EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING – Follow these 3 steps

Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I want to help you create easy effortless yards and
accuracy in three simple steps I had Jim come and see me a couple of days ago
actually from Holland it came for an hour and we managed to turn his slice
into a mini draw and add some distance but we did it in a very very easy way
here’s them at the start of the session you can see here is over the top lots of
stuff going on a lot of poor striking designs a big slice for this driver and
at the end of the session we’ve completely started to transform the
whole feel and look and in his own words who is achieving an effortless easy shot
which is going nice and straight but had power I want to share with you how we
did it because I know it could benefit you too before I do though if you’re new
to the channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please come and
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to seeing you next week – so how do you get started with this well with Jim it’s
very simple the first step in this entire process is simply getting the
body working in the right order Jim like a lot of people who slice the
golf ball isolated one movement he hit the golf ball with a simple shoulder
motion that was it if you hook the golf ball like a client did a couple of days
ago he was just an arm motion so these are isolated motions and not working
we’re not working as a team I want you to create a swing and that I call foot
to hand a foot to hand swing what is that well if you go to simply throw a
ball like this we don’t just swing our arm its foot and the foot to hand the
hand is slung by the momentum of the body energy goes from the foot all the
way up the body down the arm and finally it’s delivered to the hand so you need
to experience this first one thing understanding it’s a second experience
it’s I want me to experience this foot to hand movement so I did this with
Jim and all I did was got him to simply get some balls under arm and
simply practice throwing but in doing so I painted a little box and I said to him
I want to throw the ball through a mini box here to experience his entire body
motion so we did this it’s a stage 1 back through enough after a few golf balls
initially by the way he he’s still through like this and then he started to
let go a little bit more and he realized that his lower body’s hips were
naturally moving through he got that feeling that’s what I want you to do
throw a few balls first of all then I said now I know some of you out there
gonna be left handed playing golf right hand it just simply to reverse the
process do the same with your left hand but then I said right with one hand do
the same thing painting your box out there just a few yards in front and I want you
now just to simply swing and the whole purpose of this for now is getting the
body sequence in the right way look at the difference in your swing already
just with one hand so suddenly now we start to get this swing in through the
bodies and we’re not trying to play golf it’s this stage I will try to do is
literally almost imagine we’re throwing the ball through that box there nothing
more simple than that don’t care about strike don’t care about
anything else apart from just literally getting the sensation of that ball all
that swing just just thrown down there now you look at the difference he’s now
getting a sequence he’s now getting the body work it’s a complete transformation
we then added in the second hand this baron was still in stage one at the
moment second hand just literally swinging backwards and forwards in
between we do a few of these marshes again just to kind of keep reminding the
body what it’s supposed to be doing get herself set back two hands now just
literally throwing that ball forward now this was looking good but he was looking
still a little bit wooden what do I mean by that he’s armed here with a little
bit tense if you got to throw a golf ball or any ball you can’t throw with a
stiff arm off throw effectively the arms need to respond and be responding to
their body if I go to SPRO ball watch this my body moves on my arm is simply
just slung yeah it’s soft it’s relaxed it’s waiting to be launched by the body
if I go and our tension to this arm there is literally no throwing no sling
now this is the hardest stage for Jim and it will be the hardest stage for you
if you struggle with now the reason being it feels out of control
all we don’t like to feel that control you’ve got to let this swing you want
clubhead speed you want accuracy you’ve got a let go to get control you need to
give it up imagine this imagine riding a bike try and ride a bike slowly and
ride it in a straight line it’s really difficult you have to have let go you
have to have a certain pace in that riding to keep it on the straight and
narrow and that’s the same in golf you want to keep the ball in the straight
and narrow you have to have a certain pace a certain letting go that not
just the speed but also offer accuracy so we’ve got them doing this drill let’s
and hang getting the sensation of swinging the arms like this and then
coming through look I said look use your body just throw their arms towards the
target and notice just like frame before now you just hit with two arms just
start to let go have no concern over where the balls going at this stage so
if we go again backwards and forwards I’m literally just now just slinging the
arms through I don’t care where the ball finishes backwards and forwards let’s go
again backwards and forwards back here swing the arms through to the target
that’s all we’re doing nice and easy any and in his own words it felt so
effortless but scary and initially by the way he would literally he’d start to
hit a few off line and immediately hits a few off line doing this and in comes
the control again why because you just like Jim you’re human and it’s instinctive to
control that shot you’ve got the learning to let go is
something that we have to we have to learn it it’s a practice one thing that
does help by the way we need to entire processes first of all do the exercises
to get the feel of it but then we work on the third and final stage is you get
to build a routine with this often the quicker you hit to the golf ball in
terms of walking to it and go more the instinctive the more relaxed you’ll be
the longer you spend over the golf ball the more tension creeps into those arms
so in the third and final stage I want you to build a system that has
two factors in it first actor I want you to always picture a shot where you’re
going you must like we Jim Jim in three suppose had still had a little bit of
slice so sit right and now work to picture a draw what’s the draw look like
a ball that sets off to the right so I got him now swinging and imagining this
Draw I didn’t talk about how he was going to achieve it he didn’t need to he suddenly
started to swing beautifully in this direction visualizing the draw then I
got him to go to the golf ball don’t waste time get himself set and
away we go and get that ball just beautifully drawing that was the third
and final stage so when you’ve done this you’ve got to build it into a system
it’s not easy initially because it feels like oh my god the balls going that
balls going right I’ve got to get that control back let go so in summary what
do we do what was really transformative we created a foot to hand swing or you
could even call it a foot to head swing this head is slung because of what
you’re doing here as I’m throwing I’m not isolating an arm movement I’m not
isolating a shoulder motion it’s started from the ground just like you were doing
is throwing feel that motion work to one hand get that sensation work to two
hands get that sensation now when you’re doing this you move to step two this is
all the sequencing move to step two you’ve got to learn to let go don’t
concern it like a child how do you let go do some exercise with your practice
slinging them do some exercises then just don’t care where the ball go just
let it go and then third and finally put it into a routine that allows you to let
go on a golf course always pick a target in mind you’re visualizing where the
balls going you’re getting yourself set I’m picturing a ball now it’s setting
off slight to the right here and I’m gonna picture my window and all I’m
gonna do here is get to the golf ball or get myself set and I’m going to imagine
myself just simply swinging and throwing the club through that window and it is
as simple as that this will help you develop a core swing
you’ve done this yes there’s gonna be slight tweaks that you need to make but
golfers work on the tweets way too much what we want to have is this simple
effortless easy golf swing as stage number one and then we can start making all
the complicated tweaks that make it and fine-tune it and make it excellent I
really hope you enjoy this video it can really help please share it with as many
people as possible particularly some of the beginner golfers I want to start
people off on the right foot it really really helps and of course look give it
a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you’re new to channel and this one is
one of your first videos come and join the community next week
press the subscribe button and the bell and I really look forward to seeing you
next week have a great golfing week


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  • Hi Danny.
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  • Hi Danny. Great exercises to 'let go' of your swing.

    That being said I find that simply starting the transitional downswing with the trail elbow leading the trail hands and then letting go of everything else; our body will respond naturally and we can then swing as fast or as slow as we wish to with tremendous accuracy.

    I swear the activation of our magic trail elbow inwardly at the top of our transitional downswing with no controlled shallowing of the club; and then allowing our trail forearm to unfold naturally is the secret to a great golf swing. I was just at the driving range doing this and I never connected better to my ball. Cheers https://youtu.be/pJpoPF60yzI

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  • I will say this about Dannyโ€™s teaching and i hope that i am just one of the many but i was shooting in upper 80โ€™s pretty consistently and the only thing that kept me from the 90โ€™s is my putting. But after watching Dannyโ€™s videos and revamping my swing i am now shooting in mid 70โ€™s. Sounds drastic but its the truth. My handicap has dropped as a result too. His teachings are so easy to understand and apply and not over-laden with useless drills that my game is so fun right now and i am playing with so much confidence and ability to work the ball now. Golf is no longer a frustrating thing for me. I hope all you who watch his videos get the same results. This game is too fun to be so frustrating and we all deserve to hit the ball like pros. And that another thing…i dont have to swing out of my shoes and have gained an average of 25 yards with irons. Good luck my friends and hitโ€™em well.
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    Titelist 917 D3 driver with Fujikawa 75 Gm shaft and 917 D3 Fwoods with stock shafts.
    Bridgestone Tour B RXS ball

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