Gigi Hadid Drives a Golf Cart | Kors Commute

Hey, Gigi! Michael! Are you there? Yeah, I’m here. I just got a — I got a little job as like a driver on this island. Where are you? I just picked up some guy, but— — What? But I’ll call you, um, as soon as I drop him off Oh. [laughs] Oh! Hi! What are you doing here? Hey! Welcome to Fantasy Island! Thank you! Welcome. Oh my god! We’re beach bums. Love. So, if you were on a fully deserted desert island, and you could only bring one thing, what would you bring? A barbecue. A barbecue! Because I feel like if I’m going to be here, I’m going to make myself some major meals. Yeah, you can grill anything. How about you? I’d want to bring my husband. I mean hello if I’m going down, I don’t want to be with a soccer ball. I want to be with my man! You don’t want to be with a barbecue? No! [laughs] Do my braids look sweaty? No, they’re good. You did a good job. Favorite beach in the world? Uh, Philippines, Amanpulo — Really? Pink, blue, endless, gorgeous. Love. Gotta go there. My favorite Is there anywhere that you haven’t been that you would love to go? Never been to the Seychelles. Dying to go. Oh! Hold on hold on.. I mean, for real? Like we’re on vacation Michael. Yeah, I’ve got to take it. What can I tell you? No. I — listen. Who even is that? I’m with Gigi I can’t talk to you right now. I’ll call you back. What is the worst travel mishap that you ever had? It’s always the airport. Like one time I was working in Paris and finished working, I flew to Orlando to connect to a flight in Miami, landed, missed my flight. I was about to cry. Oh my god! And then I walked into the lounge and there was a fresh guacamole stand. O-M-G! [angle choir sound effect] And I said thank you. Guacamole saves everything. Yeah. What’s the most glamorous vacation you’ve ever taken? Egypt! And, um, Petra in Jordan. Gigi, you’re giving me travel envy. Okay. Should we just drive to Petra now? Let’s drive right now. Off to Jordan. Okay. Ready? Oh my god. I’m ready! One, two, three. [laughs] Smell me. I smell amazing, right?


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