Does Cricket Wireless Work on OnePlus 6T – Will AT&T and Cricket LTE Work on OnePlus 6T

Are you thinking about buying the OnePlus
6T and wondering if it will work on the Cricket Wireless network? That was my question when I bought my 6T. I really like my iPhone but I needed a secondary
phone to play around with. The 6T had all the features I wanted and it
was affordable so that’s why I bought one. My iPhone is on Cricket and one of the first
things I did after the initial setup was to take the SIM card out and slip it into the
6T. The 6T has two slots but you can put the SIM
card in either one. Once the card is recognized by the phone I
can check to see if this works. So here I can definitely see that it’s on
the Cricket network. And I can check in one more spot on the phone
to confirm this. In the SIM and Network settings it shows that
SIM 2 is on the AT&T network which is perfect because Cricket is owned by AT&T. At the top of the screen it shows I’m connected
to LTE for data services so that’s a good sign. But I’ll make a test call to show you that
Cricket does indeed work on the 6T. And now I’ll do a quick test for LTE data. “ring” ring” And now I’ll do a quick test
for LTE data. I’ll turn off WiFi and I’ll just run a speed
test on this phone. This definitely works but the speed is pretty
slow as you can see. But staying on LTE, I’ll play a YouTube video
and you will be able to see that streaming isn’t a problem with Cricket. So there you have it. The OnePlus 6T works on Cricket Wireless with
no issues. I’m in the Seattle area in case you were wondering
but you shouldn’t have any problem in any area where AT&T has coverage. I hope you found this video helpful and if
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