Diabetes, Stroke & Arthritis Thumb, Finger & Hand Strength Exercises

Hi, my name is Dr. Terry Zachary and I am
the developer of the Handmaster Plus Hand Exercise System. Today, I want to talk to
you about rehabilitation applications in cases of Diabetes, Stroke Rehabilitation and also
Arthritis. Obviously, the conditions are very different but the application for Handmaster
Plus is very very similar. So I want to talk about all three together. Now first thing that I want to tell you is
that the Handmaster Plus was originally developed to help athletes and people in the work place
— in situations like that. It’s more of a muscular balance application. With Diabetes, Stroke and Arthritis — obviously,
that is going to be a little bit less of an invasive exercise that we want. And when we
took… when we originally used it 8 about years ago… when we originally used our sports
application on one of my patients who have had a stroke, she was not able to do it. So
that is when we changed our materials and made a soft material which could help people
that have had this more invasive situations. There is three benefits to using the Handmaster
Plus: First of all, because the hands moves through
its full natural range of motions through the exercise. It’s going to stimulate all
three peripheral nerves to the hand. It stimulates the Ulnar Nerve and the Median Nerve just
like any other grip product would. But because it strengthens muscles that open the hand
and also stimulates the Radial Nerve, it stimulates all three peripheral nerves because the hand
moves through its full natural range of motion during the exercise. It also allows blood flow to all the joint
surfaces and all the muscle tissues. So blood flow is the second thing that we have maximized
with Handmaster Plus. So that will be… that will challenge any hand exercise product because
of how full we can move the hand. And then third thing that we are looking to
do, is we are looking to stimulate muscle tone in the balanced formation. Okay? Again,
if I was just to take the ball and squeeze it, I would only strengthen nine muscles that
close the hand. Handmaster Plus strengthens the nine muscles that close the hand as well
as the nine muscles that open the hand. And using this soft product in this more uninvasive
rehabilitation situations, you won’t stimulate maximum muscle tone. You are just going to
start to build some muscle tone but it will be a balanced fashion. Okay? The big deal about the Handmaster Plus for
yourself to use or for your patients to use is that — one exercise stimulates all eighteen
muscles and allows the hand and ball to move through its full natural range of motion. And before we developed the Handmaster Plus,
we would have to use three or four different exercises. And when that happens, the patients
don’t remember them. It’s too inconvenient and they won’t comply. So, this is Handmaster Plus — and it is the
soft, it’s got a blue colored ball, yellow cords. And slip the thumb loop on the thumb,
the finger loops on the fingers. And all the instructions are inside of the packaging. It’s very easy to figure out how to use it.
Very simply, the only thing that the patient has to remember is to keep the wrist straight.
And after that, you are just going to squeeze against the ball for the count of one, open
and spread through the count of one. Squeeze, open and spread. That is all you have to remember. It has got a very nice feel to it. It’s a
very enjoyable exercise. There is no reason not to do it. And there is no reason that
your patients won’t comply to it. Okay? So that’s how we keep that muscle tone in the
balance. Okay. Which is a real problem with hand exercising.
Most people will only strengthen the muscles that close the hand. So we have accomplished
that all in this very uninvasive product because it is a soft product. It is very easy to do
as long as somebody can move their hand through their normal range of motion. They are ready
to start with the soft Handmaster rehabilitation product. Okay? It’s as simple as that. The product is available at www.doczac.com.
That’s w-w-w-dot-d-o-c-z-a-c-dot-com and you could contact one of our therapy distributors
or one of our brand partners or simply buy online. So this is a very easy exercise. It’s very
uninvasive for diabetics, for somebody who suffered stroke, or for somebody who has arthritis.
It is a very uninvasive way to keep those tissues as healthy as possible. And if we
don’t do this, we are going to see the degenerate… the tissues have a tendency to just continue
to degenerate. So it’s the great healthy way to be very uninvasive and at the same time
still stay active. Give it a try. I’m sure you will find it very
enjoyable and I think that you will finally keep the health of those tissues as maximized
as possible.


  • AlbinoNinjaPoptarts

    thanks :DD

  • Hello Dr. Zachary, thank you for explaining and showing this! Could you help me for my specific problem?

    I had (without rational reasoning as I know now) 1) a removement of Trapez /thumb) – I went total bad with neck and movement. Later I git a rip instead of missing Trapez bone. Now I still lack stability from the thumb area. The problems go very deep (until spine) and I constantly feel bett if I tear or stabilize my thumb (with a band)… Playing piano is very frustrating bc. insuff

  • ….stabilty and not optimal (automatic) usage of the relevant muscles. The rip piece replaces the thumb joint, but I think there a few milimeters missing, so there is too little suspense/lever arising out of the thumb. Or do I only have got used to a wrong (-ly retrained) usage of fingers/hand? What can I do to make my thumb/hand normal? I'm really suffering a lot!

  • u told me once that fingertip pushups , shorten your fingers after time, wheres your proof dude?

  • It is a fundamental. If your fingers are contracted (flexion) to stabilize the fingers and thumb they are never trained through their widest ROM. Finger/thumb extension has to be trained directly to maximally condition the finger and thumb muscles through full ROM's. I have nothing against finger tip push ups per se, just add specific finger and thumb extension exercises. We've made it incredibly easy and convenient and some people still won't do them. It's not that complicated.

  • ok lets say if it does shorten em, is it Permanent?

  • Hi Mickey. Yes, they are designed for easy use at home. When we used to design rehab & exercise routines for patients, we would send them home with 3/4 confusing exercises. We designed Handmaster Plus so that anyone can easily exercise their 18 hand muscles properly (full ROM both opening & closing), thus stimulating ALL peripheral nerves & maximizing blood flow as well as efficient veinous & lymphatic drainage. The only 'to do' is get the approval of your health care professional for exercise.

  • My father had a stroke two years ago, he has stiffness in arms now. Will this help him?

  • https://www.amazon.com/Treat-Own-Your-Hand-and-Thumb-Osteoarthritis/dp/1457513838

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