190 at the end of the straight and we’re still walking. It’s crazy Hi everyone, today I’m at the Franciacorta circuit with my friend Max — because today we’ll go super fast with his beast over there Golf super pumped with 400HP Together with us there are also this usual group of crazy guys that you have already seen in the usual video, meaning the guys of “BRS Cambiocorsa” the wizards behind this car. guys, what did you do? the work is long because on the car we have worked on all fronts, and in every aspect, to try to make it go as best we could, for the road and for the track. We have improved the front brakes with revo alcon system of 380 mm in the rear we kept the standard caliper we improved the disk self-ventilating with a specific design keeping the standard caliper to keep the electric handbrake and everything else, but the difference is huge ’cause we have more diameter hence there is more braking For the suspensions we have installed a KV DCC system with a change to the camber plate of the dna racing to increase the rear camber to guarantee more cornering we manage to reach 2.3° of camber, so for both road and track use it’s the best compromise. So we should expect a huge insertion in curve? Insertion and backup, because so you don’t sacrifice on the back and then HR increased anti-roll bars for the system we’ve also put reinforced arms under unibol to guarantee maximum precision in terms of grip, and then we worked on the engine, with its standard turbine to keep all that regards the reliability we put an improved intercooler, Revo aspiration, complete exhaust system 90 76 made by us. Yamaha’s shopping list was shorter. The list is very long, and it’s hard to remember all of them. The thing we’ve worked on lately is the gearbox because this one is the 7.5R version with the DQ381, which is a great standard transmission but it suffers a bit for the ignorant usage by the owner he’s there laughing – who after 180 launch controls decided to burn a clutch assembly ’cause there is not just one clutch… no this one has the DSG so it has well-divided clutch packs two diameters that do even and odd speeds the usual the usual double clutch shift Yes. We installed the clutch pack improved by TVS Engineering with its dedicated software able to guarantee up to 80kg of torque Road usage and strong mode, its the best on the market as of now. No ’cause okay, Samu here is only listing the big things, but there are — yeah there are an infinite number of things that I don’t remember like the adjustable pulley on the motor shaft increased oil sump mounted to have an extra kg of oil and to cool more the oil Max was also telling me something about oil recovery oil recovery for the volkswagen racing because these ones in some special conditions like the track they manage to raise the oil vapors to the head and then throw it out into the turbine making it smoke and with this system, very simple, you solve the issue and it also guarantees the cleaning of oil vapors so much stuff! Yeah then we we also covered with heat-resistant bandages to keep the engine compartment as cool as possible we have the REVO discs RV 19 inches, new nothing else I think, Samu listed everything more or less I think this is the R7.5 more complete that we’ve done as of today is there also something in the aesthetics? Like the gearshift levers are not the original ones they are the ones of the volkswagen racing along with the steering wheel that I had them make it new covered in alcantara up and below but keeping the leather on the sides because I use it everyday and the alcantara doesn’t last much we should also say that this car is used everyday and does a lot of milage so we had to find the best compromise for every aspect, ’cause you can’t do something for just a small usage so like a/c, leather interior… everything nothing has been touched, it’s the same weight Guys the reason we’re in Franciacorta is easy, that is today we’re gonna try it on the track so helmets on and let’s see how it goes this crazy golf here in Franciacorta Ready? Yeah One lap to warm up the tires and the brake, second lap to try brake more, the tires have grip, third lap go all in. ok! we’re ready to try the 400HP spaceship. How do you turn it on? we have the champs here people say hi wow guys it’s glued to the ground it’s so fast! for real? 190 at the end of the straight and we’re still walking. Exaggerated! it’s crazy! I’m not used to getting there so fast it’s impressive but there’s so much power you gotta dose the gas I’m used to road cars which by mid curve you press it all — this is too much I feel it a bit understeer when going too fast, I gotta understand how to drive it — Shall we go back to the box and to a launch control? How is it? Holy s**t fast uh? I told you to do 2 laps and come out. Not 7? 3 bar? That’s why it was understeering in front s**t I told him I felt it understeering get the times launch? how do I do it? hold the brake pedal the gas one, until you reach 4k revs, once there let go of the brake and keep the accelerator go holy crap can you have a porsche and go so slow? I insult everyone I meet, when in qualifying mode (sorry guys) I lost a bit back there, I had to slow down Holy s**t guys what a vehicle! here it’s started to snow just as we’re recording who should I compliment? You or you? Everyone he bought a great car, and we did the rest. Congrats! there was a moment when I was about to brake where I usually have my references, I went long you get there so fast at 200km/hr with a road car and then – with road tires – and you gotta re-measure all the points ’cause you’re really much faster, then I was impressed with the stability and maneuverability the changes in direction are great, plus it has so much grip no matter how hard you try, it won’t go. It won’t Ok guys, congrats to the geeks here of BRS cambiocorsa for the vehicle, congrats Max for the car follow him on Instagram, mr.cylinder follow him ’cause there are all his adventures aboard this car I want to thank also the Franciarcorta circuit who allowed us today to shoot and thanks to the weather that bothers us — in the end. it allowed us to do 2 laps speeding Don’t forget if you want to come race on the track with your car I’ve linked here below the circuit’s website where you can find all the dates and times and pricing Can you beat the time we did? bye


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