Golf Boards, The most fun way to get round a golf course!

– Hey we’re at
the Southampton Golf
and Country Club. And we’re here today to try out these really cool golf boards. We invited a few people up. We’ve got Gram,
Kelly, and Garet. And they’ll gonna try
out these golf boards. See what they think,
the different way to get around the golf
course than a golf cart. So should be interesting. – Dropping in. (laughs) (lively music) – [Gram] If you’ve ever done any
board sports before. This is really easy. (lively music) – [Gram] Yeah, right
down the middle. (exclaims happily) Loved it. – [Kelly] Nice. – So we just met
up with these guys. They’ve played a few holes
so far. Yeah, what’s your
thoughts like what did you think before coming
out to try them? And what’s your thoughts now? – I was riding the same way I
ride on the snowboard so … – It’s like carving down the hill except through the fairway. – So we’re gonna let these
guys do a few more holes and then we’re gonna meet up
with them in the clubhouse and see how their day went. – Nothing to it. It is a lot like
surfing or snowboarding. – [Garet] Fly-bys, oh, yeah. – [Gram] This is so fun. We don’t even have to
golf, we can just do this. (Garet exclaims fearfully) (Kelly laughing) – [Garet] This is
the most fun I’ve had in a golf course, I
think, ever. (laughs) – So we’re back here
at the clubhouse at Southampton Golf
and Country Club. Just gonna have a
couple drinks here and see what these guys
thought of the golf boards. – Yeah, even as a new golfer,
I think it was super fun. Super easy to pick up
and a lot more fun than a regular
golf cart would be. – Even after a
bad shot, I was still excited to hop on the golf board and take off down the
fairway to the next ball. – As you can see,
these golf boards here in Southampton are
pretty awesome. These guys had a lot of fun. Make sure to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, and check back to Bruce Grey
Simcoe’s Youtube Channel and our Facebook pages to
see more great content. Cheers. – Cheers. (location popping)

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