Drum Stroke Techniques : The American Upstroke on Snare Drum

JOEL SIEGEL: So, now we want to do the upstroke,
same stroke with the American grip. This is the same principle starting down and ending
up, trying to draw the sound out of the drum. So, that again, you’re going to get a very
breathy sound of a drum, a very quiet sound. It should look and sounds like this. The next
stroke is going to be your outstroke continued, and we’ll do it with the German grip, same
principle, breathy, airy sound, also very quiet. With the German stroke, as I noted
earlier, you’re going to end up having a lot more control. So, you’ll find that a blend
of French grip upstroke, German upstroke, you’ll kinda start to blend the two as if
you’re in slower tempos you’re going to need more control. The quieter that you are, you’re
going to need a lot more control. As you play, you’ll start to feel these things out.

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