Frank Lupin, Performance Coach: Golf Performance Training

(light music) – The Golf Performance class
is geared towards any golfer from the beginner to an
advanced professional to help them to improve their golf game, but also reducing
injuries at the same time. The top way to prevent back
injuries and shoulder injuries for the game of golf is
to address those areas by working on flexibility of the hips and open up the T-spine,
flexibility in the thoracic spine, so then the shoulder
doesn’t take the impact and the back doesn’t take the impact. We focus a little bit on
flexibility, a little bit on core, a little bit on balance,
and then try to improve their overall strength so
they can hit the ball farther and be successful at the game. We simulate the golf swing
by throwing med balls and things like that so
that when they’re working with their golf pro, that
he can focus on their swing mechanics so they’re trying to
do and get the good hip turn, good shoulder turn, by
improving their flexibility, that makes the golf pro’s
job a little bit easier when he’s trying to teach them
their better swing mechanics. I would recommend this class for golfers cause it’s gonna improve their
game by getting stronger. It’s gonna reduce their
injuries and then it keeps them out on the course so after 18
they a feel a whole lot better and then they can enjoy
the 19th hole a little bit. (light music)

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