Do I Make An Eagle In This 9 Hole Course Vlog? | Golfing At The Grove

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day I’m out here at the Grove just south in Nashville
we’re gonna be playing the front nine for this course vlog I also vlog to the
back nine a while back on the channel so at the end of the video I’ll put the
card so you can click on that check out the back 9 as well
thank you straight to the tee right now here’s number one par-4 421 yards pretty
much dead straight away hazard runs down the right but you’ve got some room down
the left to get high let it fly in really good shape right here in the
middle of fairway 1:21 to a back-right pin walking back here to put the camera
behind the green so you can have a little better vantage point our miss
here is gonna be a little short left of this pin location which is tucked in
this back corner not a lot of green to work with
so anything right back in there is gonna be a good shot
I’m gonna be hitting a gap wedge here smooth trying to hit it about 118 to 120 all right so that ball landed right here
yes pretty much pin-high but did spin back to middle of the green about 35
feet left here for birdie oh that was a really good role I had a
lot of break to it a couple feet left here for park all right
not a bad four here on one number two par-5 539 yards you just kind of want to
keep it right at those bunkers you see on the left green sits back there but
pretty much our line is straight down the middle fairway driver is feeling good today 184 yards
from there I’m about a yard in front of that that is actually to the front of
the green the pin is about seven paces on the green so we’re looking at 190
from here I’m gonna be hitting a full 7-iron it’s a little helping breeze but
a little uphill full 7-iron Letta Phi right there not sure exactly where it
ended up but should have a great look for an eagle
really happy with that swing about 25 feet left here for Eagle we landed right
there rolled off the slope as you can see there’s a little slope right there
down there what an opportunity for a camera dropping Eagle let’s go let’s go are you serious that is a
camera chopping eagle let’s go really happy with that back there I was
in the heart pretty much soon as I left the putter eagle on to part three 215
yards all carry over water is a very difficult par-3 I’m going to be hitting
a full 5-iron here wind is off the right pushing to the
left all right really not too bad this is
where you want to miss it if you’re gonna miss the green even a long putt on
this greens not the easiest there’s a big swell there makes it a difficult
putt up to this pin got just a little uphill chip here probably about 25 yards
left it’ll tap in for the parse key alrighty
take a 3 on this all all day long number 4 par 4 344 yards straight away
there is a bunker right there I believe it’s around 262 carry it I didn’t come
here to lay up to get high let it fly with driver I pulled that just a little laughs but
it’s really in a pretty good spot just kind of short left at a green chip and
up the hill to a fairly front middle pin so see if we can get this up and down
for birdie all righty good shape thirty yards short
of the green chipping up the hill I thought that one gave it a peek from
my angle I thought I was gonna drop I’m very happy with the result there this
would be quite the start to the round a putt to go 3-under yes sir can flame a
birdie that is the start we’re looking for yes sir these shoes right here first
day wearing them these are the Masters special edition Ice Cream Sandwich shoes
are three under lifetime onto number five just needed y’all to know that
mm-hmm number five par-3 215 yards to a back left pin location this is another
difficult par-3 it all kind of falls off to the right side of the green it’s
gonna take a good shot 5-iron full send if I’m being real right there it’s one
of the best shots I’ve ever hit on this hole we’re puttin very happy there was a
little puff a breeze maybe into hurting there from the tea box into 15 carry is
pretty much maxing out my 5-iron however you do not want to be long to a back pin
right here it is not an easy chip up and down we’re sitting right here so in
pretty good shape about 30 feet back up the hill this is no gimme probably breaking just
a fraction to the right and it did that was a dicey a little
comebacker right there but we’ll take it pour on six I might be just as excited
as the two pars on the par three so far as I am being 3-under through five yes
those are difficult par threes I’ll take pars on them all day long
number six par four 453 yards don’t hit it left don’t really want to
be in those bunkers pretty much just hit the fairway so those bunkers no worries at all we are
okay right there didn’t even reach the bunker for back there couldn’t really
tell didn’t hit that great and it was into the wind so that equals being okay
yes 170 yards left to a middle left pen so in the downswing right there
apparently I wanted to get really aggressive you don’t want to miss left
without pan we did but we’re in good shape it was a good shot but in all
seriousness that was not my intention to go right at the pin I was aiming more
for middle of the green about five or six paces right of the pin that’s where
my aiming point was I pulled it and it’s okay but this is the result of aiming
right at the pin and pulling it you’re in the water I aimed right in the pin
pulled it and I hit it right at the flag so that was I really thought that was gonna go a
little bit to the left towards the water it not however I’ll take a four here on
number six all day every day all right confession to make here on number seven
I think the last about mmm five times I played this whole double bogeys the best
score that I’ve come up with it’s a par 5 really shouldn’t be that difficult but
for whatever reason has my number today we’ve addressed it we’ve moved on
forgotten about it target swing that’s all I’m thinking about we’re gonna pick
a very good target swing pull the trigger
hit it find it hit it again pull the ball out of the hole and lessons in
strokes that’s the goal par-5 bins around to the right the green
sets back in there our target is going to be right edge of those left bunkers we are part way through our
accomplishment we found the fairway that’s what we’re looking for right
there one of the best drives I’ve ever hit on this hole there’s not much room
up here between trouble so very good tee shot there 220 yards
left to a front left pin volson 5-iron all in all not a bad miss short right if
I hit that 5-iron really well I could have gotten there for iron really wasn’t
the play because you don’t want to be long very difficult up and down we’re
sitting right here but I’ll actually plug I don’t know if you can see that
plugged kind of chip and back up the hill about 20 yards left let’s get this
up and down should go just a fraction to the left but I’m gonna hit of firm
should take out most of the break right there in the heart that’s a pin
slammer here on seven and just like that we’ve overcome the fear of number seven
here at the Grove birdie pin slammer let’s go number a par for Hazzard all
down the left side bunkers on the right this isn’t really a driver hole we’re
gonna sting it kind of aiming at that bunker right there on a scale of one to ten for stingers
probably have to rate that a one because we selected four irons stinger off the
tee we’re actually going to be okay it was not hit well at all but were alive
if we hit driver on that same line that would have been over everything into the
hazard not good but because of our club selection off the tee even though we hit
a bat we’re still okay long ways left into the screen though so
let’s go find it all righty there we go in the rough 200
yards left to a metal pen let’s rip a 6-iron in there that is in the el bump hair really not
sure why I called it the El bunk hair the bunker that’s that’s Warren so we’re
walking to a bunker yep here we are and there is the flag look at that there’s
like a rainbow there in the clouds that is awesome really not too bad they’re about seven
feet left oh that would have been a big
up-and-down there’s a bogey here on number eight number nine par four 471
yards s bunker you see there is right in the middle of the fairway it’s kind of a
split fairway smaller section fairway to the left a little bigger section fairway
to the right my aim right at that bunker play a
little cut to end up in the bigger section on the right guess we decided to hit it right out the
bunker that was right where I was aiming didn’t really cut pretty much dead
straight however I hit it really well it’s a long carry over that bunker I
think it’s roughly 305 to carry that bunker from here I couldn’t see it
bounce not sure let’s go check all right in the bunker yeah a little further
carry than I thought 155 to a front middle pen really happy with the overall play today
it’s been a lot of fun out here at the Grove hit some really good shots made an
eagle a couple birdies a bogey on the last that’s a tough hole and I didn’t
hit a good tee shot so those are gonna happen bounced right back
got about 30 feet 35 feet up the hill here for birdie let’s roll the rock boy I thought that was a good role I
didn’t quite see it moving back to the right but that’s alright about three
feet left here four bar they’d come back cut right there on 9
hope y’all enjoy coming along here for the front nine at the Grove was a
perfect afternoon really enjoyed it 33 for the nine holes really happy with
that overall this is not the easiest course to score on it’s got some
distance got some teeth on a few holes but really had a good time
hope you enjoyed coming along if you did drop a like down below they’ll be
greatly appreciated and smash that subscribe button as well thank y’all
again so much for all the incredible support here on the channel I’m gonna
drop the link here the end card check it out that’s the back 9 here at the Grove
I did that a while back so check it out if you’d like to see the back 9 and now
we’ll see you when we see


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