Drive the ball farther with a simple golf drill

Hi I’m Andrew Rice here at beautiful Berkeley
Hall in Bluffton, South Carolina and I’m going to talk about a topic that should be very
important to you and it’s club path with a driver. Essentially what direction do we want
the club head traveling relative to the target as it runs into the golf ball.My opinion is
that any golfer that doesn’t hit the golf ball far enough or would like to hit the golf
ball further, should have a club path that travels out, into out, and up, relative to
the ground. So what do we need to do? A couple of exercises. First one we are going to work
towards and this is a great drill for you to practice with the driver is, I’ve got a
sleeve box, with no golf balls, take the golf balls out, I don’t want to go and fetch these
in case I hit the box. I’m not going to do any damage but it’s going to act as an obstacle
and an external incentive to get the club head traveling up so I’m going to take the
box and I’m going to place it one grip length in front of the ball. About there. I’m going
to get my setup such that the ball is just on the inside of my lead heel and I want to
make sure that my upper body is just tilted ever so slightly to the right, away from the
target. Not too much. Just a little away from the target. I’ll still feel like my weight
is fairly evenly distributed and now I’m going to adjust my alignment where I’m align slightly
to the right of the target. That will help me get the club path traveling to the right.
The box is going to help me get the club head coming up through the head. Up and out. I
wish I could hashtag this clip. Up and out. Let’s give it a try. So, ball is set up just
inside the heel. I’m tilted back. Come on Andrew. I’ll tell you what, we could all benefit
from an extra 15 to 20 yards and if you tend to hit low fades this little set up, this
advise, can change your game.

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