Golf Clash City of Light Tournament – Weekend Round – Expert – Dusty

let’s go anyone there, probably not just right
now but that’s okay if they come they come looking good Alright I go first great shot right plenty enough perfect shot six Oh great shot hey Scottie welcome how’re you going? perfect shot thank you good luck I was
way too short just a shootout that’s okay welcome to the stream are you uhh… is this
your first time in my stream? well welcome I’m just gonna let the dogs
outside while my opponent takes his shot They’re actually pretty desperate to get out there for some reason [laughs] Our opponent’s rolled back as well
That headwind is killer Alright Oh I still won it
Very cool hey this is Ben Koune yeah can we go class welcome good to see you
mate welcome to the stream skills I’m sure Scotty
I’ll just rally everybody and that’s not something we have it’s cool past 9:00 at
night as well so the little dog we have gets a bit fierce just because he hasn’t
been outside in the ball and he runs out barking just to be sure
even though there’s nothing else gets a little bit feisty and there’s nothing
out of there and he’s backing away and then the neighbors dog barks and that
name is Joe box and then they’re all barking and it was all started for
nothing funny thing that’s the that’s the story
of the dogs perfect shot of course you gotta go three and it was weird oh that’s two shots so far and they’ve
both been great and both shots I’m perfect
very well have we get something right to the right any luck with perfect
shots another way well on the edge Green shot but sure it wasn’t it really where you are hang where are you
from Scotty I’m guessing USA’s not the style I wanted no it’s okay it’s Advanta Atlanta okay welcome just
gonna quickly brush up on some notes here it’s looking good laptop full-time okay left mmm the nice job perfect shot boobs are Beckham son so Scotty how did
you find my stream and but clearly win that sort of tell me tell me seven eight Oh little perfect what’s it gonna do just a smidge too far sure welcome buddy
thank you you search for live streams okay do you play golf clash specifically
or just search for any live stream just so playing three weeks you okay
okay you’re a beginner that dad bored yeah dad judging by looking when I was
aimed initially too far to the left with my guardian shot double check the first
tournament did you make it to the weekend around I’m gonna get in in
rookie division yeah perfect shot oh wow
County sevens you’ve picked it up nice and quickly then if that’s the case mate
well done well done there is a lot of streaming scope clash streamers I
remember of 19th hole Facebook good and I know there’s a post in there with a
list of so many streamers to to subscribe to they all put out good
content I’ve been watching the grapes yeah the grapes are pretty common but
there’s also a lot of real people the streamers well I really enjoy these
things as well as what some of our amazing hopefull let’s fix the bag up Oh boys yep that’s actually get the game going plus 20 percent max one topspin three left spin W aid you’ll
try that one again money with Wow there’s a mirage that’s coil just kids
attacking it oh gee I didn’t see that one he’s a good
streamer 1 2 3 left great shot pretty close okay let’s let’s go here good good good quick whoa but the perfect it’s gonna be close thanks for the Scottie I’m using
notebook just on an old iPhone that I had around around that looks like Jeff
is recommending the same the other one apparently is really good is caddy so
either one of those two it’s a bit of a learning curve to get used to using it
and filling in your shot and not timing out but once you’ve got it down works
really good am i doing here 7:3 is a minimalist shootout but how do
we go too much curl America Joe welcome buddy I don’t use the direction arrow I
haven’t been see this I don’t even know about that Shawn because if you don’t
touch the slider that’s your mid-distance
and if you touch the slider it changes the Rings for your mid-distance wind that one it’s cruddy what you can do is
go to the golf clash notebook website there’s a wind chart creator where you
can put in your level of clubs and print out an a4 sheet of paper with some
adjustments on it that’s what I used to do for a long time until I got the app
it’s a good little start anyway just for a while if you want to know that Shaun’s
put the link in for you thank you sure a5 let’s keep the entertainment going
I did forgive that okay this is a quarterback yeah yeah a local camp is pretty cheap oh ouch okay that’s alright it’s safe
for now taking shots 3:38 20% perfect shot perfect
come on there you go oh yes man thanks who did that welcome buddy yeah that’s
it Shawn that’s Scotty that’s the face of group I
mentioned before there’s a nice nice community there mate and you you might
find that list of streamers that I put there I did put mine in there there’s a
whole bunch of them so go through and subscribe like I did to all of them and
watch who you can when you can of course but goggle you be that was good thanks
thank you sure yeah you like that man are you talking about the Paris picture
or my kitchen yeah finally good something good luck boom ho six yeah okay how six is this one the kingmaker
yep nice instead of checking the okay cool cool
cool bag one that looks good with the key-maker let’s
go butcher block countertops no it’s just a wooden bench top from Ikea
it’s a IKEA kitchen actually and that’s that’s the new kitchen that we put in
which is why I took last season of this was finding me again come on let’s go yes it’s a big difference from the old
kitchen it’s really nice really really open design with the island bench here
this is an island bench and just opens the feel of the whole room here we’ve
got a large living dining lounge sort of kitchen all in one big area so it really
really changed the feel of the whole place it’s really nice you love Mike move perfect shot nice job from the opponent there can be five rings basically to put it oh great this kitchens overseas and Despain right I’m guessing I kid might be a
relatively new thing come into a lot of existing houses perfect shot a little bit quick here this is gonna be seven nine I’m happy with that too many greats but
great is a bad thing apparently great shot perfect shot these Eagle okay next hole right let’s shoot first sounds about right it’s good yeah oh
good shot oh it’s good not stur than 500 feet ahead of me perfect
shot 342 well done it’s gonna be straight one-to-one perfect shot not too sure okay never play the sound dog but the voice
reminds me of the voice from the Tendo okay well we don’t have a we actually
open never had one so there you go perfect shot there drive excellent great shot yeah I I’ve been losing quite
a bit on tour playing lately so and besides I like with chests and
it’s part of the game I like it 6.8 rings really I hope he doesn’t because I’m not
subscribe to him I don’t think so close welcome to the stream kata-kata G
another another name what everything knows hopefully first-timer and thank
you for coming alone there was a very close grade right so perfect may very
well have dropped just one of those games so good yes you’re from Sydney hey it’s um it’s um one mixed up yep there you go cool great to have you
here man all right on to the next o8 I’m hoping for some more drops than this it
is one of these in that me first me first me first perfect shot too much to hope I can get out to drop disconnect the double you know great shot sure you called it short just one is to one for this one hmm and
then I get pin chest so pull that spin well depends on the window power one point five backspin if I could get an opponent come on under
so long had to go all the way to Croatia to connect now I’m not a fan of those
rugby balls at all they’re so wide you can’t tell it you’re killing a little
bit or not they look like they’re wobbling though it’s funny but not getting any of those myself great shot great I don’t want to do that
myself you sure okay let’s do this quick eight point six is gonna be full full
that spin huh it’s gonna be close yes yes get in the
hole oh yes claiming counter to that Thank You Scotty very nice okay Oh what
number hold on right Leslie wait
pin Ches boom thank you Jeff looking forward to that
one next you make up thank you no be nice okay by three Max’s on yesterday mayhaps
adjust your cup levels you’re flying I’m just winging this one a bit
different from the note come on can let’s do it and throw it to attaches on
it yeah I’m good though I’ve been using the Hornet a lot lately on my main great shot right how’s this gonna go
come on pull it and pull it and pull it yeah nice how’d you go yeah but isn’t a
thorn a lot and lately I would switch to the Hornet doing well with it as well so that was seven and a half great shot pilots playing safe up on the
left on the right oh that’s gonna be sniper they put one of the minimum I don’t
think there’s any elevation there’s nasty but I’ll get the Eagle okay I’ll
take the putt for an eagle any day on this hole I’m interested he’s got a snap of
himself going the long way good left there we go I was a decent no I’m
actually wasn’t it my expressions what do I do was that big king did I go yeah well I
could always do this and there was a number of very close shots yeah oh my
goodness not good enough to do these guys am i doing bad for with satin there it is came back satin looking good okay me first the game great Chanda should be enough yep looking good Oh perfect shot hit the rough then
rolled up five six black spin looking good yeah seven nine it’s gonna be three
point eight rings yes another one boom this is going good I’m very happy
with this even if I bomb the rest of the round I’m very happy with this okay Thank You Carter give the dog a belly rub for that one Terry my goodness I’m just about given
up on you coming welcome mate hello Jim yeah yeah I II was giving you a good
look at the kitchen there because I need to be coming I just dropped the eagle on
ten happy with this round so far going quite nice very good 10:16 that’s good howl 11 here we go okay that’s what we want we want get rid
of the Sutton picks it up in my app it’s gonna be that’s the one let’s go have you
finished your round Terry where are you taking a break done how did you go right how did you go
I remember you said you got one extra somewhere back in Jamie’s stream all
right three left spin to the left spin albatross is awesome it’s very well done which outage albatross was at three 3/12 do you pack great shot yeah let’s make
this putt to be for that one four and a half a pound – ouch I was just in seven that’s the path for
you got a hole in one I’m powerful seven I want to send me
that short if you did perfect shot okay five top spin flip spin fifteen okay
the other one is a tough one very well done very well done did you do
the rough bump under the tree for the albatross yeah yeah no poems tell you I understand
that the opponent’s had some better luck with a pop cards and I have 1267 games
this is an old account definitely it’ll be a la pop3 eight-six it’s gonna be full it’s good about yeah great
hopefully it’s not too much make a nice bounce and roll that just mastered for
me please cool love it yeah that’s right full backspin 1.5 the right spin mmm let me take this shot first and
let’s Caro you can get in there and tell Tim I am the real toy that’s looking like rings seem to move
faster and then stop so thanks guys yes with a great shot that’s lightning Thank You sure Thank You Terry I’m very
happy with this round very happy Oh thirteen I think that’s
the first time I dropped that won the entire tournament across four accounts
that was my last chance Thank You Man boom love it this is the snap good habit to be in Scottie are you
still here you might not be here but if you see you
or if he watches it later if you change the club’s in your bag for a tournament
it’s good habit just to always change it straight back afterwards so you don’t
get stuck later on with the wrong cover in your bag by mistake Tim thank you
thank you yes I saw your message come up and I’m just like in the middle of the
hall sorry you’ve had a quick if that was good that was good going where are
you going well three ball because that’s the kingmaker well I want now snap it that’s what I
need okay we’re the kingmaker that’s all I need let’s go I just missed this one
last time but I was supposed to and the power and I didn’t
so one topspin three left spin bull died on the left edge of the cup and the most
sliced on the power pace ah yes thank you for coming buddy
I’m glad you like it here look even better like this man I’m getting some some drops here I’m
happy it’s been a good stream and not to be able to share okay one top three left pull the left edge of cop it’s looking
really good there yeah 20 percent rings 8.3 so Peter how
you going maybe you paid your weekend round the other is that tomorrow morning
my time which means I’ll be able to watch you from work hopefully know what
type jobs come up perfect shot and up a day me how many
can’t to be God skin team pro two experts two masters is
that it no no that’s a lot of already where’s Scotty he’s gone isn’t he oh so
oh you put baby king in as well no boy six accounts man you better get
crackin crack-a-lackin’ mate you got a lot oh oh it’s just one to one I know that she’s gonna have to if Scott is still
here and anyone else not already make sure you subscribe to Peter Johnson down
there and the chat a current stream quality entertainment wouldn’t you agree
Terry and Joan anyone else Andy’s sass welcome thank you for the
good luck mate preciate it but I didn’t even see where my ball went
at all good man Andy good man good luck there you go look at that boy boy boy whoo let’s see if I can catch fire again
now like I did on the back end of the open opening round that would be nice
wouldn’t it okay what is this though this is the
quarterback let’s play golf virtual finger golf let’s go Carla good night buddy you’re off
already have you do one after work tomorrow I’m
guessing so why so hurry up and finish up and get to bed thanks for being here and up maybe someone can sub 2 nd sai-san to
Ustream there you go everyone stream subscribes and ego for so any some YouTube love look it’s 7 3 which is 8 and a half
apparently somewhere around there should be right well it was good it got the
perfect now how much yardage do we get here yeah
the next tournament 335 it’s about 30% club perfect shot we’ve got nine zero G’s 5.8 rings was the same not five Carnot your names
come on again sure I never did one on this hole at all Landy you know that second batch was nasty
wasn’t it Peter I also used your a pop3 5:09 with
some good success end up with a path for Eagle tell me welcome buddy thank you safe
travels yeah I’ve seen them out there as well
but I’ve seen couple go in the water as well so seeing it there you have a good
chance of eagle with the short iron shot and it’s safe quarterback drive I think
that’s definitely the better option in expert rookie and pros I wouldn’t know
about masters Pete can answer that one big shot there you go bring the man out of space there goes
fast whoops slight headwind to have to lay up
yep okay so this one’s gonna be bad one bad one we’re the kingmaker already
selected I’m running out of King matches really bad here I better get some good
results you see I need these I need top 25 I’ve need these balls as a
minimum well no I want to get that one disconnect already Oh stain it’s cousin of thee I know him
from way back it’s probably a replay but seven 34.6 rings this time so I put it
up to the tree who should be okay second bounce whoa I
was bad nearly bad I line up at the left side
laughs apart with a Saturn that’s an interesting interesting option and one
of my rookies I think it was the opening round I went left side and timed out
twice trying to find the funnel from the left side and then dunked it for the party let’s go be more great shot happy with that that little
there was it was it was an absolute mess son died of streaming it’s on my channel
somewhere but wasn’t good not so much box below perfect shot plus hey man welcome to the
stream mates thanks for the good luck rate shop oh thank you perfect shot perfect shot gonna fall back probably in
there Eagles means to both terms Tim you got albatross boat on that one that’s
crazy okay let’s go you’re gonna have to really push it
Peter cuz take it a long time to find opponents now getting towards the end of
the over the round yeah perfect mid +20 elevation Scottie do you have your back half think
it’s time this game yeah learn the Rings the Rings religiously accurately welcome
Matthew right let me take this shot we’re gonna get some need some offset
they’re just gonna push just a little bit rings does that mean that means I’m
away this time of day manager coins yes well done Matthew many G coins
chef welcome buddy Terry welcome back you feel a little bit better after a
refreshment doing the backhoe thing already good good good and know what
clubs to upgrade and when when your bankroll still in the beginning stages great shadows close he’s hit the
flagpole started to five now very nice that I wanted to close meant to play you
need so many for the tourney yeah that’s true that’s true Danny one is not really close I would
spend money on in the beginning no not gonna have that one yet there you
go how do you know you don’t like that you don’t even have it it’s it’s not a
popular one thumbs up on the stream yeah I couldn’t tell you how many but
apparently about 12 viewers but down in the stream it actually says while I
leave that stuck thumbs up dad or nothing at all do you like the missing wave Pascal the idea with
dunking especially is you do it with full backspin
Scotty so generally in the club or the Saturn so if you missed it dunk it goes
past but the backspin pulls it back again you see 12 as well no sense but I’m say
well 12 watching but down the bottom left of the actual stream window there’s
a little youtube icon with number one that’s you that’s how many YouTube
viewers so it’s stuck whatever i doing what am i doing here there you go turned it off and on again
come up is 12 you’re vicious to miss I’ve never touched it before Peter but
looks like turning it off and on again in stream Labs decided to refresh it
like that so I see 12 now as well alright where do we go next one okay so
this is Scott kingmaker it’s going okay now in the max mid and min ranges yes
got it that’s true and it’s common – it’s coming – to slide your car back and
forth if you if you get a habit of watching streamers I’ll probably that in
myself you’ll see them put the club all the way up and then all the way down and
then settle back in the middle somewhere and that’s how they know whether they’re
at max mid or minimum distance and if it is mid then using the app will have a
slider on the side there that you can change for like you know sixty or
seventy five percent and then get closer good luck misty just because they’re two years old it
doesn’t mean they’re not relevant you’ll probably find a lot of that stuff is
still relevant although the graphics might be you know just a bit old or
something the others of the two yeah yeah see like I said before that 19th
whole Facebook group and you get your account into a 19th all official clan
and there’s notes messenger group chats sharing shots
everyone updating and yeah so you sort of get in and get a part of the whole
community it’s really good okay seven point six that’s looking good
seven point six is full of spin – aha that five six seven five six let move into
much got perfect what’s it gonna do up past ha yes no yes give him the shades look like go that’s my school right
there that’s fucking rounds go right there gonna have still got another very
happy with that : 109 team now three bag three boom boom boom Peter wind for this drive I’m doing your shot
that I saw you do with a pop full right full overpower curl and I think it’s
about five tops be no for topspin so do me a favor and let me know what topspin
you think I should do as soon as you see the wind otherwise I’ll deal with it
thirty under is reachable yeah for topspin and if the wind is this or more
than a certain something cuz I did it twice an opening-round
one time was perfect and the other time I watched some way too far into the
rough and didn’t quite not fall if over a point it’s not full overpower if wind
is over eight point six and still keep for topspin so just like a dark orange or something
instead of red yeah okay okay takes me up
sounds good so 8.3 I just say not full if over a princess so you were aiming
about who didn’t want to do that no no way too
far yeah well really good run Bhubaneswar top soon will be good the
gray lift killed me I think possibly my aim needs to be a bit further right well
let’s see what we can do with the Nirvana and hopefully recover the eagle
at least perfect shot how many rings is pulling about of our
sliced 2025 I love that some point 95.3 yeah come on be good to me
oh nice has even been I thought easy you’re beautiful I don’t actually stream
that often anyway Matthew but good on you mate if the Bell is you one two no
problems yeah that was a great recovery sure actually that was great right
wasn’t that perfect might have been so definitely worth the drive attempt
should have taken a smidge off but yeah very good very good let’s see how it goes yeah it’s been a
great round thanks guys for coming everyone now saying 15 people good
heavens that’s like some sort of record for me but it would be absolutely lovely
if this held for a top ten but I have no idea what’s gonna happen that would be really nice – a glitch so many great shots and near
misses this whole round and I still pull out lots of well done grace thank you
guys for sharing it everyone Tim glad to have you as a subscriber top 10 for sure says Peter Duncan oh
sorry I’m a bit late for that oh I should have gone for the light pole
that’s what you usually do with the last last one if I remember what I try and do
for the last shoot that whole of a tournament stream as I try and hit
something funny like a light pole bounce off the rocks or something random
for EM I run underneath with Chewie boom holy moly that’s inside I’m very happy
with that Tony Richardson Scottie you need to subscribe to Peter Johnson and
Tony Richardson and email at gaming they’re all in my chat right now
Scotty’s a new player guys grab it grab it and subscribe mate thanks man
appreciate it three times combo and Andy Andy streams and subscribe and catch
whoever you can we literally can mate definitely you missed the magic made the good news
is Tony you can just watch it anytime you like me that I’m super happy with
that watch is what is yeah I to the Father thank you Jeff great to have you here
mate and looks like that’s gonna be about it from me yeah let’s get this
gold chest going because I’m gonna go to bed put Abbas 11 p.m. to end bring us
nice no worries mate very welcome thanks everyone for being here have a great
night or a great day Peter I’m hoping assume tomorrow and hope you I can catch
it and for me good night and good luck

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