Drum Stroke Techniques : The Traditional Downstroke on Snare Drum

JOEL SIEGEL: Alright. Continuing on with the
downstroke, we also want to do the downstroke in American grip. It’s the same principle.
Start at the top, go to the bottom, and stay at the bottom after striking the head. The
American grip downstroke will sound like this. Continuing on with our downstroke, you also
have it in relation to shift to the German grip, this is kind of your power stroke. You’ll
end up using this. If you’re playing rock, kinda driving the bell on the ride. This is
kinda of your heaviest stroke. It should look and sounds like this. The last aspect of the downstroke I want to address
is when you’re playing with your left hand, and the traditional, all the match will be
the same, as I said earlier. But the traditional is unique to the left hand, so we’ll look
at the downstroke for that now. Your downstroke in traditional grip with your left hand sounds
like this.

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