Dunder Mifflin is A Quiet Place – The Office US

(silence) (Dwight’s phone rings) (No clapping noise) (Andy is laughing and talking, but silently) (Candy bar unwrapping noise) Oh yeah! I knew it. Oh no. I knew it Kevin! As soon as I heard that wrapper. You really have to say “Oh yeah!” every time you eat a candy bar? I can’t help it, Oscar. It’s just really good. Oh yeah! The hands are tied. Alright. I bet it all. I think we can beat 20 mintues though, so let’s try again. Get it all out now if you have to. It was a racoon, eating a hamburger like a person You need to stop banging your pen on your desk or it’s gonna drive me insane. Okay, I got it. Does anyone have a first-aid-kit? Check out the song I wrote: (singing) I love you down the stairs tonight… (mess of voices, jabbering, getting louder and louder) Alright, here we go! Everybody, get ready in: Three, two, good luck, one


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