Golf Lesson – Keep The Pressure in Your Right Heel

Hi. Robin, here. Are you are player who struggles
with your right heel coming off the ground too early in the down swing? It’s a very common
fault. It’ll mean your hips are working incorrectly. Your right hip will be working too far forward.
You’re probably spinning your hips open too early. Well, that’s here you’ve got a simple
drill. What I want you to do is take your sand wedge. I want you to place it under your
right heel at address so you can see the club shaft is nigh off the ground. And, from here,
this will do two things for you. One, it’s going to give you a little bit of awareness
in where your pressure point should be in the back swing. I want you to increase the
pressure on the club head. Almost feel like you’re pushing the club head into the ground.
From here in the down swing I want you to keep the pressure on the club head. If you
do that, as you start transferring your weight the club shaft will stay up. Obviously, if
you’ve got your old fault, of the right heel coming up too early, the club shaft is going
to hit the ground early. You’ll see that clearly. You’ll be getting good feedback to whether
you are doing it correctly or not. So, very simple. Sand wedge under the right heel. Increase
the pressure on it in the back swing. Keep the pressure on it, almost pushing off it
in the down swing, keeping the club shaft up. I want you to try to feel like it’s staying
up in the air until you’ve made impact with the ball.


  • Great drill. Will try this at my next range session.
    Do do have a video segment on how to stop coming over the top? I've seen/heard numerous drills but nothing is ever the same. One drill is to "drop" the hands behind you at the start of the swing, but then there are others that suggests throwing your hands towards the target, etc… all very confusing.

  • Hi Robin – I like the drill and it works but wanted to ask – when "do" you lift your heel – you said at impact
    now thats ok – but it kind of goes against the advice or transfering to your left side to start your downswing – are you suggesting we keep it right and on the heel until impact ?
    in your video Golf Swing Weight Transfer you suggest right heel, left toe and left heel …. I was wondering when the right heel to left toe transition "starts" 

  • Hi Robin 
    So how comes Kelvin Miyahira finds JB Holmes "marching move"  good?

  • Hey Robin, does this drill help with early extension and creates the feel of proper hip rotation?

  • This is a HUGELY beneficial drill. I've been struggling with early extension and blading iron shots far too often, losing distance. Once I started to "feel my heels", just feeling like I'm sitting down instead of lunging forward towards the ball, my shots got SO much better. I was actually sending approach shots over the green and had to club DOWN the other day and that was with a cold, winter ball! Impact is much improved. This is a game changer. Great drill, sir.

  • I was at the range today I started putting more weight on the heel of the back swing, and I was feeling so connected to the ground. I was finding this effortless power.

  • I've been trying to fix early extension for nearly a decade. I will try this drill, thank you! I have a couple questions:

    1) Can you create other issues if you keep your right heel down too long? When I've over-corrected and simply keep my right heel down even on the follow through it feels like it isn't good for my body.

    2) When I try to avoid early extension my left side gives out and often my left knee bends and goes toward the target.

    3) In general I feel like the early extension must be due to an improper backswing position and/or a poor first move which sends my momentum/weight at the ball and not toward the target.

    Sorry for all the questions… but I have enjoyed your videos, thank you!

  • This worx for me in such a good way. Means I can still be aggressive and my sequence it in the right order.

  • george cavanaugh

    great tip. i tend to get my weight on my toes in the down swing and spin my hips open too soon.

  • Hi Robin, I've found this works well regarding my right foot staying down through the downswing however it isn't stopping my spine angle straightening through impact, especially with the longer clubs. Any advice on how to eradicate this? it's driving me mad.

  • Used to hit a draw and started to hit pulls, fades and shanks hich has been ruining my rounds lately. As soon as I started to focus on getting weight back on my right heel I started to hit straight shots and draws. On my next practice session I will be giving this a go.

  • Escape Rat Race

    Good advice, I think this is the solution to my problem

  • I think this problem goes hand in hand with vertical force, or the lack there of. What I've had to fix was the early rear heel, without any vertical force it seems very easy to have quick hips and not utilize the power created from the rear leg. Does the sound right? It's something I've noticed in my swing.

  • This has really helped me, but I still struggle a bit. I'm fairly consistent (8.7) but I have this really weird issue that seems to always keep in. After I swing the club, my right foot seems to always move straight back 2 to 3 inchs for some reason. Its affecting my rotation a to a small degree. What would cause that?

  • A couple thoughts. This drill worked great on my short irons, great center strikes in the middle of the face. But once I tried this with my 6i it was nothing but shanks! 2) firing your hips too early can cause your right heel to lift? So not firing your hips can cause a shank too. I think maybe I was putting too much emphasis on my right heel causing me to lean back. You would think this would cause you to strike the ball off the toe, it's the complete opposite as I have researched, "Your body will always seek a balanced state when you put it in motion. That means that if you start on your heels, your body will attempt to move to a more balanced position toward the center of your feet. This, of course, will move your body and the heel of the club closer to the ball.3) In order to practice, I was getting normal distances with my short irons doing this drill, nice draws and I was not following through allowing my heel to come up at all to get the feeling of my heel staying down at impact. 
    In the end the feeling of lifting your heel after impact will have to be committed to muscle memory because proper heel lift is timed very closely after impact.  Thoughts???

  • Thanks for this, great drill!

  • Glenn Scott Photography, Inc.

    An excellent drill. This is what I was looking for. The heel staying down helps me a great deal with keeping a square club face and impacting the center of the club. This will help my son as well. Thank you!!!

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  • A great drill that. My ball striking feels so much better. My fault was raising both heels slightly on the downswing resulting in loss of pressure and loss off posture into impact. I really feel connected to the ground on the backswing and downswing. This works throughout the bag. Use the ground people this guy knows his onions! 🙂

  • this is just what I needed, was bombing them today. thanks

  • The reason I found your video was that I was wondering what opinions there were on the right heel function at the beginning of the downswing. I had been practicing at the driving range on an artificial turf surface and decided to try a kind of pushoff with my right heel at the beginning of the downswing. I had been practicing my core and shoulders rotations as a method of beginning my take back but was still having problems with my clubhead height direction varying significantly. I also was having a problem generating much club head speed. When I began concentrating on pushing with my right heel into the turf at the beginning of my forward swing, what I noted was that immediately my swing straightened and my club head speed more than doubled. What's more, the results were consistently reproducible. It is therefore my belief that, in my case, pushing into the turf with my right heel at the beginning of my downswing has helped me automatically improve both my club head speed, the direction of my ball and thereby improved my finish. The increased momentum of my shoulders, core and club head were an immediate an impressive result. I am glad to see that others notice the right heel importance as well.

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