Golf Lesson – Cracking The Whip at Impact

Hi, Robin here. I’ve got a tip to help people
gain some club head speed, help people transfer the speed of their body into the speed of
their arms and into the club head at impact. It’s perhaps a little bit of an advance tip,
but for some people out there, I think it’s going to help. Now, just like cracking a whip, that’s obviously
the name of this title, but when you crack a whip, what you do is you accelerate your
hand, then you decelerate your hand suddenly, which transfers the speed into the whip just
at the right moment. It’s the same with a golf swing. What you’re doing coming down
is you’re accelerating your body. Your lower body first, then your torso, then your arms. And then they decelerate in sequence. Everything
starts to decelerate just so the club head can accelerate at the right moment. People
who don’t have this aspect in the swing, this deceleration, they look like they put a lot
of effort into their swing, but they really get nothing out of it. They look like they’re
moving very quickly, but you measure their club head speed and it’s not really up there.
It’s actually quite slow. People who have this transfer of energy and
deceleration, they look very smooth with their building up, their par, and their swing. Sometimes
they don’t really look like they’re hitting it that hard, but they create tremendous club
head speed. So this deceleration and then cracking the whip at the right time, sending
the speed into the club head at the right time is a very important part in creating
club head speed in the most efficient way. It’s quite a difficult thing to teach, teach
somebody how to slow their body down and accelerate the club at the right moment. But one of the drills I’ve had more success
with in this is that I take a club the wrong way around, or even one of those alignment
sticks, or there’s a training rod out there, I think it’s called Speed Whoosh. And what
I do is I actually am asking them, asking people to take their normal set up, make their
normal back swing. And what I want you to do is accelerate your body in your normal
way, in the downswing, but then basically try to stop the stick at the moment of impact.
Try to make the stick, if it’s got a little bit of flexibility to it, one of those alignment
rods, try to make it actually judder a little bit and whip. Now, in doing that, you’ll start to feel how
your body is bracing. To be able to stop the club, you’ve got to brace your body to put
the energy into the stick to get it wobbling. Again, a little more advanced is you’ll hopefully
start to feel how you’re using the ground. When I’m doing this, I can feel my glutes
sort of activating. I can feel myself pushing up from the ground a little bit. It’s a really,
you know for my body to hit the brakes, and brace, and transfer the speed into the club
head. So you’re going to start to get a sense of
what’s going on from the ground, what’s going on in your glutes, how you’re bracing your
body. You might even feel something in your core. And rather than try and explain this,
go through the exercise and learn what you feel. That’s the most important thing. So once you’ve done that a few times, basically
you try to have that same sensation when you’re swinging the club at normal speed. So hopefully
you get some sense or you can see my body bracing, my core sort of activating, my glutes
activating. Using the ground, pushing up from the ground so I can get the speed of the body
transferring into the speed of the club head. As I said, it’s quite an advanced lesson.
It’s definitely one of those faults in the golf swing when you have a student who is
not decelerating their body, not transferring the speed in the club in the right way. It’s
not an easy one. No point pretending that. But definitely this exercise have had some
success. If you feel like you’re somebody who puts a lot of effort into your swing but
you don’t get much out, I think you could be a candidate to give this a try. Don’t do the exercise and then try to the
get the feeling within a short time, 30 seconds or a minute. Keep doing it until you start
to sense what’s going on. Some of those things I’ve talked about, your core, your glutes,
how you’re using the ground. Keep doing it until you start to get some of those sensations.
Only then switch it over to a regular practice swing, and then hitting some shots. So hopefully
some people out there who could get a little bit of benefit from this. Hopefully it helps
you pick up a little bit of speed and increase your distance.


  • Let's try it!

  • Topbloke Music & Video

    That's a jump stall type swing then?

  • thank you

  • …use your inner left thigh "Tug o' War" muscle to arrest the hips and fire the torso thru

  • Very good and am glad u did not call it a "secret" but properly called it a tip.

  • I can do this drill but worry that im creating this swish by releasing and moving not stalling maybe why my woods are better than my irons, am i talking rubbish! been told i have a hogan like body release! but i think i might be releasing fractionally early, any drills for this.

  • i started golf on pitchnputt and been told I have a hit and hold action??? but i think i have passive arms and control distances with a body release that flows through the club

  • Thank you very much Robin! It works like magic, picked up 20 meters on my drives after doing this drill. Only on irons and fairway woods I still tend to hit fat…. But that is a different issue….

  • This works amazingly well. I gained some distance easily. 9iron going 150 (was 130-140) now. Longer irons harder to execute but it works.

  • I tried this yesterday and really liked it. What surprised me (pleasantly) was this method seems to be more accurate than my regular swing. Is this method known to be good for accuracy? Thanks for this video, by the way.

  • This is not correct. The speed flows from the core of the body to the club head due to the arms extending naturally and the speed feeding into club head as it extends further away from the center of the body. You should try to accelerate thru the ball and into the follow thru.

  • Yes, there is no actual acceleration, of the hands and arms there is deceleration but this is because the speed is transferring to the club head from the center of the body. In a wheel the hub turns faster then then outside of the wheel because the outside of the wheel is traveling in a larger arc because of physics. When you are at the top of your back swing, your wrists are cocked and your right elbow bent or tucked. The arc of the swing is smaller. When you go into the down swing your right arm and elbow extend and the swing arc enlarges and like a whip the speed naturally extends into the club head. Why? Because the club head is furthest from the body at two points, address and impact. This cannot be changed. If you did not extend your right arm and elbow you would never hit the ball because you could not return to the proper address position. The address and impact position are very similar. You do not think of "slowing down" the arms to allow the speed to feed into the club head,

  • The slowing down of the hands and speeding up of the club head occur because of physics because the hands and arms are extending and src is widening. No conscious thought or stopping of the club head is necessary.

  • Is this drill similar to the LEFT LEG FORCE IN A GOLF SWING video you introduced?

  • great job. Its like a horse stopping at a wall,flipping the rider over.Robin is one of the best.Vj 55 yrs PGA professional.

  • Robin, this video is so important. I didn't understand how the hips whip the club through impact until you explained it. Thank you!

  • to go along with this…try from your address position, just lifting your elbows to eye level then just turn your spine to the right and perfect top of back swing

  • What a load of shit…

  • Never heard this from any instructor before, but it makes sense. I'm one of those you mention who tries to give everything they got but only see little distance. To me I have to go almost 100% just to get 250. While I was watching this 12 yr old smaller & skinner kid rip it 270. Gonna apply this & keep doing it until I feel that "Snap"

  • so how is this same as "releasing with rotation of the body"!? this is more like stop rotating your upper body to release with your arms. i thought this way is inconsistent cus it involves timing? this is why ppl get confused…

  • is this related to ground force?

  • Americans need Americans to care.

    Great input!

  • i think swinging at an small old car tire gives you a feel for this. it certainly takes quite a while to get comfortable with this new technique. henry cotton used to teach this.

  • Sooo very odd. This is the best drill for me and my missing link.  My wrist and arm action is tons better which has enabled me to use better technique in other areas, as well as exert higher energy.  Thank you RobinSymesGolf.

  • Great lesson if you want your student to come back to you over and over again from all the tension you have created in them by isolating different parts of their body and messing around with the acceleration of the golf swing. This teaching is what keeps so called golf profession going and listening to them have screwed me up for years. It is only at 70 years old I found a better way to swing a golf club and will be instilling this simple method with students at my local golf camp this year. Volunteering and at no charge to them.

  • 2 thoughts come to mind concerning this tip. 1, It reminds me of the golf tip of throwing a golf ball downward to hit the stationary ball where it would be at address, causing the wrist to slow and the hands fingers continue towards the stationary ball to release. 2, like casting a large fishing lure to a distant target with a spin cast reel your hand stops and your trigger finger that is holding the line with the bail open only releasing the line after the hand has stopped towards the target and the finger has released the line due to the energy being released with the rod. In both cases the body will naturally react to this motion and sequence itself properly if the energy created is not hindered by improper body arm sequence. In both cases the body will do exactly what is discussed in this video in preparation to get maximum speed from the swing action. I think we have been over taught on clubbed manipulation to the point we sacrifice energy trying to steer the clubhead into impact.

  • Whip drill. I started using this several years ago. Distance and accuracy goes up. Straightened out my driver. Have to work on the irons. I noticed that when I do this my clubhead straightens out. Watch the pro's when they show a slow motion swing. Pretty much the same thing.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Excellent video…….I've always been looking for more clubhead speed and this method immediately gave me a much more compressed ball sound and boring flight. Thanks

  • Great video. This is the real dea if you want to swing correctly. Thanks.

  • This may be the best tip I have ever seen..thank you.

  • Very few coaches teach this well, and certainly it is not easy to convey the concept and put it at work.

    Your drill should be good enough for some. Is there any other drill for those who need a more natural, powerful full release? Thanks.

  • Very good lesson and drill. For any physics students, it’s all about conservation of angular momentum.

  • Great concept. Great instruction.

  • What you're calling "decelerate" I call "release". Either way this is the "snap" Byron Nelson referred to in his swing. It is a powerful element of the swing that must be timed just right, enter TEMPO.

  • PatBuckleyracecar

    What happened to "swing through the ball?"

  • Kelly O’Hara Dorr

    Impact snap

  • Love this, very clear and logical when you think about it, thanks

  • So if we're focused on clubhead speed, why don't we focus on accelerating the clubhead fast, just as we do in every other tool or stick we use in life?

  • Very interesting for sure. A glimmer of understanding and now to try it out … thanks.

  • You can swing or hit. If you swing stalling your pivot will work well. If you hit, it won't. Two broad divisions in golf, swingers and hitters. Better know which one you are before you take this idea on.

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