Doping in sport: why it can’t be stopped | The Economist


  • First one here

  • It's almost like a man saying he's a girl and sweeping the women's Olympics. Thanks The Economist! For shedding light on the subject. Oh yeah, that's right, my bad. Nevermind.

  • The background sounds are just mad 😂 😂

  • 27 million dollars is very less for stoping world level doping.

  • Sexual abuse by priests, why it can't be stopped. The Vatican

  • China Dopes, Russia dopes…ok But the USA though you think the american athletes do not dope?
    you are naive.Just look at Gatlin.
    Most high level athletes in any sport is likely to be doping , that the name of the game.
    There are all sort of PEDs from Epo, to testosterone propionate to halotestin.All have different roles and different purpose.


  • Like for against doping!

  • corleone luciano 01

    80% of athletes around the world are doped,

  • It's always the powerful country that take drugs and cheat

  • im going to London mates, send the MI or the SIS to pick me up when no one is home but me, I aint merrying anyone

  • Richard Ralph Roehl

    What about cock-full transgender dudes pretending to be biological women winning (and breaking all records) in…
    Women's track
    Women's weightlifting
    Women's soccer
    Women's basketball
    Women's bicycling
    Women's swimming

  • Yep screw bitches single is better, besides I hate phone calls I wont never call a romantic prospect ever

  • RUSSIA can’t win without cheating, they’ve never been the best.

  • It depends on the sport. If your sport depends on skill and control, you're not going to get any advantage from sheer muscle mass. I don't see much of a doping problem for archery, billiards, darts, marbles or tiddly-winks.

  • So the Russians are bad because they cheated. They were able to cheat because of the communist system in place which allows insiders in the government to hold special offices and manipulate the system for political purposes. Yet all the people pushing for communist way of life here in America still.want to point the finger at the "bad guys" while simultaneously working to subvert our way of life here. Interesting.

  • Just like doping the fiat money. Cant never be stopped, right economist?

  • The report is still not absolutely objektive, but I liked that they confirmed that it is NOT ONLY RUSSIAN PROBLEM.

  • joke or dope

  • Crazy that a professionally-made video with professional research gets 750 views, whereas any cute cat video gets 10 million

  • The biggest doping scandal in sport is those women who benefit from 20 years of increased muscle mass and bone density from the testosterone produced in their balls, before getting them cut off in order to compete in women's sport.

  • I knew the Russian curling team was jacked.

  • If only dopping was the only corruption coming from IOC and Olympics comitee, that would still be plenty solvable… but unfortunately, the hole goes waaaaaay deeper than that.
    Dopping itself is a huge problem in itself, but what about colluding with corrupt governments to launder money, divert funds, lie to the public and whole ton of other stuff?

    The Olympics has become the literal definition of bread and circus. It's just entirely disgusting how this cadre of rich people have been manipulating the good will and intentions of athletes and people to enrich themselves and push their own agenda.
    And you can't even criticize all this shit because people think it's a personal attack on something they like, not noticing how the entire core of the thing is rotten.
    I guess to a level we kinda get what we deserve. The Olympics is just another case of "too big to fall", until it gets so big it crushes us all due to apathy.

  • Why are we against doping? I thought the purpose of sport was to see the peak of human physical achievements…?

  • Everyone is on gear. It's all a smoke and mirrors. Too much money is at stake.

  • Why is that guy alive??

  • Allright we talk it over when Im sober

  • Rafael Lastra com

    Can we permanently outlaw usury in the world? Gee, let me think…

  • I think doping is just the logical step because we give too much importance to these games, if instead we give more importance and exposure for the scientific advance, social sciences… Etc will be doping our brains with more knowledge.

  • It’s a bit ironic to be talking about removing drugs from sports when the Olympic motto is literally “faster, HIGHER, stronger.” I think changing that would be a good first step.

  • it is stupid because who the fuck in the world cares who runs faster. I mean there are people who care about this but in a nutshell sport in itself doesnt mean anything considering human develpment. Considering world development, considering hunger or free speech or whatever. its stupid. Athletes who are the best are whortless in human development. Athletes are not given noble prices. ITS SOOOOO FUCKING STUPID 😀

  • Yes we will as soon you kill Oscar i will


  • We gonna restored everything yes take those 35 billion FUCKK ATT put THE SAME CEOs of Disney, Fox and some Yakuza in it why? The Pentagon knows waz up THO THE JAPANESE OUTGTTA BE TREATED LIKE FRIENDS!!

  • Im gonna get ye running again


  • Brave man

  • The IOC is a joke and I don't understand how anyone can still take the Olympic Games seriously. It's a company driven by profit above all disguising as a sport organization.

  • Can anyone explain why they can't make doping legal ?

  • WADA = What A Damn Waste of Assets!! (WADA)

  • They had a witch hunt against Russia. Nobody proved any doping. Economist is fake news

  • Random overpopulated world ideas

    drugs are tools that's all nothing to get all moral about

  • No it can’t be stopped. And we should just stop holding the olympics all together

  • sport has become part of the international battle to prove the dominance of a society = money and power. It is no longer sport, it is business and nationalism. Sport has lost the initial meaning = that which we do for pleasure.

  • The only sport I care about is video games.

  • People have always cheated – as long as some of the cheats get found out there is hope for the clean athletes. However ultimately it comes down to the morals of the individual athletes.

  • When adversary currently doing better than you, you must pickup something embarrassing about them to talk.

  • Samaranch, scumbag of the earth. This guy destroyed sport

  • There's somethig else you never hear about. Why not keep the samples for let's 15 years and test a bunch of them every few years ? Because most of them after a while would come back positive and it would show that sport at the highest level is a circus.

  • If I were Lebron or Messi and looking to improve sports worldwide, I think I would donate $20M a year to help fix this.

  • krishna katikitala

    Anti Russian documentary not anti doping doc

  • Doping will never stop in sports that's a fact, just like everything else in the world it isn't fair if the world was fair and there was no Optical put in place to give people The Edge or people didn't do illegal activity for the win then the people that's on top now would be at the bottom, need I say this again meaning the people who run the world today or brag about they are the baddest would not be where they are in a fair world those people the colonizers the people who run from the Sun that God created will be in the bottle. And the people that most people think are on the bottom in an unfair world would be on top, meaning the people in a class system who you think are shithole people or the people who get racially discriminated the most would be on top in a fair world where there's no doping or anything else other words so called privilege in anything Not Just Sports. God's truly chosen people not the converted ones the ones that were born by Blood semites definition afro-asiatic if you don't have a Asian background or African background you are not the original Jew oh, you are a converted Jew. That's why the world isn't fair and never will be fair if those type of people could have it their way, and don't expect for them 2 Chainz to give up everything that they have just to be righteous just to have the world like God really wanted it to be and end up going back living in caves I don't think so.

  • There's no doping and female gymnastics that should be obvious because it's like how God would want his chosen people on top that's when you know it's fair. That's one reason why police officers don't have random drug test because they know they take substance to give them the edge how would they physically be able to do their job against God's truly chosen people. You remember that officer who obviously isn't doped-up had a problem taking down 11 year old girl that's how the world would truly be physically in a perfect girl how God would wanted it

  • As long as there’s “Bread and Circuses” mentality in us nothing is going to change.
    To the world drugs and alcohol consumption seems a be a lot more urgent issue.
    As well as big farma deceiving the whole planet to spend trillions on stuff we don’t need.

  • so what about Australia they cheat in cricket and corrupt there boxing?

  • Commercialized sport is designed to keep the masses ignorant. It's working. Puppets and shell organizations are in place to ensure the status quo.

  • Can we just have a separate bionic Olympics?

  • I was born in the 1950s and raised to believe in the nobility of sports and the Olympic movement. I was taught that sport was an integral part of education and a means for a healthy life. As I've grown up I've become increasingly disappointed in the Olympic movement as it has become a circus managed by entertainers, which defeats the whole spirit that Pierre de Coubertin envisioned.

  • I see the US president being the owner of Chain of golf hotels hosting foreign diplomats. That is clearly a conflicts of interest. That is a cheat.

  • I don't think this video is telling us anything new. Too many forces drive towards doping. National and personal pride, lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals entice pro athletes to perform better through whatever means. Even amateur athletes dope to achieve better results. As the human pushes its physical limits more, the smaller winning margin there will be, the less sensation the performance will produce in the audience. Compared with all those, doping is a small price to pay.
    There should be two leagues: doped or clean. I bet everyone would love to watch the doped leagues while the clean one would die out.

  • I get that the focus of this video is on Olympic sports, but USADA are running the most successful and stringent anti doping programme around with the UFC.

  • Do redrawing asia!
    I want to see what it looks like

  • Came here for Callum Skinner!

  • We should have a version of sports where athletes are allowed to take a sh*tload of doping drugs.

    Like f**k bro, let's see how high a human being can actually jump.

  • "…Thriller-like cover operation."
    Kill the lights and cue the zombies!

  • 23 dislikes? Roid rage?!?!

  • Russians are terrible athletes. Most of them are cheaters and when testing is stringent they suck ass.

  • Russia is full of shit. The IOC is full of shit.

  • for win.for extra energy.bcoz its how drug done work well done..b4 its okey.but in time its cheater

  • who win just win.if pure ^win plus 70% get..but if cheat o get and no mercy.done.

  • any places goes get free..personal.good sir.its equal with who win.

  • They always talk about Russia but not all their juiced up black Americans in every sport getting covered for.

  • Here is a solution: Just make doping legal! Since all the athletes dope anyway, why not test the limit of human performance? Isn't that what the olympics are all about?

  • tbf it's not that deep, they're gonna use it anyways.

  • You can't ban a whole federation for doping even if its the majority doping. You can't punish individual good athletes.

  • It's a common trait in people to win no matter what …. human nature and it will never change.

  • The commitment to elite sport governance appears as patchy and well organised as global efforts to deal with climate change. Perhaps the most powerful message we can give to elite sport is to stop watching and instead participate in community sport and healthy living programs.

  • Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war

    My country doesnt dope

  • Piman Mann Jaques

    Should've had Lance Armstrong in the thumbnail.

  • Piman Mann Jaques

    The developed countries have the most doping.

  • Well Russia is pretty bad in Rugby,, guess you can't win them all

  • Erick Oberholtzer

    put in harsher and harsher penalties until it stops. its worked reasonably well in the ufc.

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