GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Lower Body Feels

Alright guys, so in today’s video we’re going
to talk about more rotation. Everybody wants more rotation. I’m going to talk today about what lower body
feels you can add to get more open from the top of your swing and get that open look at
impact everybody wants. So lower body feels to add more rotation. Obviously everyone, everyone that comes in
wants more rotation, I don’t think I’ve talked to one person yet who tells me, Hey Eric,
why don’t you take some rotation out of my golf swing? Right? We know that more rotation is better, better
for what? Better for everything, better for contact
club face control, compression distance, consistency, so on and so forth. Um, there’s some sequencing that goes on. I won’t say I’ve never seen someone who’s
too open, right? Or from down the line that gets too open some,
some younger people might get a out of sequence with it, but the moral of the story is you
kinda can’t get too open. More rotation is good. We’ve done other videos with using your hands
more. If you can’t get more open, it’s not like
that’s a death sentence and you can’t play right, but if we can get more open, we want
to. So how do we do that? Well, lower body feels for more rotation. There’s a lot of different options here. I’m going to go through some of the top ones
and we’re going to start from the ground up. So a rotation we’re talking about from the
top of the backswing to and past impact. Okay, so from the top of the backswing and
start with the feet. If I wanted to add the most rotation during
my downswing, I would take the pressure in my feet from wherever I am at the top and
I would make it go the most toward my left heel. So the more towards the heel or from this
angle, the more back this way I’m going from the top, the easier it’s going to be for me
to get my left hip out of the way and rotate more. From a foot perspective it’s sort of as simple
as that. Okay, I want to get to the top and I’m going
to try and get my weight back into my left heel right away from the top. I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate one
like that. Weight to the left heel. Okay. That one felt pretty good. Um, how soon to the left heel from the top? Right away. Okay. You can go right from the top of the backswing
to the left heel. In reality, some people will go more towards
the middle of their foot and then to the left heel. Some people who don’t rotate as well, typically
will go more towards their left toe and then heel. So from this side guys who don’t rotate as
well more towards their toe and then they kind of get stuck like this. You want to go right from the top towards
your left heel. That would be feel number one with the foot. The next part for me would be the left leg
as a whole. Now there’s different ways to do this. Obviously some guys from here like to see
the left leg staying more bent and turning and then extending up and that’s cool. That’s fine, nothing wrong with that. Other people from the top go right from here
and extend the left leg a sooner from the top. I don’t think either one’s right or wrong. For me, I fall a little bit more into I like
to get my left leg extended a little bit sooner. Um, more specifically what happens is you’d
go from the top of your swing wherever you are at the top, you would add a little bit
of knee flex initially in the early part of your downswing. If you go on youtube here and you watch someone’s
swing that you like from down the line, they’ll have a certain amount of knee flex at the
top of the backswing and an early transition, which for me, I’m a little low because I don’t
swing as long. In early transition their knees will reflex
both of them. So in reality you will have some flexing as
you turn first, but if that’s going to happen automatically, you don’t necessarily have
to try and add flex to it. Right? I don’t know for you in particular, you might
have to look at that, but from the top. You can very much go right from here. Get the weight into your left heel and get
your left leg extending or straightening right from the top. That was the feel for me that I use for rotation
a lot and and, and I, that I use for some people. You don’t have to have your knee bending a
ton and then extend out. You don’t have to do that. You can straighten your leg right away. So from there that would look more like this. Go ahead and demonstrate one from there. And again, guys as I’m doing this, these are
my feel. As I tell you all, when I do the online coaching
or in person coaching, there’s feels and there’s reals, right? So if we slow some of these down, I’m probably
not doing exactly what I want on every single one. It’s a feel for me to get from where I am
to closer to where I want to go. You just have to exaggerate accordingly. So if my left leg didn’t straighten enough
there soon enough and I need to exaggerate more necessarily, do something different. So left leg straightening from the top will
get us the rotation. Same thing if you looked at another sport,
if I was playing baseball here, right, there might be a step and then a straightening of
my leg. It’s here, it’s bent first. I’m turning and I’m extending here like this. It’s just a timing thing for when I want to
do that. So straightening the leg from the top. Um, another thing with my left leg that some
people like a would be a kneecap reference. So something I’ve used before would be, I’d
go to the top of my backswing and I’d feel like I’d get my knee cap to the target by
the time my club got roughly parallel to the ground. Whether you want to bend it and do that or
straighten it and do it. Obviously where my kneecap doesn’t really
matter where it is in space, that’s just an effort to get my left hip around. We’ll get there in a minute. So another field from the top, new cap towards
the target right away from the top of the backswing. We’ll go ahead and do one like that. Okay. And that provides me about the same feel of
rotation. Up for the kneecap then in my left leg would
be my hip. So from the top of the backswing, again from
this side, there’s gonna be some shifting to the left. There’s going to be some pressure shifting
to the left, some body mass moving to the left. I don’t want a ton of lateral. They’re usually a little bit of lateral and
then you want to get your left hip out of the way. Roughly what we look for from face on would
be if you watch a good player and you draw a line down their, left hip or the left edge
of their pelvis. I’d like to see that on or inside of their
left ankle as a rough estimate. Do some people go forward of that? Yes they do. I’m saying in general, as a stock model, I
want that left hip to never get in front of or to the left of
my left ankle. So if I had a straight line up here like this,
my knee can get outside of it, but I want to keep my hip inside of it. So feels for that. Right. And if I do that same thing from here, you
kind of. Everyone comes in, they want the two cheek
look, you can see both butt cheeks and kind of wide open from there. So left hip from here working basically right
from the top this way most people don’t need to feel a shift into the left. Most of the time that happens by itself. Most people need to feel like a lateral right
off the bat. They’ll be some shift anyway. So we’ll go ahead and hit with that. So I’m going to feel like I get my left hip
working out of the way right from the top. Go ahead and do one like, so
yeah, that one felt really good. Um, And as someone who doesn’t, you know,
who gets underneath and, and early extends a little bit in my whole life, those are feels
that I need to use just to get my stock pattern down. So a left hip out of the way. Now that’s all my left side stuff right now. If we kind of gradually worked for my left
side to my right side, belt buckle would be another thing that some people could use. So from the top, if I get my belt buckle feeling
like it’s facing the target as soon as possible – Listen all these things are designed to
do the same stuff, but feel one, two, three, four, five might not resonate and feel eight
does and then you’re good to go. So I want you to have all of them. So from the top, having a sensation like my
belt buckle is pointed at the target almost right away from the top of my backswing is
another field that I’ve used here. So we’ll go ahead and give that a feel sort
of feeling like this belt buckle open right off the bat. And that actually felt really good for me
too. So for me as I’m going through those two,
those two felt better to me than the first couple I did. What does that mean? Doesn’t mean anything other than those are
the feels that I can use when I go practice. There’s no correct way to do this or correct
thing to feel. These are just options. Belt buckle moving to my right side. Um, I’m someone who when I rotate a ton and
I feel my left side, I have a tendency for my right side to kind of hang back and doesn’t
get through it enough. Obviously if my right side turns through my
left side, is going to turn as well. Okay. So I tend to like to have right side feels. What would I feel? Well, I would feel my right hip for me. I like to have. I feel like my right hip gets pointed all
the way even with my left by the time I’m at impact, I don’t really get there, but a
sensation that my right hip is turning through and kind of getting even with my left, uh,
right from the top. What we hadn’t give that one a feel here. So I’m feeling this here. Okay. So right hip turning through
and that one I said, I just feel like I get better. Get through the ball better when I do that
and even when I record, I can confirm that, so those are a bunch of different lower body
feels into the left heel from the top into the left heel from the top. Want to get the left leg, you can keep it
bent and then straighten it or you can straighten it right from the top and again from face
on. You can keep that thing bent as you turn and
then straighten, or you can straighten right from the top. Left hip from here will work virtually straight
back. There will be some lateral kind of by itself. You want to keep that inside your heel. Again, from here, left hip will work out of
the way, belt buckle going towards the target. By the time you are at impact or your right
hip through, that’s a bunch of, I don’t know what not how many number, but that’s a bunch
of lower body feels. None of them are correct or incorrect. They’re just ways to feel the same things. There’s more details there in terms of the
angle of things and how you would shift different things, but those are some general fields
to start with. A hope that that makes sense. That’s a bunch of different feels to do the
same thing. Don’t think about them all at the same time. Pick one at a time and then, and then go from
there. Use some form of feedback to confirm that
you’re doing it. Um, if you guys haven’t subscribed already,
please subscribe below. Click the like button, leave a comment down
below if you guys have any questions and that will see you all soon.


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