Cricket World Cup trophy tour visits Beamish

We’ve been at Beamish as part of the 100 day ICC Cricket World Cup trophy tour  So we’ve spent a couple of days in and around Durham doing various event across the city and we’ve been here this morning just seeing members of the public that have popped in to see the trophy everyone’s very excited which is great for us because we’re near the 50 days to go milestone and we’re trying to build momentum before the start of the tournament on the 29th May so we started in London on February 19th and made our way south so we’ve done Devon and Cornwall, then made our way back up so this is the most North we’ll do before we head back down to Leeds and Bradford later this week We like to celebrate colliery cricket and its heritage here at the museum because cricket is still a big part of life in County Durham and we do lots of different activities around colliery cricket here at the museum which include today and our summer colliery cricket tournament the other activities that happened today was we had a cricket display in open stores and we had a have a go at cricket activities in the Pit Village as well as seeing the trophy in the Band Hall. So only previous winners and international players that are playing in the tournament this year can touch the trophy without gloves, we are obviously allowed to handle it with special gloves the cricket ball on the top is actually a globe as well, and that’s gold plated and then you have the three sets of stumps on each side which are made of silver so it was really interesting this morning, we got a shot in front of the sweet shop and in the market place which was really cool and it was like stepping back in to a different world which was really interesting and very different to everything else that we’ve done as well so it’s been really great and just seeing the public today come in and engage with the trophy has been wonderful.

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