Double Stroke Technique (pause)

what’s up everybody it’s JFilt from how to make very sick beats dot com if this is your first time welcome and today we have a very quick tip for you guys using hi hats so let’s get into it the question of the day have you ever accidentally erased or not saved a beat and what did you do about it I just experienced that man and I’m trying to recreate write that down in the comments below write your comments down below I need to know I’m not the only one okay so right now I’m actually trying to recreate something that I accidentally erased save your work guys save so anyways with this tutorial we’re working with hi hats and you can consider this a continuation of a previous video I did called the poly mode drum technique where I played some drums and used poly mode to just keep repeating and come up with different drum patterns so I have a hi hat right here what you can do is there’s a few things you can do you can either sample some hi hats that have two hits like this like that right or you could take some hi hats a single hi hat and play it twice like I did here and you sample it I did it a few times alright so now the next step make sure it’s in poly mode that way it will keep repeating without cutting itself off like this okay similar to what i did on the other video so what I’m showing you right now is called double strokes and for you drummers out there yeah I know you already know this so I ain’t talking to you okay so I got my I got my hi-hat okay so a double stroke is this double stroke rhythm let’s do it just with the on light tapping it like this okay you see that a lot of drummers use this technique in the drum playing it’s twice is twice on one hand and twice on the other hand we’re applying that to the hi-hat one thing that I like to do it here’s another way that I use it is I use hi hats in 16 levels and so I’m gonna play a beat for you guys and let you hear what I’m talking about a simple 2 bar beat okay here you go see that and actually you know what that’s one I’m going to put this on and I’m going to use this velocity velocity 16 level velocity all right got that you see if I did there okay so the other way to do it is like i said before you take that sample with the two hi hats already in it right for example i have like that and then just right there so I’m hitting the pad twice quickly and that creates or simulates a paradiddle because I have it in poly mode you get it so if i take it out of poly mode watch what happens it won’t work so this just plays it once see that and it cuts itself off see that’s in mono mode and if i have it in note off you know that’s not going to help me at all so put it in poly mode and then you can do that so I’m hitting it like that and that’s creating a nice paradiddle right you can always adjust the speed just change the tuning of it to slow it down and pick it up if you want able to work or whatever you want to do so that’s the tip that’s a quick tip guys so if you like this video go ahead and hit that thumbs up button more to come please check out all the links down below this video visit the website I will see you guys on the next one and don’t forget to subscribe okay

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