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i am paul wilson on the creator of
swing machine golf and the director of the paul wilson golf school at bears best las vegas misstep elena read a quote from ernie els one of the uh… technician gulf member said this and and i just thought it was um… a good thing for you to act penny
here where niaz has to say and that sort of thing as you know her niece got kind
of that makes easy garth’s langham in ojai teach powerless arms so good model for my method anyway would be interning
else okay so i thought this is very interesting i’ll
just read it and then i’ll try to go over some of the
key points of view and then uh… yeah can keep that in mind as you go to
work on your game here is here’s what he said once when he was clever might best i
don’t tend to think much about mechanics as i said up to the ball i’d feel like
my arms are soft in front of me my group pressure is light and my chest and shoulders feel if they
can move intern freely to be honest the swing is then just a
matter of tempo and rhythm i don’t feel like i’m trying to do
anything workforce anything it’s just happening like a chain reaction and in recent months and definitely
starting to get back to divide back again i’ve got that makes little posit the top
of my back swing and my resume is back in the old groove whenever that happens the boldest steps
off the cliff face with almost no effort it’s a sweet feeling and that’s a great lesson for everyone uh… whatever shape swing you have more effort never translates it into better results so swing easy to hit hard okay so just acting to go over these few points
here for stocks i don’t tend to think about too much
about mechanics okay so after you’ve made some changes you know that you’re working a little
bit over here you’re working over here definitely when you go to play you’re not thinking about all those
things okay i said in the past i want you to have a spot of may be
swinging at fifty percent that’s a good thought to have uh… ultimate fox once you kind of work
on your swing would be to quite a lot looking for the tightness in this left
shoulder for the forward shoulder area and then unko railing to hit your shot
you’re not thinking about you know how you’re taking it back in
your backs on position and all that stuff you’re just trying to call l and unko l letting the arms go along for the ride so maybe keep that in mind you know when
you go to play definitely try to reduce the stocks work on the things on the range stay very clearly focused when you’re
when you’re playing okay so uh… next part was uh… i feel like my arms are soft in
front of me migrant pressure is white and my chest and shoulders feel if they
can’t feel as if they can move internet freely okay so that gets back to you just your
setup position you know i teach agree pressure of to addict han when you’re doing your setup so very
light grip pressure i want your arms are zero out of ten so they’re just hanging
there there their extended but they’re not all walked out there just hanging there
there literally zero out of ten and in doing that that’s gonna relax
your shoulders and even your chest just before you’re about to take off but
that’s a lot of time siegler you know the very tight when they’re
getting ready to hit that golf ball their all excited and you know they just
feel like they’re going to hit that ball as hard as they can so you don’t take it from attorney in yeah take it for me we wanna be mason
relaxed who lives here you are the faster the golf clubs can a slight and
more more fluently okay so an ex parte it’s just then it’s just a
matter of tempo and rhythm okay so in the past i’ve got a tip line uh… tempo and you know when you look at her niece wing
he’s got that nineties solo effortless to his golf swing well i’ve got that look as well and how i’m doing it anyway and howard he’s
doing it here’s are padi is telling our arms how fast the swine but if i didn’t past was explaining that
if your body is telling your arms how fast the slaying
and your body doesn’t move very fast in life okay your body here in a gulf swing a
good golf swing is not even rotating at three miles an hour it’s about two and a half miles an hour
so if your body is telling your arms how fast a slang your arm would not looked very fast or your golf swing would not look very fast versus if you were going like this this
looks fat verses your body telling your arms how
fast the move so as you’re turning your arms off your
swing should start too have that slow looking appearance to okay ernie els if you have a fast golf swing it you are
using your arms because your body cannot physically move that fast in life slowing down takes the arms out of your slang then your body tells your arms how fast to be signed that you get the power because it be and
if your arms you’ve got rice’s better loose and that creates the whipping action of the golf clubs as it is he indiscriminate on hinges
andree hinges into the three slash you know maybe keep that image of ernie
els or you know if you like my sling do you know keep my sling in your mind you know try to have an image of a
slower looking gov slash so if you’re tryna copy someone with a nice slow slang and you have that visualize a sham in your mind why we’d use slang at a million miles an hour i’m not doing that ernie is not doing
that so if you can you have any image in your mind and then
just replicate that image that would be a great way to start
slowing down as well case so just understand your body is trying to make your arms okay if you’ve if your arms are turned
off your body would make the move so that’s what you would get better why
he would get that slow appearance were not just hitting it with our hands and
arms okay films anybody’s ever told you that you
have a fast looking slang you are using your aunt soap try to get that slower look to your
psychic shots i’ve done a tip on this in the past hit
shots at three-quarters or two-thirds of their actual distance you know on
when you go to the range if you get your seven iron normally one fifty headshots full flight a hundred yards okay so now you’re doing full slayings strive trying to hit use your shots the
only way you can do that is by slowing down so as you slow down you’ll start to get that mace kisi look
tear golf swing then to hit it farther use your legs you not you don’t use your arms slow it
down first then hit hard by using your legs about
your arms next will part here was the ball just sips off the cliff face with almost no effort so we’ve all had that feeling at some
point in our golf career of a shock that felt like nothing and yet it went even farther than any
other shot you’ve ever hit most people that i ask of have always
had that shocked you know goes fifty yards further and what do i say to air what did they
tell me they say it felt like nothing so if you’re a great shots are feeling
like nothing but you’re putting no effort into it why not just keep feeling no effort okay like it’s not about this hard trying to hit it you know trying to hit sensation if your best shots of felt within like
no effort you’ve gotta feel no effort that means again slowing down loosening
up turning your arms off when you get the gospel ten this is only
saying great here okay command uh… the last part here was just so swing easy to hit hard okay and that’s kinda what i just went
through it’s like even though ernie looks like he’s barely
swinging at a he’s still putting a ton of energy and to hitting the shot but the energy is to turn the body in a
circle or the center core in a circular motion so we’re turning
this as fast as we can it just so happens that connected to
that is an arm or arms with the risk that create the whipping
action so working the energy into spinning the
core the outside is connected to that so it
creates the whipping action because we’re turning okay we’re not trying to hit the ball with arms sling use each tend to get lots of howard paster soaked the easier use slang slower at lux faster the golf club is going to win because if you’re swinging easy your
wrists are going to be looser so that’s what i always tell everyone
that asme you know how do i get more power how to
get more power swing easier purse when looser the looser something is the faster it
swings so if you swing easier your risk it looser which creates a
faster whipping action of the golf club okay a bit keep in mind it’s a different feeling it
feels out of control it feels linds the problem is that person is somebody
experience is that you know they don’t like that feeling so
they go against at least are going back to this hitting the ball hard again which is what the comfortable doing just try something different which is swinging easier and you mind i didn’t
intend balls did a hundred balls two hundred balls but just sony makes it easy and getting that looseness to generate the club head speed okay so it’s a different way of doing it and i know i keep talking about it but okada people that we see keep trying to
hit that golf balls hard as they can’t so it’s different try something uh… different than at you’ve ever done
try try to get a different feeling just can’t take bernie’s advice as well statements relaxed eliminate the
thoughts just get the body hitting the hitting
the golf ball and if you can do that everything a
listen up you’ll get a ton of power which way less
effort ernie els that hopefully you uh… you uh… understood all those things
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  • Hi Paul, I have written in the past. You really helped me with loose wrist and no arm swing. I can't believe how well it works. A couple of days ago I played terrible. I was exhausted and hurting. I realized I had gone back to my arm swing. I can't believe how dumb I can be. I turned back to your "no arm swing video on U Tube. You are a life saver. Like I said in the past , you are the best teacher of golf I have ever seen and I am 78 years old. May the lord bless you for your kindness. Phil Matton Palm Bay FLorida.

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