So this is our 2018 Cricket Trailer our
Cricket Trailer starts off at 15 feet in length it’s a 1500 pound all-aluminum travel trailer. So a lot of the details here
including small little crickets that you can find laser-cut and etched into the
aluminum as a fun feature for the kids to have them count as many crickets
as they can find but really high-end all laser-cut, 100% riveted, 100% bolt
through type of design. Again starting from the outside in. 15 inch wheels,
12 inch ground clearance, so good ground clearance in terms of again going
off the beaten path letting you get into more that rugged terrain. Front and rear
stabilizer jacks so again gives you good stability once
you’re settled in and have people walk walk inside and outside of the unit. These are really nice tempered windows large European windows
that we use on all our units they have both a mosquito net as well as privacy
screen. All our units are wired for solar so you can see there’s some solar panels
there. A lot of the great things about the Cricket they also kind of come
down to storage right so this is the v-berth design. See a lot of storage in here.
Place for you to arrange everything from again your ski poles, to your fishing
rods upstairs to any blankets, any sort of sleeping bags. So good storage here
on both sides. As you come around the side again the powder-coated rear side steps and the
ability to climb up here and get your gear off the top again some good
strength there, about a 300 pound capacity. Our fenders
in our black coated powder-coated steel and then another window up here in the front. This option, this unit comes with propane so two propane tanks in the front. External shower so you buy a block house for you to be able to get it pull the hose inside of the shower and do a quick rinse after a long day of mountain biking, a long day of climbing. The really nice setup this is what I’m sitting on top of is a 12-volt freezer fridge from Dometic Now some people use it as a seat just the way I’m using it other people do not. Really nice dining kind of working
table this is a nice working table perfect for two folks even three folks to kind of have some food, small dinner and kind of hang out. One of the cool features about again our NASA inspiration or NASA design is how many
things you can actually attach to the roof through bungees through all the holes.
These are basically kids births or cots where you can hang one or two on each
side. Have a weight limit about 130 pounds so great for small to medium sized kids. Based in the front here this is all
our kitchen setup so again great storage down below another place for porta potty
so that’s the porta potty area there. A stainless steel sink as well as a two
burner stove up on top. With the propane option Cricket you do get a Truma Water Heater and Furnace with it so it’s a combination water heater and furnace the
controls are here you kind of set it and leave it for the night so great
option there. When you’re ready to call it a night this table actually goes down through smaller pose seat fits right on top that gives you a queen size width in
the front, full size width in the back and full size length back there for two
or two maybe even three adults. If you’re traveling with the dog the dog is
perfectly comfortable right in the front here a lot of our customers travel dogs so that’s a it’s a great option to for everyone to fit together.


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