Everybody’s Golf – Easy Allies Review

Review Copy Provided by PlayStation. Nearly twenty years ago, Everybody’s Golf debuted
in North America as Hot Shots Golf. Now, to celebrate this historic milestone
for the prolific franchise, the worldwide title is simply
Everybody’s Golf to help symbolize a fresh beginning. There’s an increased emphasis towards online
connectivity and open world elements, but is it a good time to hit the links? The journey to becoming a golfing legend first requires the creation
of a custom character. The starting suite of options
offers a sizeable amount of freedom to create a look you’ll like, and more choices become available
through participating in tournaments or purchasing items from the shop
with in-game currency. The constant trickle
of additional rewards is addictive, and showing off your look to others helps add additional incentive
to earn more valuable equipment. The game opens in the Home Area. This single-player location
exists separately from the online world, and players are allowed
to freely explore it in privacy. The primary way to progress
is by competing in tournaments, which nets you gear, coins, and,
most importantly, XP towards the next rank. At certain milestones,
a VS character will appear and initiate a challenge derived
from a set of various rules and modifiers. You might play on courses with mega cups
that make the hole much larger or tornado cups that suck up the ball
when it’s in close proximity. Beating these characters often unlocks
something substantial like a new course, new shot types, or the ability
to fish or drive a golf kart. While the routine of grinding tournaments
can be repetitive, the rewards make them worthwhile. Additionally, the minor story points
are engaging enough to add personality and context
to the colorful cast of opponents. Despite the repetition with tournaments, when it’s time to golf,
the comforting pleasure is undeniable. The basics are easy to pick up
for players of all skill levels. The simple three-click system
initiates the shot and sets the power
and accuracy of your swing. Even though Everybody’s Golf favors
a fast-paced arcade style of play, progressing unlocks
additional shot types like super spins that can dramatically affect tactics. There are also top spins, backspins,
sidespins, and power shots. In the early courses, some of these shot types are unnecessary, but later holes place obstructions
in key locations, forcing you to work around them. Additionally, each club
has a separate progression progression built around power,
control, backspin, and backdoor that level up with continued use. Weather also plays a key role as wind can drastically affect
the direction of the ball. While there are a handful of details
to account for at any given moment, it never feels overwhelming or intimidating
thanks to the new shot types and the measured pace
as new courses are introduced. However, the minor nuances
are what separate elite players. Reading the slope of the green
is essential for accurate putts and can make or break
even the most skilled golfers. Additionally, knowing
when to apply power and risk it all in an effort to advance to the green
or to favor a more cautious approach can mean the difference
between victory and defeat. Fishing becomes available after you’ve progressed far enough
in single-player tournaments, allowing you to rent rods and bait
at various locations. It’s a simple mini game
with a lot of mashing, but leveling up to catch a bigger prize prize is a fun distraction
from swinging the clubs. You’re free to play online at any time, but you’re limited to the same courses
you’ve unlocked in single-player. Each of the game’s five courses
has eighteen holes with two more available as DLC. Once online, you can explore each area
to search for hidden coins and collectibles. There are also daily rankings
on specific holes that offer rewards
and more advanced waters for fishing. If you want to play
with friends locally or online, the option to create private rooms
with custom settings is also available. Seeing players from around the world
completing various tasks adds life to Everybody’s Golf, and the jolly atmosphere it creates
is intoxicating. Turf war is the primary
multiplayer mode at launch. Two teams compete against each other
to post the best score on a handful of holes in a limited amount of time. The time limit contributes
to radically increased tension as players frantically race
from hole to hole. Golf karts can help get to holes quicker
and you can use tokens at warp stations to instantly teleport you
to a hole of your choice. It’s disappointing that these tokens
can be obtained with real money but at least
the advantage they offer is minimal. Everybody’s Golf is engaging
for players of all skills levels and it does a fantastic job
at easing players in. Simple mechanics ensure anyone can play, but additional shot types add extra layers
of depth and strategy. A steady stream
of rewarding unlockables is bolstered by seamless online integration. Even if you don’t like golf,
Everybody’s Golf is worth the time. Easy Allies Reviews are made possible
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