Golf Clash – Tips, tricks and cheats – Was a Cheat, still a Bug now

Dear friends Golf Clashers we came to know of a bug in the game So we tried, using an account of a Golf Clash italy Streamer to repeat this procedure gave us by anonymous sources hoping that this help “for the few” will be fixed as quickly as possibile However, these sources told us that the bug in question was a true cheat in the recent past (and now we will explain why) But let’s see how this work: as you can see, the two opponents are playing hole 1 of the actual tournament (Silver State) At the end of the hole (even in case of a draw) you will see our “tester” exiting the game, killing the game from memory of smartphone This has to be done quickly otherwise this trick may not work properly As you will see, the hole is a draw and… Our friend kills the app and opens again the game The app tries to resume the game and in that case the streamer kills the app again. Now look what happens on the second reboot… We can enter again the tournament… ET VOILA’.. HOLE NUMBER 1 NOT YET PLAYED!! Then the user repeats the hole Easy, isn’t it? But why are we talking about a BUG and not CHEAT? It’s because after the second time you play the same hole the score you get is the one you achieved at the first try We also talk about BUG because the chances of repeating the hole are only TWO So… why we were taking about a CHEAT? You will wonder Here, the anonymous reported us that until few weeks ago you could play the hole unlimited times! You say: oh well so if in the end the first score is recorded what problems are there ?? And here our discomfort to learn that the score was recorded when the cheater stopped and did not close the app And when do you think it stopped ?? Exact! The best score you could get in that hole Now go on watching the video We showed clearly the user playing we do not want to hide our fight against cheating We want a clean game A game without aid We want to have fun And most of all, we want to compete on equal terms Please report any strange things you notice in the game while watching videos Let’s fight together this plague that for months caused many people abandon the game Everybody share this video in the game groups in your clan chats.. wherever!! Let’s make it clean again we’ll have much more fun


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