Ford Focus RS vs VW Golf R | DRAG [English Subtitled]

Now we’ll take the Turn 8… stay outside and we’ll go
through you. Dragons incoming! Guys, I’m activating Launch Control… Settings… Driver Assists… Launch Control activated. Engaged the clutch… into the first… He’s fiddling with driving modes. – 3… 2…
– Wait! Who’s gonna give
the start signal? – Three honks dude!
– OK, on the third! You do it. Come on! How much horsepower did you have? Was it 350? 345? See ya! What you have just witnessed, guys… was DSG! Three letters.
D, S and G. Come over! How did you manage that? Three letters!
D, S, G! – Exactly… Let’s do it again!
– Yeah, let’s do it again. Here we go… No loss to my shifts! I shift pretty quick too! I beat my dearest brother Sinan… – once again!
– He crushed me!

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