Golf Life shows you the Greatest Backyard EVER!!

Welcome to “Golf Life.” We have an amazing show for you today. A little later in the show, we’re gonna head
west, that way, to Las Vegas, Nevada, but right now, we’re in Austin, Texas, at the
home of Dave Pelz. Let me tell you — if you’re gonna talk about
the golf lifestyle for a minute, you really want to talk about a person who’s dedicated
their life to golf? That’s Dave Pelz. This is his home here in Austin, and he has
eight holes that are built out of synthetic turf that Dave and his son, Eddie, designed
themselves. Let’s tell you that story right now on “Golf
Life.” ♪♪♪♪>>I’ve lived on golf courses
all my life. And my son, who built this backyard, said,
“You’re no longer living on a golf course. You’re living on golf.”>>It took over our business, in a lot of
ways, for about two years. He became obsessed with it.>>If I had known how great this was, this
life — living on golf — It’s very, very different than living on a golf course. It is the greatest thing in the world to get
up in the morning and come out here and have coffee, I mean, without even having a golf
club. I can putt in my backyard, in my greens, with
my skivvies on. I don’t have to dress for anybody.>>It’s been one of the joys of my working
life with my father to see this dream come true for him. Not many people have the vision to design
this. And then to do it tested another level of
gutsiness. And then have it work out and stand the test
of time. I mean, this is the sixth year of its existence,
in this hot Texas summers. And it’s just been awesome to stand behind
it and see it.>>I had a design. And then he actually came up with the idea,
“Why don’t you — Instead of having this particular funky-looking shape here as a target –” ‘Cause
I was designing everything first. First time I ever designed this yard, in my
mind, before we ever started the house, I thought, “Target areas with feedback. I want to know if I’m a foot long or a yard
long or 2 yards long or 10 yards long or same thing short.” And, so, I had water everywhere and sand,
little, bitty strips and stuff. And he said, “Well, that really looks weird. Why don’t you make really good-looking greens?” And, together, we said, “Why don’t we make
greens — the best greens in the world?” I mean, I’ve been all over the world with
this game. I love golf. I’ve been in it for years and years. So, I picked my favorite greens, and then
we said, “Well, look, this one would fit here.” Green 1 is 13 Augusta. Green 2 is 17 TPC, the island green you see
behind me. We’re here at 13 at Pebble, is over my right
shoulder. Around the corner here is 14 at Augusta, with
Rae’s Creek going in front of it. Then we’ve got 17 at Pebble Beach, with the
funny bunny bunker on the left and the two-green-type system connected in the middle. Then we’ve got St. Andrews, the “Road Hole,”
down here. And then, around the corner, we’ve got a hole
inspired by Whistling Straits, with a bunker that runs up the middle. So, of course, we shrunk everything, but we
gave it a similar look. And we incorporated three turf styles — putting
turf, fairway turf, and rough — to create the look and feel of those places.>>You don’t need to have a backyard like
I have. If you had one target green or if you had
these little target wedge distances — You know, I’ve built every aspect of my game. I can do sand. I can do chipping, low-running chips. I can do high, soft flop shots. I can do normal pitch shots and wedges. Everything in golf — over water, over sand. It’s just — Out of rough, out of fairway,
off tight lies. I have every lie mixed in from every distance. Any guy that’s really a golfer at heart would
love to have golf in their backyard, live on golf, get as close to it as you can. And the fact that it’s even better than living
right next to a golf course, because the neighbors all get mad at you. I mean, I’ve lived next to golf courses. When I snuck out on the course, people would
report me. And, “Oh, Pelz is in the bunker again” or
“he’s hitting putts. He’s trekking up our greens.” And, of course, they’re always cutting the
thing. The mowers make an incredible noise. Nobody cuts my grass. My grass is cut exactly the right height every
morning. It’s freshly watered. There’s no water out here, except my little
streams. I love the little gurgle of ripping water. I love that. But it’s a perfect place to live if you’re
a golfer.


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