Does Golf Tee Height Matter with your Driver?

this guy sent me this guarantee we set
our optimal teait so as I do the unlock you push this out unlock these handles
set your teahype I’m at two and 3/8 inch T goes in back there clamp the handle
like so boom your T has a marker oh that’s way too high you see let me get a
baseline for what I like first okay that’s kind of where I usually tee up
okay so I’m gonna put that right there okay
I’ll move my guy up okay so I kind of got an idea where I like mighty height I
like it right around there clamp it I don’t know it’s so now I’ve
got a marker on my ball right there so know how deep to put it in the ground
every time okay now here’s this cool watches now comes with these stickers
okay I’m gonna I’m gonna put one of the
stickers on my driver all right here put on the center of the
clubface okay now hit a shot see what happens
oh yeah that was good I hit that good a Stewart says that’s pretty good
so it’s at the perfect height okay so we got it alright take this off so for my
driver I’m at I’m between one and seven eighths and one and five-eighths that’s
me okay now I just mark my teeth for the day clamp those down and there’s your
clamp up clamping lamboy that’s fast clamp away one more one more for
safekeeping okay boom good to go the theories I don’t have to
guess I don’t know now it’s teed up exactly the same spot every time why is
it good hold on mighty book just broke here’s what I want to know does my tea
break exactly where I clamp it it totally did that’s hilarious
I guess I could use these on the par threes you’re gonna break more teas
using this but then when I tee up I just look as soon as that indention hits the
dirt I’m done that’s cool exactly the same height every single time Wow now T up again blue exactly I don’t
have to wonder that’s cool okay not bad guarantee it’s called guarantee
I’ll leave a link below in the description for that well get it exactly the same do you hide
every time

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