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passion today in the valley of chevreuse in the abbey des vaux de
cernay a place steeped in history in company of this golf gti
seven years after its launch and at dawn of its renewal we decided to
spend some time with an icon of world of sports
is she still in the race against ever more power
or does she play on another board that’s what we’ll see together
party good even if it remains to him that few weeks to live it golf
this gti I think that crosses who likes
the years must be remembered that she was launched in 2013
this car so it’s not nothing she has had a little restyling 1 in
2017 but she kept her iconic look a
golf is a legend we recognize it so a golf 7 you
know how it looks ingall this gti performance so the final version
golf gti it looks like that so we has a beautiful red color with
pretty rims optional and that small red border here just behind you have the
calipers gti very pretty me I find the specific light signature with the
led that emphasizes the small eyes wings just down of course and that
this is the case since the beginning so 1975 the small honeycomb grille
with the barouge gti a car that is a mix between chic
and seriousness while being athletic is provoking enough I find in red and
black it’s a car that goes through
years without becoming obsolete me personally I love this mix between
bcbg and small moths she is when even very mean of this golf gti but
she also knows how to be very chic especially if they learn black at the look level
do you prefer what golf you gti or rather the side not say enough tuning to
these sportsmen from the megane rs golf gti she’s more on the side of the
308 gti so a chic car goes everywhere who still put his
sportswear and then that after a little testosterone
it is often said that the first is played in the details and we know
the affection of the group volkswagen audi for the light signature and this
golf is no exception to the rule see those fires that are just sublime
the justice led there is the blinks a scrolling st just gorgeous it really took care of his copy at the
Restyling of the golf with its pretty fires and is part of the package and the fact
that she did not take a ride this car I find and its lights the hague
the turn signals really it’s more beautiful effect the ball generally
this car house in this superb red hue with black rims she
imposes it squarely then with the sun it makes it really good
rare today to be able to leave the lot and turn heads when
we’re talking about golf knowing it’s one of the best-selling cars in
world but I can tell you that after spent a few hours driving her
people are turning to the passage of this car is the remark
like what golf gti it remains a legend
let’s go for a little trip to golf edge 7 gpi performance this is
a gti and a gti on board it necessarily his beautiful chair with the pattern
clark reasons clark stop because worker very Scottish distinctive sign of the
like golf since 1975 so the legend is perpetuated and passes through
years mentions had a box mechanical
we would also have a little ball of golf as a baroud speed but the
as we have a dsg box we have a knob quite standard so the
flying is a flying wheel also on golf r airlines and more
the restyling of 2017 we end up with a dashboard
which my faith did not take so many risks that’s so the presentation is all about
done standard just see here but when we turn on the contact we end up with
a very big screen in the middle of a nice slab touch of blacks and then
behind the wheel an instrumentation 100% digital so the famous virago of
whore who can customize the display as we see fit and
so to put the card or other information depending on what you
want to see behind the wheel good for the rest it’s a good volkswagen
at downing volkswagen you know it’s a reference in terms of materials of
finish and this golf and in the first twenty we really leave the
generalist if we talk about the benefits on board will be sold first
I find that the materials are awesome ergonomics is exemplary
there are not too many buttons the keys here are tactile we still have
buttons for air conditioning and that’s good I do not want to have to go through the screen
tactile drown the dashboard or if it is
not covered with buttons the steering wheel also very ergonomic if you live in
rolling volkswagen down golf gti takes the same steering wheel there is none
bad little storage so do not forget that this golf and
the gti philosophy in general is the being able to ride with everyday
without particular constraint we see right here
I loved door goblets here I have a large storage under the central armrest
and we have 5 real places so a real compact habitable in addition to being a
real sports first that’s where we feel a little the weight of the years we are going
to say that it’s on the presentation it’s very classic
see we have ventilation grilles the screen the commands of the crime and
chew that it misses a little loader production and then several
usb ports here we only have one usb port it’s a little light today in 2019
for everyone in the car has need to load it’s a little bit
light so there we feel a case there when even a few years in terms of
design and that his replacement is fine arrive soon
in any case at the level of care taken to board this golf
she has not gotten a wrinkle and she can still give a lesson to a lot of
its competitors because we are very very good on board
in this small confined space this little cocoon of very chic sportsmanship
and since golf gti and golf 5 real seats and a trunk 2,380 liters
to go on vacation without worry and puts all his stuff so very
convenient and a small dot on June 7 back
so the small badge gti led lights and the double exhaust outlet so
an exhaust on each side and not the two on the same side as on a gt d a
little go go for a little 0 100 we e Oh in Oh under the hood of this golf gti
performance we find the 2 liters tsi the 245 hp 4 cylinder engine
370 newton-meters of torque 250 km / hour and then a 0 to 100 shot in 6
seconds 2 so really not bad like score for a car that has less than
150 horses and it’s an engine knows well since she whoever
team all the range v aged golf gti to golf 1 st through the
gold I was the audi s3 and company so it’s a good engine a motor is
proven successful cuts the sturdy and thrifty here we are in stroll with golf gti
performance on the beautiful roads of the Chevreuse valley we will speak a
little bit afraid of what she sees on roads
this golf gti and especially in driving sporty I remind to one has a motor 2
tsi 245 horsepower liters samoter that is couple and who at the very very very early
thanks to the 310 nm turbo torque the remember it’s not nothing
and for that we have a box dsg 7 reports with passages that are fast and
fluids thanks to the pallets that I do it’s really cool and it’s participating in
the good performance of the car about the exhaust we have a
exhaust that changes sounds in function of the chosen driving mode a
sport mode it’s a little more noise but it’s not behind that it’s happening
his fingers of the speakers way is a noise generator
I’m not a fan of this kind of things then not really cool
it’s less fun scrapes on the moon and toads beach to that of golf r or
that of the megane rs and not to mention the exceptional escape of the
hyundai i30 hate who thunder at every time we do not have it at all
the range gt and remember that it’s a car
versatile you will use on a daily basis positioning fall of the exhaust
is there for many the big highlight of this golf gti
of course it’s his chassis he’s sharpened and without it gives stability
really impressive to the car it is very accessible and easy to
take it in hand is not the most Funny it’s not the liveliest
but it’s surely one of the most reassuring but stable when one is
dynamic pace we have a differential self-locking electronic chips
it’s not as sharp as a differential nothing the mechanical block
as may be wrongly scene for example but that’s enough to kick golf at
bitumen on all our sequences fast or having a car that is
taped to the bitumen and that allows to have good feelings and a very good
grip it’s pretty impressive the stability of this car and then the
makes that we go from a turn to the other without having to really force the
differential makes perfectly sound job
damping him it is ideal in mode sport have cars that is getting stronger
as is necessary at the level of links to soil is much more rigorous without ever
to be uncomfortable sure that this is the ideal compromise
I’m really comfortable with it driving this car
we can put it in all hands it’s not a race beast
not a sharp car to tame way it’s not the gti philosophy
much more ultimate editions like the golf club sportes or atc at all
last golf opportunity the very series soon on the blog month of little tricks
who do not go too much dare the direction that lacks a bit of
consistency I find it too light still we do not feel what is happening
front under his wheels roughly directions and then the braking
he offers a good death of man and the endurance is quite limited I find
attention in mountainous region in circuit in any case the best known and
it is ideal thanks to bucket seats in Iran well maintained and then we are
neither too high nor too low and then this car was going from a
versatility that is just outstanding look at me these beautiful roads friends
it’s totally crazy to have these compressions and its curves in valley of
gooey friends we are on the fast lane on the regular route for
return from work we are only sailing a virta
nuggets to 110 adaptive regulator in comfort mode
comfort is then excellent and the consumption at the height yes we have like
a 2-liter engine that makes 245 horses and we are only 7 liters to
100 km a score quite respectable for a car that is still a
gti so a sportswoman once again this golf gti she addresses to a
very versatile use and we see here it can be as well
usable everyday that the weekend to have fun
my daily journey is therefore completed then beginning of personal exodus
who is a friend that 532 hot I’m doing 5 liters 8.6 liters here with golf gti
245 horsepower performance I will end ya six liszt is without
have necessarily been careful to do of eco driving and especially having
put the air conditioning and taking advantage of all the comfort functions of the car
so I really think that by doing be careful you can go down to almost
6 liters to the hundred a score that absolutely great for a 2 liter a
motor canes couple and you see on can do up to more than 600 km with
a full like what this gti she is also made for traveling in addition to being
a good sportswoman Come on, we drove a little with the golf gti
performance and then we’ll compare to the competition because it is rich at the
competition in this segment of compact sports
we have the megane rs the new Megane rs with 280 horses 0 to 100 in 5
seconds 8 we also have the hyundai i30 n va I have
loved to see our test on the chain 2 75 horses 0 to 100 in 6
seconds a the 308 gti in these cowards in 2010 9,260 horses
the 0 to 100 6 seconds me perso I take the volkswagen because the
renault am not a fan is the most dear find a little too dynamic a
little too much tuning actually wade his exuberance as big fire these fat
rims these bekes so I take this golf gti that combines the chic the serious and
and especially the versatility is less flashy
it’s more neat than thirty and it’s more iconic and enjoyable than
308 gti says new comments which you would take between these compact
athletic for me golf is still the queen
sporty casual even though she has that 245 horses she still has a lot
under the hood and gives good sensations this car especially as to
forty thousand euros is equipped as she went to the high middle of the
segment since the rest this about adventures of 35 36 37 7 40000 euros but
never beyond ray this mouth it goes beyond thirty thousand euros when
united but a little bit of options but it’s the price to pay for having
rich facilities and above all should not forget the first man benefits of
golf and then his very high positioning of
range so tell us in comment you megan rs civic r type hyundai i30
n 308 gti or golf gti you have the choice you can
vote go all the good things have an end
you know it and we know it too that’s why it’s the end of the
career of this golf 7 and in particular 17 golf 7 g country
one more way in the history of the golf gti which since 1975 radiates
it is the case to say it is the base modern sportsmen
golf gti has been there for more than 40 years now launched compact fashion
really supercharged and compact gifted and what is beautiful is in 2019
volkswagen managed to continue this tour of genius since this golf gti is
as pleasant as sporty too versatile that dynamic is also
technological that chic is difficult to find him weak points his
goal golf gti is not a sportswoman
exclusive and sharp as can be the golf r but she has a versatility and
an ability to know how to adapt to everything to do absolutely absolutely amazing
real Swiss army knife which one can remain indifferent gti
it is always that’s for sure friends the time has come from us
leave I hope you have but our little video tribute to this golf
7 g country tell us your comments if you still get for this car
despite the fact that it is replaced very soon we are sure because
she did not take a ride Honestly she is always on top
this gti golf is the best of versatile compact of the first man
the top athlete Thank you for having followed a small
comment on the questions do not hesitate no we will answer with pleasure a little
blue thumbs if you like the video so you like this golf gti on everything and
then I tell you very very soon spend a beautiful summer


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