julie provides any
option that you want any accessory you can just add that bikes kayaks whatever
it is that you like so there’s several windows there’s four windows around the
outside of this and each window will open and close will show you that and
everyone has a screen and a curtain this is the back side so there’s been a lot
of storage incorporated with this this lifts up on each side to expose just a
ton of storage underneath there’s also even a long area here for things fishing
pole skis any kind of longer equipment up in the front
almost every bike will fit if take that front wheel off you can fit your bikes
in sideways up front if you don’t want them on a rack up above and all of these
little handles are made to clip up so that it’ll hold it up out of your way
there’s just a plethora of places with hooks and holes and bungee and carabiner
heaven so everybody kind of customizes this to how they use it there’s a
battery disconnect for your dual house batteries for if you’re storing it you
can disconnect the battery will walk around here and check out the inside
these windows will open they have a click every click is a stop and you can
open these windows to whichever level you want pull up the screen and you can
pull down the curtain have it half in half whatever you like and these are all
dual pane windows so very tough sort of an aerospace Polly I guess let’s go
inside and check this out show you how it sets up another nice feature on the
inside of the cricket is that if you had really bad
whether for some reason you wanted to have this top down as you can see you
can still use this sit in here at the table you just don’t have use of your
cooktop or your sink really with the top down but it’s simple there’s a latch on
each side just like this you just pop this latch open it comes right off of
the hook here and up here in front is your handle and you simply just lift
this up just that easy to set up now you’ve got all kinds of room inside up
to six foot four up here in the front we have our two burner cooktop with our
sink everything’s run on propane in here mentioned that you have the true
McCombie and that is all a digitally operated system so you can set both your
hot water and your heat to whatever temperature you like even as a
programmable feature that you can set it to start at a particular time so you
want to go out for a hike or something have it start at 4 o’clock or whatever
just set that to do it water pumping lights this is full of LED lights inside
and out and there’s LED switches here so that when you’re laying in bed this is
your bed it’s the length of a queen-size bed this table will come down there’s a
shorter post and then another cushion that fits to make this your entire bed
so these lights are easier to reach when you’re in bed they’re all LEDs there’s
white and red LEDs the red LEDs won’t dilate your pupils so if you’re
stargazing at night that’s the idea there we include a fridge freezer which
is another handy seat as you can tell this comes with everything and this can
be set to be a freezer or a fridge you’ll also have your cassette toilet
that is included in our rocky mountain edition
and then the fuses and breakers are there in a panel in the front so if you
were to hook up to electricity or have a generator you would have 110 outlets
otherwise everything else is gonna run off your propane and battery anyway
so it’s not needed for that up in the front you’ll have a couple of things
here you also have a couple outlets extra outlets as well as your battery
out readout so you can keep track of where your batteries are and then
12-volt and USB outlets here and up here in the front there’s a 12-volt and USB
up here under next to your control panel as well so you’ve got outlets everywhere
some people like these fridges so much there are iceless coolers another name
for them that they’ll buy two of these take these along maybe freeze your meals
before you go so that you have those all prepared and this is the cricket there’s
one more thing here to mention is the bed’s up above so you’ve got the full
bed here and then you’ve got one berth comes with our Rocky Mountain addition
you can add a second birth next to it these are a great bed for you know
smaller people I’ve slept in them and laid in so they will hold you but
they’re kind of intended for kids a lot of people even without kids like these
because then you throw all your bedding and extra things during the day and
during the day you just pull this up and you just latch this up to wherever you
can up here you can hook it through these holes or your carabiner and just
pull all your bedding and goods up out of the way this is a cricket hope you
like it we hope to see you here at B&B soon

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