Custom Lifted Golf Cart- 6 Passenger Lifted Highriser From Moto Electric Vehicles

You guys can’t even hear me. This is 4 kickers. You’ve got 1 sub and you’ve got so many
additions on this. Sorry, you guys are going to love it guys. We’re talking about the
6 passenger high riser from Moto Electric Vehicles, and if I have a showcase vehicle,
we did it for John guys. We’re going to do an extensive review. Once again, ENB 6
passenger HR which is our high riser model. It has lifted, we got new custom rims on here,
we’ve got custom seats and closures, covers, like I said, 4 kickers going in this thing
with 1 subwoofer. You’ve got a Dixie horn, listen to this thing, guys, how cool is this
♫horn sound♫ guys, we did everything on this. I think you guys are going to love it.
It’s a good example. Not everyone’s going to be able to do it, not everyone’s going
to want everything, but guess what, you can pick and choose and create your own unit.
Here in 2015 and beyond. So with no further ado, let’s get to it. I’m super excited.
The 6 passenger high riser from Moto Electric Vehicles.
♫Music♫ Alright guys, so once again, this is our showcase
vehicle, 6 passenger high riser from Moto Electric. We’re going to go over the front.
Like I said, this is not a typical standard unit, so I want to make that clear. Once again,
these are all street legal. All the main components, the American made batteries, the American
made controllers, the American made chargers, we have a 3 year limited warranty, all that’s
included standard, but a lot of this stuff, like this remote you see, and a lot of the
stuff we go over is not standard, so make sure you ask. I don’t want you guys getting
confused. Obviously on the high risers, first thing I want to mention is the super bright
LED bar. So cool, you usually have the LED bar up on top which has the 4 little circles
which you can see in some pictures here on our website, but this customer wanted something
a little bit brighter so you can see how bright this thing is. Look how bright that is, and
that’s the width of the roof, so it actually fits perfect, just another option if you’re
looking for something a little bit more. Front basket comes included, doesn’t matter
what features you get, the front baskets included. Brush guards included, but one thing, I have
this remote in my hand. This customer got a winch, so take a look at this. This is a
3,000 pound winch that I’m controlling right here with this remote. I’m going to let
it go, suck it back in here, now what’s really cool is our family actually has the
same type of winch on one of our vehicles, but what’s really cool is this is actually
accessed from the side port here, so you can be outside the cab or if you want to be inside
the cab we also installed a button here which is really, really cool. Show them this button
inside the cab that will actually access it, and you’ll hear it going, so you’ll see
that’s actually accessing that winch, so that’s pretty cool. If you guys have any
winch needs, we can do it and we install it right to the batteries.
Now one thing that you’re going to see later on in this video was, we actually label all
the wires so it’s very easy to maintain it down the road and everything has a fuse
so if it does trip something, it will trip the fuse and it won’t hurt your batteries.
AS1 certified tempered glass, you’ve got your windshield wiper that’s fully automatic,
which I’ll show you here, all that comes standard and once again, blinkers, headlights,
everything standard to make it street legal. This vehicle does come with a title; it does
come with a VIN number. If you guys are located here in Florida, we do all the DMV paperwork
for you. If you’re out of state, we ship all over the nation, we’ll go ahead and
do the registration at your local DMV and you guys can get it tagged and titled, so
make sure you call us if you have any questions on that, but what a beautiful front here.
I’m super excited to go over the middle of the vehicle where everything happens and
where John our customer’s going to be spending most of his time with his family, so let’s
hop right to it. Alright guys, so we’re sitting in this 6
passenger high riser. Just want to go over a lot of things, because this is where, like
I said, John and his family is going to spend most of their time, and we did most of the
accessories in here, so we’ll get a lot of good shots, go over a lot of the good custom
things, but also hit the standard things, so let’s go over standard first. Obviously
you have your blinker bar, you’ve got your horn, you’ve got your all black interior
including the steering wheel. Once again, AS1 certified glass, everything in here, seatbelts,
are all included standard, that comes because it’s a street legal vehicle, but let’s
go over the fun stuff. What can you do to make your vehicle a little bit customizable
to what your family wants? First thing you saw in the first segment, we’ve got a custom
horn here, a Dixie horn, listen to this thing ♫Horn♫ So Adam, get in there, show them
what I’m pressing down there, and then I really want to get below the vehicle so you
can see how clean of an install our guys can do, so we’re going to back up the camera
here, go ahead and take a look at this, that’s really cool, and I’m going to blow it. Adam,
hold your ears here. ♫Horn Sound♫ So that’s pretty cool and it’s air compressed and
that’s something that not everybody can do.
What I want to do is get out of the camera, I’m going to let Adam pan and I’m going
to talk and, guys, look at this vehicle, it is just beautiful. Come on, let’s show them,
let’s start with the stereo cause that’s the really cool thing. We have 4 kickers,
1 subwoofer, this is the deck here, it has an auxiliary outlet, it has a CD player and
it just sounds good, ♫Music♫ and just take a look at the speakers, alright, let’s
get it up and close. They have lights inside, all different kinds of lights. That’s a
custom bracket made by our guys in the shop, this is totally custom. Alright, that’s
the top two, they you’ve got the air blower, so this is an option that a lot of our customers
get and it actually keeps you cool, and you can adjust it and it has 3 speeds which is
awesome. Let’s show them the back 2 speakers. ♫Music♫
Once again, custom speakers, brackets totally custom, and it’s just clean guys. I love
how the guys in the shop can go ahead and make everything labeled right, shows you where
it is. Everything’s inside fuse blocks so if anything trips it’s going to trip the
fuse and not hurt your vehicle, but then you’ve got the subwoofer on the back which you might
have seen with the Dixie horn. Let’s go ahead and turn it up a little bit. ♫Radio
talk♫ Alright, so you can really see, you know this customer didn’t want it actually
booming down the road, so I mean we have it turned down, but this thing hits and it hits
hard so if you’re looking for something to show off to friends or show your other
families around your neighborhood, this is a good option. The LSV triangle is not required
in any other state than Florida, so that’s included on this vehicle since he’s in Florida,
you can see where his tag’s at. He actually got a hitch package on the back. You can’t
tow a lot of pounds but you can tow garden carts and a small trailer, you just don’t
want to load it up because it’s not good for the vehicle, but he did get a tow hitch
so that he can have that option as well. Let’s zoom in on these super bright LED
lights. I’ll turn these on as well for you so you can see it. Those basically were installed
on the back so he’s going to have full lighting. Now we’re in the daytime, you really can’t
see exactly how bright they are, but let me tell you something, they’re a lot brighter
than what you can get on a standard model, so if that’s something you’re interested
in, call your representative at our off and they’ll help you out.
Now this seat still does flip. I want to make that note, but this customer actually got
the custom luxury arm rails on the back where they can have the cup holder. These are a
super cheap option that you can add to any of our golf carts which are really cool and
they really come undone within like 3 minutes and then you can flip it over into the utility
bed that you see on the website. So let’s go back this way, let’s go over
the rugged tire package, let’s zoom on in there, take a look at that. That thing is
a beautiful rim. That’s our viper rim and it’s actually our red combo. We have these
in blue, we have all different colors, red, green, blue, whatever you want, but this is
probably, I’m going to give it to John, one of the best rims that we put on since
our existence in 2006, so those are really cool and the rugged tires actually come with
the vehicle, so all he did was change the rim. You have your fenders on the back to
block the mud; you’ve got that on the back and on the front.
Now this is a really long segment guys, but this is a really intricate vehicle. Inside
here you’re going to see that the customer actually went ahead and got everything with
a battery water system, so zoom on in here and let’s show them what that looks like.
So this is a centralized system that you can actually fill up the batteries within probably
30 seconds instead of popping each cap off, and it actually lets you maintain your batteries
a lot better than if you didn’t have that accessory, so if you’re interested in that,
definitely let us know, but zoom in on here, I keep mentioning this, look at how they label
everything, access lights, access lights, let’s find another one, that’s an air
blower over there. Everything’s fuse blocked, done by an electrician, which is going to
last, and that’s the important thing. Man it’s hot out here guys, it’s like
102 degrees out here and we’re doing this, so I really hope you guys are enjoying this
video. We went over the seats, what I want to do is go over underneath the front seat
so you guys can kind of see what we have. We have the charger in there, which is your
onboard charger. You’ve got the full amp for the kicker system which is pretty cool,
which obviously isn’t standard, it comes if you get the subwoofers and the 4 kickers,
and then you’ve got your brake fluid reservoir. So, pretty cool there, a lot of customization
done on this vehicle. So I’m going to put this back. What I want to do is show you some
of the dash components like the locking gloveboxes, wrap this thing up cause I’ve been sweating
out here. Florida and July doesn’t mix. Let’s get right to it. Let’s drive this
thing around and you can give our office a call if you have any questions.
Alright, so last segment guys, we’ll wrap this thing up, just wanted to go over some
of the locking gloveboxs and some of the features he got on the dashboard. This is your locking
glovebox. We have the manuals and controllers for the speaker system in here, but these
are lockable. We have black ones and woodgrain ones, it depends on what dash style you get.
You can see, this is your winch button that we went over in one of the other segments.
If we wrap around here, we’re going to go over the middle section here. This is the
speedometer which is pretty cool, it comes standard with most street legal carts, and
that shows you when your blinkers are on, when you’re in reverse, so that’s pretty
cool, and that comes standard with every vehicle, and then you’ve got another locking glovebox
here, and then this is really cool, these are the switches that are controlling the
overhead lights and then the bumper lights that we went over, the LED lights. You can
see, they’re all light up so it’s really cool at night, and then the really important
thing is your key is specially cut to the vehicle so no one can steal this expensive
thing. Once again guys, Brett Jackrel from Moto Electric.
We’re going to get out of here. It’s just too darn hot, even our camera is saying it’s
too hot, so call us at 904-247-1818 with any questions. Visit us online at
We have big things coming for the end of 2015, but you guys have to take note, 3 year limited
warranty, all major made American components and guys are trusting us with these type of
builds. That should tell you something right there. Give us a call 904-247-1818. We love
every single customer and we’re standing by for your phone call. Thanks guys.

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