On this episode of Mighty Car Mods, it’s Golf R Vs Evo 9. (Intro music) Moog: All right, so we just… the highly modified car versus the stock car Actually, that’s what I proposed before and I won, so now this is just your penance is that the word? Or something? Marty: Sure Marty: I mean look at it dude. Moog: I mean, I’ll do it. Marty: Look at the color! Do you recognize the color? Moog: No, it looks good and I get it and the plates very clever and it’s all very whatever. It’s just the thing that I don’t understand… which maybe you’re wondering as well, is the you already driver an all-wheel drive really fast modified Subaru. So then why do you need that? But then your question back to me is that I’ve always had faster all wheel drive Subarus so why do I have this? Marty: Yeah Moog: and maybe there is no answer. Marty: Isn’t just the answer, you wanna fight? Moog: Yeah…I guess so, but see that makes less sense to me. Subaru and Mitsubishi… that makes less sense. A Golf and a WRX makes more sense to me. Marty: But you don’t have it WRX. Moog: I know-
Marty: But if you did it’d be awesome. D’you want to get you one on the way home? Maybe we’ll…dude we’ll trade this in there’s heaps of car yards on the way. We’ll trade this in and get your XE. Okay. Now we’ve done Rexy now, this is good Moog: No, I got I got a deal. I know we won’t be until they do Marty: I’m not crossing that ever. Moog: No, this is… this is a good deal. This is a good deal. How about if the Evo beats this, Marty: yes… then… I go and make a car that’s as fast as that of some kind. like, that’s cool! Everyone’s a winner, we both get to pass cars and then they get to see more videos. Marty: Isn’t two videos about two EVO 9’s going to be a bit boring? Moog: *Shrugs* I dunno man… Should we do that? Maybe no deals then no deals. Marty: You know what I want to do man, I just want to see if it’s actually fast. I mean, I’ve also I’m in this situation where like you’ve got a stock car and now that you’ve fixed it You know what it should be like. You should be able to set the same time around this track in the same car.
Marty: Not really, only fixed it like three days ago. Moog: But if someone else had the same car and came here, the time should be pretty close. I have no idea. I’ve got a dyno sheet that I made, I got a check engine light, I got… I got… I got no idea. Marty: What I will say last thing before we race is that if you actually had a choice between an Evo, a WRX, and a Golf. The car to buy is *Drum roll noise* Marty: Evo
Moog: Focus RS Marty: *laughs* Moog: Which we also have, because the Focus RS, is actually the best. Marty: It does all the things these cars do, doesn’t it? But- Moog: Yes.
Marty: but to like a point. Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s quite as comfy as this. Not as raw as this Moog: Yeah. Alright, let’s just get to it!
Marty: All right, let’s do it. Moog: My battery might be flat Martin Moog: So we’re just about to race I think I’ve told you a bunch of stuff was flogged out on this car. One of those things is the battery. It’s just not working It’s just gone flat. If you turn the car off and then pretty much put our window up or a window down, It doesn’t work. So the battery is something that I am going to have to change amongst other stuff But we’ll get to that. For now it’s jumper cables and the ultimate disgrace. Just like last time will be the evo is going to jump start. Marty: No, not the Evo I wouldn’t do that to the Evo. 2sexy is going to jumpstart your Golf.
Moog: Oh, really? Oh, wow, okay cuz apparently my car is too dirty to be connected to his car so instead there’s going to be a little bit of um, a little bit of 2sexy-golf docking going on. Anyway, I’m gonna get to it. I’ve never seen that before if the driver’s door is closed the bonnet cannot open. Wacky wacky weird German stuff Actually speaking of German stuff. A lot of golf’s are not made in Germany but the golf R is so apparently this has some cred and this is some special one called a Wolfsburg. What does that mean exactly? A special seat, a special paint some other crap…I dunno *Engine noises* *Golf Starts* Moog: I need a battery man. Moog: Just go to menu… Setup… Marty: All right. This is the most legit Evo I’ve ever driven/owned ever. Evo 9, the ultimate. Um…somewhat modified Don’t know how well…but we’re gonna find out today either go home on a tow truck with a blown engine or something Or we’ll defeat a Golf. Either way. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Moog: This is a golf Marty: *Wheeze Laughs* Three beeps and we go, you ready?
Marty: Yeah.
Moog: Okay. Here we go… *Revs Engine* *Moog honking horn* Marty: Oh, I Bogged it. Bogged it bad. Bogged it so bad. Marty: What I have now that I didn’t before is breaks. Like…legit have breaks and handling ha ha. Oh man. This is so much faster than 2sexy! Woahhhh Moog: I’ve got a break pretty strong around that corner. Marty: I’m right on his tail. Moog: He’s right on me. I can’t shake him. I can’t shake him at all He’s literally right on me my foot is to the floor, in second. Moog: I’ve got good brakes at least. Marty: haha! This is awesome. Oh, man, that golf is fast. I got to give it to it. It is very very fast! I might have you though, I think dude I think, I think the golf is just being outclassed by how sharp this thing is. Moog: I just I just can’t shake him. It doesn’t matter what I do. I just can’t get past and I know on the straight here is where he’s just going to smoke me. Marty: Oh not as easy as I was would have thought. Moog: Oh! He can’t get past! Marty: Hard brakes hard on the brakes.
Moog: Oh, he was trying to chop me on the inside I’m screeching. I’m right on the edge! Marty: That was some rev limiter there. Probably not the best thing to do to my engine, but… Marty: He’s still on me! he’s still on me! Moog: This is close you’re doing very well Golf! Very very well actually under the circumstances! I’m on the ripple strip foot to the floor. Marty: Woahhhhhh This is a fast corner! Moog: I am on his tail! Can’t believe that I’m so close Considering he has so much more power. This golf is absolutely superb like everybody said. The mark 7 Golf was a big change from the six and I’m telling you they are absolutely, right because I’m on his case hard! He got the jump on me on the straight. Marty: Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Moog: I am just Rev limiting every single gear… He’s pulling away from me on the straight Marty: I’ve got a little bit of a mess up high actually.
Moog: But I’m out breaking him as you’ll see as I get closer up here. I will be right right on him all the way to the corners Look at that. Look how much I gain on the corners. Marty: Yep. He’s getting me in the corners Moog: Two very very impressive cars I don’t know if it’ll be too dangerous to try and go inside on this corner Here we go Moog: But he’s not getting away I reckon with the tune this golf would have it Marty: He’s gonna try very hard to get me here, but I’m not gonna let him have it! I’m not gonna let him have it Here we go And pullin away! See ya buddy! Moog: That is the closest race we’ve ever done. Marty: That was amazing. Moog: Well, that was great man Moog: How much fun was that? That’s the closest race we’ve ever had. Marty: Your brakes are smoking. Moog: I might just keep driving to get some air into them. But um man well done Wow look at the smoke Wow my car smells like a steam train people. 280 kilowatts in what’s known as like a very very fun, they call these cheater cars actually for a long time they were called cheater cars and um look at that a Golf, basically stock. Well, a stock Golf R can really keep up. It’s very very impressive, very impressive! Ah Marty, I’ve got to say I’ve never driven a golf like fast before Someone’s going to say, “no one has” testament to this car is I’m thoroughly impressed. I know that when people Got the mark 4 is boring, mark 5 whatever, mark 7 everyone lost their minds about. I am so impressed with this car man. Marty: Funnily enough man the car that you’re driving only costs about five, five to ten let’s call it more than something like this and it’s current tech, right? Moog: Yeah. I mean like something like Evo’s like yours I know yours was cheap, but they’re about Thirty to forty thousand dollars depending on condition all the way up. These here also thirty to forty thousand dollars. So the price point is actually the same. So I just think it’s amazing that really it seems like the Japanese engineers and the German engineers have just gone, “Let’s make something really really good that you can use every day. That’s really fast.” What was interesting is whenever there was a straight you were absolutely gone, but this here was out breaking the Evo no worries at all. Marty: You’ve basically got the same kind of car, you know, like you’ve got four wheel drive, 2-liter engine, turbos, bit of technology to make it good like this Evo’s got some fancy It’s slightly more old school than what the golf’s got, but it’s also they’ve got technology to make it grip. That was probably the fastest I’ve been on a track I reckon in terms of just like all-out full throttle four wheels sliding around like amost out of control. It was great so much fun, far out. Can you imagine Marty? You know, you say some of those like crazy Euros that actually just make their Golfs go crazy Like they do big turbos on and then make them stupid now. Can you imagine what that would be like? Marty: Yeah be pretty awesome Maybe we should stop imagining? Marty: Stop imagining? What do you mean? Marty: Aw Cheeky Well thanks, man, that was a lot of fun. Congratulations on your new car. I do like them I’ve always loved those Evo’s like they seem to be the best. The Evo tends, you know Whatever and the older ones are like very cool, but the Evo 9, I think he’s like is where the excitement needs. So congratulations Thanks everybody for watching and I guess that really is the end of 2sexy and 2wistd now. Now that there’s a real leader in the house. So thanks everybody and catch you later on


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