• I would be shocked if he didnt cheat.

  • For those who dont golf, and to echo what Colbert said, driving on the green isnt just rude, it fundamentally wrecks the field of play. Like a gopher hole on a soccer field, it causes problems for everyone. It is so myopically self centered that it is hard to understate and summarizes that he just doesnt care about others.

  • The Stern Dragoon

    Donald Trump just straight-up fails at life.

  • This talk show person is dividing our country !!! Should put him out of business!!! Don't watch his stupid show !!!

  • Invisible Individual

    Donald Trump sucks at everything. (See life)

  • Trump isn't actually a bad golfer, apparently. Let's call him better-than-fair-to-middling, but his problem – or obsession – is always the same. He wants to be better, he wants to be liked, he wants to be admired…. and if he is none of those things he just says he is and believes anything that comes out of his own mouth. His brain-dead followers suffer the same defect.

  • Now, to be clear, cheating at golf doesn't make him a bad president.

    The fact that cheating at golf fits perfectly into his character? That makes him a bad president.

  • He cheated on his wives.
    He cheated on his taxes.
    He cheated the American people out of a real President.
    It only makes sense that he cheats at golf too.
    It almost seems like Trump is going out of his way to prove he is an unscrupulous person. He's cheated in every aspect of his life.

  • He's not cheating, he's "alternate winning"…
    like when you "win" an election, without getting the majority of the votes.

  • Jeffrey Photonboy

    FUN FACT from the book is that every time Trump opened a new Golf Course he would always win the first "Tournament" and they'd put up a plaque though as you may have guessed no such Tournament existed. Also to get his handicap he only includes his best games so maybe 5% of them and even in those he's cheating… Trump's entire life is crafted this way. Fake TIME magazine covers. His alter ego calling reporters about how amazing Trump is. Funny thing is that now he's the most powerful man he's also revealed now to far more people as the complete loser he is. History would have treated him relatively fine if he'd never run for POTUS. Hell, he may end up financially ruining himself with law suits and people distancing themselves as he continues to become more toxic.. make no mistake though, his friends will rapidly disappear once he's no longer POTUS.

  • Jeffrey Photonboy

    "nobody knows more about DRONES than I do!"
    "the noise from windmills gives you cancer"
    "we need to investigate the oringes"
    "HC's e-mails… but HC's emails… hey, what about Hillary's e-mails.. she's the one colluding with Russia not me!"

    Just some of many random things he said that makes you want to cry.

  • there's nothing to understand

  • pyzda koks silpnas žmogus

  • Is it really any shock that he sucks at golf? He's probably golfed more as President than he ever has in his life because he needs somewhere to escape to since to doesn't like being in Washington. So he flees to his private resort and golfs to give everyone the impression that he's "doing Presidential stuff" when he's really just trying to hide.

  • The fun never ends.

  • The best part of this is how mad he had to be when he watched it. 😂😂😂😂 Stephen is really his #1 enemy now!

  • A grown man cheating at an innocent game of golf ⛳
    No way Trump would ever cage innocent children. 😡

  • looool, lmao, rofl!

  • I just love the title of this video

  • the queen joke was good

  • Krishna Govender

    trumps mother threw baby trump away and kept the afterbirth.explains why this pos is as he is

  • To say trump cheats at golf is to say that Michael Jordan used to play basketball; it's true, but it fails to tell the story. He transcends the genre.

  • Trump cheated in the election, half of his associates are felons, probably launders money, probably doesnt pay his taxes, no surprise he cheats at golf

  • Powell Languages

    Oh no.  You're making it difficult for Trump to enjoy his game.  Now it will be harder to beat his opponents.

  • Fuzzyscarfandmittens

    Basically, Trump cheats. At and on everything.

  • Trump sucks at life.

  • Trump = Dump.

  • Hi all, If you haven't already, I think you'll be very pleased (on your computer) to go to New York Times Book Review, Colson Whitehead, LINCOLN IN THE BARDO.  The review concludes with a beautiful 10 minute dramtization.

  • Trump cheats? At golf? And at everything else in life? Like that's a surprise to … anyone? The F'ed up thing about it, worse than his loser cheating, is that his base probably likes him more because of it.

  • Randomness Rules

    Kim Jong Il got 5 holes in one in one round… yes, definately

  • Golf is Scottish. And ancient. The etiquette is taken very seriously – like WAY more than even top private US clubs I've been to. The club my dad is a member of only admitted women in my lifetime (I think early 90s… maybe late 80s – absolutely not justifying that, just trying to paint a picture; I did play the course with him and with friends – male & female members – when I was a teenager in the late 90s). The entrance to the club is a literal pink sandstone castle gate to a local castle that dates back to the 1300s. (Yes, it's older than golf. Again, image.)

    In some clubhouses, you're not even allowed to wear jeans to go for lunch as a guest. And yes, that is stuffy and snobby and elitist and WE can say all that, but bloody hell, he bought Turnberry, a jewel in the crown of ancient golf courses, and people hate him for not maintaining the ancient course and building in the way it should be maintained. By law, actually, as a historic building. I think that has been improved on more recently, the hotel doesn't seem to have the same negative chat around it as it did for a while.

    There's his 'nae class' attitude that exclusive golf club members just don't like in the 'gentleman's sport' – nor is it what they pay a small fortune for… but THIS!!! OMG, driving on the greens! Shock! Lots of courses still disapprove of golf carts – too new. People too damn lazy to walk a course!! But cheating?! Moving another man's balls?! And… again – driving a golf cart on the green?! It's just absolute sacrilege, and an insult to our culture. He might as well say he doesn't drink whisky or eat haggis!!

    (/s for anyone who needs it for that paragraph. Mostly.)

  • LOL- a better handicap than a legendary professional Golfing great! Wow, Donny loves the "Big Lie".

  • Audience Laughter

  • "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man-child, I still did childish things". – Donald Trump

  • lol, you pathetic lefties, who cares if he cheats at golf, he is the best president your country has ever had, the rest of western civilisation wish they had President Donald J Trump as their leader, wake up to yourselves fools.

  • Catherine Vought

    Does anyone need another book to say Trump cheats or commits crimes? He does so in public and in secret!

  • Nonstop vitriol and personal attacks (frequently based on skin color) for three solid years. Pretty pathetic attempt at comedy, and I've been a fan since Strangers with Candy. Really sad to see Stephen this way after all these years.

  • Michael Frazier

    Ha! Look everyone I found WALDO! Where did his hat go to.Oh! I'm Bad it's just his Doppelganger.

  • Big meltdown coming…TRUMP 2020 !

  • Sociopath ..

  • You may have something this time. Collusion for lower golf handicap.

  • Reilly in that photo looks like Dick Martin the comedian from Laugh in.

  • I thought his bag handler was stormy?

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the most handicapped president of the USA below the waist.

    The primadonald is, and the world trusts will always be remembered as, the USA’s most handicapped—uh—“president” of the USA above the neck.

  • Ball washer and bag handler describe Barr’s new role Jeff sessions is finally realizing it’s over. How do republicans sleep at night and profess love of country all day while sucking at trumptydumpty’s political teat.

  • maybe if left golf cart behind he would not be so fat

  • He doesn't respect shit, lmao. I remember in Japan when he dumped that entire box of koi food all at once into the koi pond, then apparently after he left they had to scramble to get all the extra food out. >_>

    Is there a low to which he won't sink? He's shit at everything and acts like a shit towards everything.

  • Mr. corrin Miscellaneous

    He sucks in general

  • Cheating at golf, ok.  Not above Trump.  Looking into it deeper, how can and why does he get satisfaction from the game?  Impossible for normal people.

  • Donald Trump sucks at everything he say's the dumbest thing

  • Traitor Trump is good at monopolizing the world stage . Everything is going to Hell, but all eyes are on this psycho fake President ! So tragic that nothing is accomplished in making our world better.

  • Armando Varillas

    Trump IQ: 2.8
    Queen Elizabeth II IQ: ♾

  • He's asked an aide to get a copy of 'Oranges of Speeches' by Darwin so he can improve his vocabulary.

  • I am shocked. Shocked! That Trump cheats at golf.

  • Golf, a boring game, for boring people.

  • He,s better then Jack lier lier wish your pants was on fire, man no one will tell him the truth, tell him to call me I would like to break down to him

  • Gaming Celebrity

    Obama didn’t spend so much time playing Golf like Trump does.

  • If you want to really piss off don the con, just laugh at him, Obama made a joke about the little man child and he is still upset, poor baby

  • This is hilarious to watch. I love seeing these leftist media "icons" struggling to find stories to paint a negative picture on our president. So far he's been the best president in the past decades and I can't wait for him to be re-elected and watch all you liberal snowflakes cry more than when he won back in 2016

  • Bacos pe un sfert

    You are fake news

  • Best trump book since ‘Horsemen Of The Trumpocalypse’.

  • Anyone who cheats at golf and lies about his handicap is beyond a lowlife. Sorry, but I've played the game for decades and it's never even occurred to me to cheat. You only have yourself to blame out there on the links. That's probably what scares him so much.

  • A big problem that I am currently seeing in the US (I am European) is a direct confirmation of the research of Dan Ariely. Since Trump became President of the USA, the social norm of lying and cheating has shifted as a social norm. If he lies and cheats, contracts do not comply etc. also the behavior patterns of the normal citizens shifted. If the president already lies and cheats, then it is normal to lie and to deceive. That is a big danger for the U SA. The US will therefore lose the world power position!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States ! Amercians deserve that guy and all what comes with it. America has much to learn


    So please get out the office…

  • You know your president is ass when he becomes the joke of every comedy show 😀

  • At least Trump doesn't suck, literally, like Pete Butt-plug does. lol

  • danceswithcritters

    2.8 . BULLSHIT !! His biggest lie yet . if you're gonna lie, at least make it somewhat believable .
    that fu*king narcissist .

  • not only at Golf…

    links first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwQsTzGkbiY&list=PL6524CD95A4D68212&index=3

    Explanation at the end of my opinion and again sorry for bad English.

    Read my crap if you want, but the animation of a well known guarded border, as Trump seems to want one like that, just with modern technics… remember back than no Internet or W-Lan existed!

    but the really sad thing is, that it seems (for me from outside the US) that the majority of US americans which a voice for the election. US citizens? Do people after a serious crime are allowed to vote? How about "smaller" offenses, with maybe a few weeks prison or being on parole for example? I ask because in the US for me everything is possible…. I try to not read so much from the Autonews I get when W-Lan activates at my Smartphone, but many Trump news appear and I want news, and he is doing so much crap that he is almost always in the news -.- The last "interesting" thing I read was that the US left an international agreement about (control?!) of arms/weapons trade?! Of course it was Trump and his Idea… its like with the clima agreement the US didn't join or?! He is really a catastrophy…I mean he ruined a company and all the investors (from his company in the 90's I did read that over 95% of the money was away from investors…

    maybe they did get a few bucks for each thousand dollar invested in the best case… and now he is adding US debt as before and blames Obama… but who started the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq in 1.5 years and with that the military spending, the spending for veterans, dead soldiers families, healthcare, intelligence agencies (secret prisons, Guantanamo, Abu Graib or how you write it…secret prisons in Bulgaria for example before they joined the European Union… Patriot Act and so on…. the Crisis started after 8 years of Bush or?! Clinton was since a very long time the first US president who didn't just had a good budget, no there was even surplus and net debt reduction! I don't know which republican President was the last one who had a surplus over even more than just 1 year? Maybe shortly after World War 2?! Now he reduces the US presence outside, but wants soldiers (armed) on the Mexican border. Why not build a "Mexico-Wall" like Hitler began to build the Westwall…

    or lets say it was finished in theory, just the real needed fortifications where not existing at most of the length, only the coast very close to the UK or with other areas with very good beaches or locations to land in Northern France had a greater defense value… Trump maybe wants such a thing too, as he said with high tech, so that building tunnels up to 12 Meter deep would be detected by the special sensors… well the deepest tunnel (known, most are not known^^) found so far went 130m deep and almost a mile or over 1.5 kilometers…so the 12 Meter sensors will be really effective, and they will only cost maybe a few billion dollars in the first years?! The costs of the Berlin Wall and the German-German-Border (barbed wire fencesand walls, most with 2 fences in the rural areas, only the Walls which had contact with West-Berlin were completely out of the known real wall, towers every few hundred meters, heavy light, you didn't feel the night so intense was the lightning… the areas with fences (Thuringia-Bavarian-Border for example had sand, special cars without doors for soldiers driving patrouls, armed with assault rifles, shotgun-like traps which worked like mines, yellow and red light rockets to warn guards if anyone passes the sensors on the ground, yellow of course meant that you were in the death zone already, but just crossed the first fence/wall,

    a red one of course meant that you now have to manage to get over the last and final fence/wall, after this you were through, I think the territory up to 1 meter/yard on the western side from the wall was GDR territory, but they were not allowed to shoot there, and in Berlin at the Wall you could move around the wall on many peoples afaik, at least people living there as normal bars, shops, houses where on the West-Berlin side directly at the Wall…the fence in the German-German border was also to reach without problems from the West, but many shields warning you came before that and I think most people were scared to go so close to this insane border…oh I forgot the electric sensors if one of the barbed wire fences between the 2 real outer border-fences/wall were touched, an silent alarm signal was sent to the next tower, for this reason they made small holes under the barbed wire for animals like rabbits because in the early phase they created very much false alarms… Mr. Trump would like it I think… maybe except the deadly traps, but in his head I think he would like even these if "only" the bad migrants would be killed or injured, he just isn't stupid enough to say that loud.

    oh found that video, which is great, didn't know its available in English too! Berlin Wall and German-German-Border, a must watch if you like history 🙂


    It is quite old so please dont expect 4k Ultra-HD highend graphics, the facts/traps/methods are important, and I think the animation is good enough…sorry for my crappy English, just my 50 cents 🙂

  • Is there any other person as vile as Donald Trump. No sense or concept of honesty. SAD. A true testament that he is Mentally Ill.

  • He's actually a very good golfer, Mr. propagandist

  • Stephen Colbert sucks at political commentary.

  • Rounding It Real

    Oh, HEY… Colbert, (you funny man, you..!), I have a GREAT IDEA! Since everyone seems to be doing so well these days, even before that terrrrible Trump guy won, you seem like the most ideal and seemingly perfect, seemingly funny-intelligent, seeemmmingly better braine& than anyone of those other guys hanging around the President… WHY NOT RUN IN 2020?! You got the $, FAME, and most importantly, BEST UPTAKE, that is more needed for today's American President in the White House than that old, haggert, traditional thing, called…. Wait, what…??? Policicdks? Or, sowmething??>?!

  • dont talk about daddy trump like that

  • a aruncat-o… și-a băgat p*la-n mingea aia de golf, ca să se vadă care-i "turnătorul". :))

  • Rise of the sugars

    No wonder why Tom Brady is such good friends with the orange blob of shit.

  • im not sure ive every laughed at anything he has ever said. must be the worst talk show host of all time

  • oh well did you know that he sucks at politics

  • Stephen Colbert sucks at late night. Good thing golf isn't Trump's job.

  • It's impressive….the number of whiny bitches who view this channel.

  • Kurtis Mitchell

    You and your contemporaries suck so bad. I miss Jay Leno…

  • Tiger Woods said on tv that Trump is a good golfer. Orange man bad!

  • Just golf?!?! 🤔

  • Tiger Woods is obviously the GOAT of golf

  • Not funny at all. Remove the fake laughs and this is just a guy that dont like Trump. Come up with some real facts

  • I tell people I'm Canadian. I'm too ashamed to admit I am a citizen of any country that would have Trump for President.

  • Would somebody who understands golf please explain the ball washer joke for me? Knowing what the basic equipment looks like is about the extent of my golfing knowledge.

  • Jennifer Ellison

    Trump just straight up sucks at life

  • Trump is not only unfit to be president he’s stupid.

  • Trump has played more golf in his 2 years than any other president in U.S. History combined, and yet he probably still shoots 120+ on a 72 par course.

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Trump is a bad president he stinks

  • Yeah, he also sucks at being a decent human being and a competent president, he's always on vacation practicing his shity golf game. Unfortunately for him there's no more hooking up with underage wemon for awhile. Oh, Jeffrey why'd you get caught again, didn't I do enough favors getting you out of trouble last time? I guess he can just go back stealing from taxpayers by funneling all their taxpayers dollars into his own resorts and hotels ever single time he stays at one.

  • orange man bad!

  • Stephen Colbert sucks at comedy

  • Badger Fishinski

    Stephen sucks at being a TV host. Get some real jokes and then maybe I'll consider watching your show.

  • Pretty much everyone I played with in casual golf cheats. The media Likes to nitpick things that don't even matter

  • Why tf are y’all hating on Trump?
    He’s doing more things for this county than the past 4 presidents. Please get a life because you retarded socialist democratic idiots have no clue what y’all are talking about.

  • Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub

    Isn't that why he owns a golf course, so he can cheat without ppl telling him otherwise?

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