Golf Chipping & Pitching : Choosing Golf Clubs for Pitching

Okay, so here you are faced with this chip
shot up to fifty yards and then however big the green is. So in this example here, we’ve
got sand traps and things in front of you. So you want to, if the pin is at the back,
you can use a less lofted club because you’ve got plenty of green to work with. So you can
get the ball over the sand trap and comfortably land it in the middle of the green and then
have it roll to where you want it to. But if the pin you’re aiming at is closer to the
sand trap, you’re going to have to get a more lofted club, whether it’s a sixty degree club,
or a sand wedge, and you may have to open the face to really get the ball high so it
clears the trap, yet lands and doesn’t roll too far. And then you have to take wind into
account and the type of grass that you’re hitting out of. So there’s a lot to consider
when you’re doing all these chip shots. And it, it really will serve you best if you practice
all these clubs and all these shots when you get to a range because these are the shots
that really make the difference between shooting a good score and shooting a really high score.
So a person that can drive the ball well and hit a good long iron, if they can’t chip,
they’re still going to, they’re not going to break a hundred. But a person that doesn’t
hit the ball that well off the tee and doesn’t hit the ball that well, if they’re a good
chipper and putter, they can still break a hundred and have a good round and have a lot
of fun.

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