hi guys my name is Amy Cho golf
professionals today I have a golf tip that’s going to change your game I know
a lot of you guys hit it fantastic on the driving range and you you get out on
the golf course and someone else shows up and you start hitting it fat thin and
you have no clue what’s going on and it’s no fun so let me show you why that
happens when you’re on the driving range you’re always hitting from a flat
surface and now you’re on the golf course you’re thrown on these crazy
slopes different lies and that’s throwing your balance off causing you to
hit miss shots let’s take this shot for an example I’m on a severe downslope
where the left foot is low and I would say this is about good twenty
twenty-five percent incline that’s a severe slope guys in your setup you want
to do three things differently let’s take a look so I have about 120 yards to
the fly this is actually the ball gonna travel farther
so you want to Club the out so I would say out hit about 110 your club here I
have my 10 iron I hit this about 120 I’m going to go ahead and make a half swing
or a 3/4 swing to get that 110 yards of cheap and then two more things you’re
going to have to move that golf ball back in your stance about a ball or two
balls to the right this is really going to allow you to catch the ball first
instead of that high ground behind the ball we don’t want to hit this bad guys
you’re gonna hurt yourself and then one more thing on this lie you’re going to
have to make sure you get your shoulders parallel to the ground this also is
going to help you to get into the golf ball in a nice descending
beautiful angle into the ball avoiding to hit that grind behind you so the
three things in this setup war you’re gonna Club down hit it ten years list
and then you’re gonna move that golf ball back in your stance and you’re
going to go ahead and square those shoulders up so they’re parallel to the
ground now two things you need to pay attention to during the swing number one
is you’re going to go in and keep the wait maybe I’ll say 5% to 10% on the
left little more so it’s more 6040 and maintain that during your backswing and
that is really going to help you to not lose your balance and don’t let that
gravity pull your round during this week it’s the most important thing and then
the last part is you know also like this you’ve got to remember to shift your
weight through that’s going to actually throw your phallus and it’s going to
make you run after the golf ball you can remember those two things right all
right let’s go ahead and see this ball back in your stance shoulders are
parallel to the ground we’re gonna keep that weight on your left foot in the
backswing and run after it oh that looks pretty good guys remember
that tip I know it’s a lot write it down somewhere if you keep repeating over and
over you’re gonna be fantastic at it and you’re going to be beating all your
playing partners

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