Jon Levy here today at GOLFTEC
Headquarters were back in the fitting bay with Mike Helfrich who’s the Vice
President of Club Fitting and Merchandise here at GOLFTEC. We’re
talking fitting today so let’s say I’m out there I’m thinking about a new
driver I’m kind of struggling off the tee where do I start why should I get
fit? — Well first of all you wouldn’t be the only one a lot of people struggle
off the tee. Driver fittings are very common way for people to start because
because the longer the golf club typically the more difficult it is to
hit, with drivers, it’s a lot of times all about dialing and all the specific
parameters that make you hit the ball as far as possible, as accurately as
possible. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to start by taking your your
launch monitor data, you know your terms you’ve heard ball speed, club head speed,
launch angle and so forth and we’re going to optimize that. We will typically
start with the head by finding any one of the manufacturers heads that works
best for you and then we will fine-tune that through the golf shaft. The golf
shaft is the engine of the golf club, so in order to fine tune what it’s already
a good number of your producing with a head you know we’re going to go through
obviously a variety of options to make sure that we get it and accurate as
possible, as the long as possible and with the right ball flight that that
fits your swing. — So it is amazing because you look at all of these combinations,
when we’re looking at this fitting wall here all of this is part of a GOLFTEC TECFIT, so talk about that process. –You come in with your existing set of golf clubs, we catalog those to understand maybe why you’re struggling in certain
areas of the game and from there it makes it a little easier for us to start
the process, if we know that your misses are always left or
always right or maybe a variety of both, it tells us something about the
golf club and also maybe a little bit about what we need to do to try and make
you more consistent. — So I come through, I get my launch monitor data and that’s
all analyzed and then how do we pick the right club? Well it’s usually a
discussion between your fitter and you. What we’re doing is one, has to be a
little bit about just the aesthetics does it look good to you, does it sound
good to you, that generally comes after we decide
which ones are performing the best and then from there as we talked about the
fine tuning process starts. Today’s drivers are very adjustable so
maybe a half a degree less loft or a full degree less of loft, dialing it down,
maybe a little bit closed or a little bit open, all those things will help you
to be more consistent and get the most out of it. –Then once it’s dialed in
and we order the club how long does it take? — We’re typically at about one to two weeks depending on the level of
customization and the availability of the product. — Excellent. So Mike, this all
sounds great where do I start? — I would start at We have a lot of great information on the website you can certainly call any one of our fitters or
one of the Centers and just have a conversation. Tell them where you’re
struggling and what you want to accomplish and set an appointment. –Well excellent, all sounds great. Thank you very much. — You’re very welcome. Swing Better. Play Better. GOLFTEC.

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