Garmin Instinct – How To Use Ski or Snowboard Activity

in this video we’ll take a look at the
Garmin Instinct for downhill skiing or snowboarding so in order to start an
activity I’ll have to do press on the GPS button and we simply scroll down the list of activity favorites now if you don’t have snowboard or downhill ski on
your list all you have to do is continue to scroll down until you have add press
the GPS and then from there just scroll through all the activities until you
find the skiing or snowboarding here we don’t have ski Adhan I’m gonna press GPS
it’s gonna ask add to favorite say yes and you can reorder it in the list I’m
just going to leave it there so now we can start a ski activity and once we
have GPS signal we can start going now the timer will start when you start
going downhill it’s gonna stop when it detects that you’ve stopped going
downhill or going uphill on the chairlift but one of the things you can
do you can scroll through the data screen so using the up or down buttons
so here we can see the maximum speed average speed our descent let me just
start the activity here we go time of day let’s scroll up we have our heart
rate we have temperature in elevation speed and we have our total distance
maximum speed enols feet in elevation also current and if we wanted to view
individual ski runs all we have to do is press the menu button here and can view
the runs now obviously haven’t done any ski runs here but you’d be able to
scroll through your your runs to look at the last run current run and total runs
and that will include distance traveled maximum speed average speed and total
descent and we can go back and then once you’re done your activity obviously you
can press the GPS button to pause it wait a few seconds and then you can
either Brazil save resume later which is about
thirty minutes back to start if you’re navigating or you can simply discard the
activity so like yes and there you know that’s quickly how you can do the ski
and the snowboard activity and view your descent runs on the Garmin instinct

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  • This is great. Thanks for posting. I just bought my first Garmin Watch, an Instinct, specifically for tracking resort skiing. I've skied two days so far this season and notice that I am missing some runs on the watch. Wondering if I need to wear the watch outside of my ski jacket to get better GPS reception while skiing? Do you have any advice?

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