♪♪>>Welcome to “Golf Life,” a show focused
on your golf lifestyle. ♪♪ Welcome to “Golf Life.” Today on “Golf Life,” we’re gonna show you
four amazing golf courses right here in our backyard. Picture this. You fly into Denver International Airport. You get here, at the Omni Interlocken Resort. You play two courses in the Front Range. Then you drive west and you play two more
courses in the Vail Valley. This right here is the Interlocken Golf Club. ♪♪>>The three courses — the Vista,
Sunshine, and Eldorado combinations. We have 400 feet of elevation change from
the top of the course to the bottom. So, the views are spectacular at the top,
and then you go down to the bottom, where our resort is, you get a different level of
experience. We have five sets of tees, for all levels
of golf, which is fantastic. And then we also have family tees and junior
tees for those juniors, ’cause we’re here to promote the game of golf. So, the flow and the contour, how they utilized
this ridge, this hill where we’re standing on right here really — They didn’t really
do a whole lot of work. They used the contour of the hill. So it really kind of flows nicely all the
way from the top to the bottom. And, like I said before, the highest point
of elevation between Denver and Boulder is on the property, so it’s just spectacular
to see how they utilized that and coordinated that so you can see all the way up the Front
Range. You can see the tower at D.I.A. And then you can see all the way up to Longs
Peak right here, which is just spectacular. You start from the bottom, you start from
the Eldorado, and then you work your way up. And then you go to Sunshine, and you’re almost
there. And then you go to Vista and you’re at the
peak, and the sense of accomplishment not only for the game of golf, but for life in
general and just to be on top of the hill and experiencing this beauty of Colorado and
the beauty of the Front Range — there’s no better place. If you like to travel and you’re looking for
a place for your group, your wedding, or even your bachelor party, you know, what better
way to come to a golf course with 27 holes? If you’re looking for the ultimate group experience,
Interlocken is the place for you. It’s an honor to work at such a beautiful,
beautiful property. I mean, I can’t say enough of — The views
that we have here, it is so unique to the Front Range of Colorado that you won’t experience
this golf anywhere in the Front Range. And I’m — Obviously, it shows why I’m still
here for 19 years, because the passion is here. I love the people. I love the people I work with. I love the members and guests. At the end of the day, the members and guests,
and if we treat them with the respect and the hospitality, they’re gonna come back for
life. I have great relationships that I’ll treasure
for a lifetime. So, as a property, obviously, the beauty sells
itself, but the people that I work with, the people that we work day in and day out with
and the guests — The guests make it so much fun. And, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re
here for in hospitality is for our guests and our members. If you want to learn more about this beautiful
property, please visit us on ♪♪>>
As you make your way through Denver’s Front Range, there’s one place you need to stop. It’s right here in Golden, Colorado, home
of the Coors Brewery. This is Fossil Trace Golf Club. Legendary architect Jim Engh created a beauty
here. We got fossils. We got golf. Let’s go check it out. ♪♪ ♪♪>>There’s great golf courses
in this state, but there’s not a whole lot that are like this. Being just 20 minutes from downtown Denver,
as a whole, the golf course itself is spectacular. The views that you get along the Front Range
are absolutely amazing. It’s hard to describe without seeing it. But the terrain being very vertically challenged
up and down. You’ve got the valleys to look through, the
mountain scene that you see from the golf course itself. I mean, it’s just — Visually, it’s just stunning. You want something memorable. You want to go away going, “That was awesome.” And it’s not just because of hole number 12,
but it’s — You’re talking about the number-one starting hole in the state for the last several
years. Somebody else was talking about 12. Somebody’s talking about how they got home
in two on 18. It’s not just one hole. It’s 18 holes worth. When you put them all together, you walk away
going, “What just happened? That was just crazy-good.” And this game is supposed to be fun, and that’s
what we hear people say all the time is, “I didn’t necessarily score well, but, man, I
had more fun than I’ve had in a long time playing this game.” Broadway shows, concerts, all four major sports
teams, world-class skiing one day, and the very next day, you could be playing golf here
on perfect conditions. What would you want to experience in your
life — Denver offers all of those. And it’s all right here within a short distance
and a short drive. I don’t know another place that you could
do that around the country. It’s phenomenal.>>When we return, we go west on I-70 through
the Rocky Mountains to show you two great golf courses in the Vail Valley. Plus, we tell you how easy your life could
be on and off the golf course with the new Phat Scooter. That’s next. ♪♪ I tell you what golf is so much fun
and if you can get better quickly, it’s really great. And we want to help you. We found this product called BTS Golf and
we think it’s wonderful. It is a video lesson series that’s online
on your phone with a training tool that helps you learn all the key positions of the golf
swing. And what’s more is it’s custom for your golf
swing. What that means is if you are tall with short
arms or you are short with long arms or you got square shoulders. You send in some photos of yourself and they’ll
send you back the videos specifically for you. has worked with thousands of golfers
and they can help you. I’ve learned so much using the BTS system
for my own swing I’d love you to head over to There’s videos there that you can learn more. Don’t just take my word for it. It’s risk free but I want you to be convinced. So head over to right now to learn
more.>>Let’s go out to Colorado National Golf
Club to learn more about the Phat Scooters. ♪♪ Hey, everyone. Welcome to Colorado National Golf Club. We got our Phat Scooters in all of their glory
right here. They’re driving the single-rider revolution
in golf today. You know, month after month, we try to show
you how amazing these vehicles are for golf. It’s very simple. For golf, you just throw your golf clubs on
the back right here. You got your golf balls, your tees, and everything
you need right there. You got your phone. You got your USB charger. And if you want to use your scorecard, you
can put your scorecard right there. Very simply, just hop on. You get going. You play your own ball. You play at your own pace. Your round’s gonna go faster. But not only that, these things are awesome
off the golf course. Jump on these with your loved ones. You know, go down to Starbucks, go to the
local brewery. These guys are street-legal in the hybrid-bike
category, so they’re perfect for everybody. You’ve got different modes, different speeds,
so they’re safe. The great thing about Phat Scooters, though,
is — they’re based in Phoenix, Arizona, so the customer service is off the charts. I got to tell you — if something goes wrong,
you have a part that breaks — It usually doesn’t happen, but if something like that
does happen, they’re based in Phoenix, Arizona, so they can get you a part out. They can get you on the phone. They could probably troubleshoot it with you
on the phone right then and there. There’s a part that needs to be shipped to
you, they’ll get it to you in a couple days. It’s unbelievable what these scooters can
do for you on and off the golf course. Check out what they have to offer at Get one today.>>Now let’s go through the Rocky Mountains
to the Vail Valley and show you two more amazing golf courses in Colorado. Here’s Colton Little and Mike Billingsley.>>All right, from the Front Range, due west
on I-70, we run into the Vail Valley. Vail Golf Club. Mike Billingsley joins us. Mike, you know a thing or two about Vail.>>Well, you know, we started “Golf Life”
20 years ago this year right here in the Vail Valley. I lived here about 16 years. We used to come out to the Vail Golf Club
all the time. It was an older course then. It is the oldest course in the valley. Now it’s like brand-new with this amazing
clubhouse, brand-new driving range. It’s unbelievable.>>Well, a couple buddies and I — we’re gonna
go out to the course. We’re gonna check the whole thing out. You’re gonna keep driving west.>>Well, I’m tired of trying to keep up with
him, so I’m gonna go play with somebody more my age down at Eagle Ranch, which is an Arnold
Palmer design, in Eagle, Colorado. There’s so much great golf in the Vail Valley. Let’s show them what they’re missing.>>Let’s go have some fun. ♪♪ ♪♪>>Vail Golf Course is located
right in the valley, in between all the mountains. And, unusual for a mountain course, it’s in
the valley, so it’s a walkable golf course. It’s a beautiful scenery. My favorite part of the Vail Golf Club really
is the Gore Range. Every single hole, when you’re playing and
walking or riding a bike, you can see the Gore Range.>>This place is the most beautiful place
on Earth. It’s over 8,000 feet. You just get perfect crystal-blue air every
day. The people up here are extraordinary.>>The Vail Golf Club is great for many reasons. We have the ability to allow walkers on the
course, pushcarts, and even golf bikes. Being flat, you can do all those things, like
walk, take a golf bike, or push your pushcart, with ease. And it’s also very playable for everyone.>>The golf course has changed a lot in the
past couple of years. A new clubhouse, a lot of changes to the course
itself. I think it’s really made it one of the best
public golf courses not just in the valley, but in all of Colorado.>>It is a big clubhouse. It’s beautiful. It caters to the Gore Range really well. The patio is set right in front of it, so
you can finish your golf round, and you sit on that patio and you have a drink or have
some food, and it really is a nice finish to the day.>>You can go to our website,, and
find out everything about the golf course, our new clubhouse.>>If you haven’t played Vail Golf Club, get
out here right now. This place is amazing.>>Come here, definitely. ♪♪ ♪♪>>It’s my old friend, Jeff
Boyer, Eagle Ranch Golf Club.>>How are you, Mike?>>How you been?>>I’ve been great. How are you?>>We’ve known each other what? 20 years or so?>>I think just about that.>>Done this a time or two.>>Yeah.>>But we are in Eagle County of Colorado,
at Eagle Ranch Golf Club, and Jeff is the general manager here. Tell folks what we have in store here.>>Well, Arnold Palmer Signature Course today. You know, the Eagle Ranch opened 17 years
ago. And fantastic golf course. Great condition, great layout. People of all abilities enjoy playing it.>>Let’s go out and let’s play the course,
and, Jeff, you can beat up on me. And we’ll show the folks why they want to
come out and play the course.>>I like the sound of that.>>You like that?>>Yeah.>>All right. Let’s go. ♪♪ Tell me what most people say when they
come to Eagle Ranch.>>You know, I think they’re impressed by
the quality of the golf course, the quality of the conditions. It’s a fun layout. Yeah, and, like I say, we have an eight-month
season, and when the other golf courses are not open yet or are closed down already, we’re
rockin’ and rollin’ here at Eagle Ranch, and the golf course is still in great condition. ♪♪>>Eagle Ranch is an amazing destination
in Colorado.>>Thank you.>>It opens the door to so much. What do you want to tell people? How do they find out more and get out here?>>Well, of course, we have a great website. It’s You can book tee times, and there’s a lot
of information about the course. And you can call 970-328-2882. That’s the golf shop, and our staff can help
you out.>>Mike Malaska gives us a great tip on driver
swing speed, and we hear from Mike Bender, a Top 100 Golf Instructor, on how he uses
the V1 Golf app in his academy. Later, we go one-on-one with Dave Pelz from
Austin, Texas. All that and more next.>>Do you know why a wooden golf tee splits
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force of the ball splits the wood tee. This also increases golf-ball backspin, resulting
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with the golf tee. In fact, we tested with the Iron Byron to
ensure it provides the lowest ball spin available. Less spin means more distance. We named it Survivor because it’s the most
durable performance golf tee on the market today. The advanced polymer provides flexibility
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free shipping offer, or find Survivor Golf Tees on, or just visit your local
golf retailer and ask for the Survivor Golf Tee. Visit to get the performance
golf tee that will change your game.>>Sit tight. You’ll be on the back nine with “Golf Life”
in a moment. ♪♪>>Here’s Mike Malaska, Top 100 Golf
Teacher, from Phoenix, Arizona, with a great golf tip to help your golf game.>>Everybody wants to hit their driver better,
and there’s nothing better than hitting a great drive. And I’ve always been a good driver of the
golf ball. I’ve been fairly successful with it, regardless
of where I’ve played or even what I was doing in my swing. But here’s what I’ve always done, and this
is a drill that you should all work on. So, what I’ve got here is three balls. Everybody wants — When they take the driver
out, they’re in a big rush to see how far they can hit it. But here’s what you should do. So, I’m gonna start with this first ball and
I’m gonna make, pretty much, a full swing, but I’m only gonna hit it about 150 yards. So, there’s just enough speed here that I
can feel where the club is. I can feel how my body’s moving. I can feel everything that’s going on and
how everything syncs out, how the face is working through the ball. So, it’s not a short swing. It’s a full swing, but you’re just going at
a real slow speed. So then you have to monitor what’s going on. Now what I’m gonna do — I hit that fairly
solid. And if you hit it solid, now I’m gonna build
the speed up. So, all I’m gonna do — I’ll make the same
swing, but I’m gonna pick the speed up by about maybe 15%. So I’ll hit this one about 160 in the air…
right over the top of that flag. And that went about 165 yards. So, now I’m gradually building speed. And as long as I can stay in sync and hit
it solid and control where the ball goes, I’m gonna add a little more speed. If I get to the point where I add speed and
I either lose my balance or I mishit the ball or I lose control of it, then I back the speed
off. So, now I’m gonna up the speed again. So, I’m gonna hit this one about a little
over 200 yards in the air. And that went about 200 in the air. And then I would pick the speed up. And as long as I’m hitting it solid, I feel
like my balance is there, and the ball is going the direction I want it to go or curve
in the way, then I’ll pick the speed up. You’ve got just enough speed that you can
feel where the club is. There’s enough motion there where you can
kind of feel how everything syncs out. So it’s a very good learning process. It’s where you actually build new neurological
patterns. Full swing, 30% speed. As soon as you get to full speed, now you’re
reinforcing a reflex. So you’re saying, “I love my swing. I’m not changing anything.” So, when you’re practicing, especially with
your driver, start full swings and just hit it solid 120 yards and then gradually build
the distance up until you either lose control of the ball or you feel like you’re a little
off-balance.>>Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Malaska Golf offers several unique learning
programs that are designed to help you understand and discover your golf swing. Go to for 18% off
the monthly or annual subscription price. Join the Malaska community today.>>We’re out at Colorado National Golf Club,
on their driving range, where I use the V1 app a lot. And I send it to different instructors. Mike Bender is a gentleman that I met at the
PGA Championship. He’s a master instructor. And he loves this V1 app, because we can send
off shots to him. He can mark them up on his tablet and send
it right back to us. Let’s find out how Mike uses the V1 Golf app
in his academy.>>I have students from around the world that
send me videos online. And then what I’ll do is — I’ll analyze them. I’ll go out. I’ll shoot a video of myself demonstrating
the drills and so forth. And then I send it right back to them. So I’m doing online videos every day. And just, you know, having that branding has
really helped our academy business, as well. So, I can’t think of an easier way or a better
way. And with the V1 app, anyone has access. The phones are so great these days, unlike
the big old cameras that we used to, you know, carry around. Now everybody’s got it right in their pocket. So to be able to film themselves and send
it to a top instructor or whatever is just a phenomenal way to, you know, learn when
they’re not with me. The ability to compare golf swings and be
able to draw lines — I mean, back in my day, when we first came up, we had dry-erase markers
on the television. We’d draw the lines and everything. The only problem with that is — the students
couldn’t receive a video or keep that on their video. So it was just kind of in demonstration when
we were working with them. But when V1 came out, it was phenomenal, because
now we not only could do that electronically, but it would stay on the videos, and we could
send our students away with a great summary and just the information on how to make their
swings better.>>The V1 sports program is changing the way
players and instructors connect. To learn more about the V1 Golf app, go to or download the V1 Golf app today. Callaway Apparel — the official apparel provider
for “Golf Life’s” 20th season. Bring improvement to every movement with their
Swing Tech technology. Maximize each shot with incredible range of
motion. From their polos to their pants, each piece
will give you confidence in design and comfort so you can perform at your best no matter
the situation. Visit, see the latest
styles and colors. Austin, Texas, is home to legendary instructor
Dave Pelz. When we return, we go one-on-one with Dave
to talk about golf. Don’t go anywhere, ’cause that’s next.>>We’re partnering with Cleveland and Srixon
Golf to give away golf balls and wedges to — that’s right — you, the fan. Cleveland is the leader in short-game play,
and we want you to be a part of the success by giving you multiple chances to win a new
Cleveland RTX 4 wedge or a box of Srixon golf balls. Just sign up one time for multiple opportunities
to win at and get an extra entry by following us on Instagram @GolfLifeTV. Sign up today at for your chance
to win. ♪♪>>Welcome back to “Golf Life.” Last month, we went out to Austin, Texas,
to meet up with the short-game guru of golf, Dave Pelz. We had the opportunity to go to his backyard,
and for me, I went one-on-one with Dave to talk about putting, the new rules of 2019,
and the best way to throw your putter if you miss a putt. Check it out right here on “Golf Life.” USGA, PGA — they had a sit-down. They made some new rules for the 2019 season.>>They did.>>What are some of the rules that stood out
to you?>>Well, they really — Their avowed purpose
was to simplify the rules, and so they’ve actually added new ones, but they’ve decreased
some of them. They’ve eliminated some. The one that I thought was the most enjoyable,
for me, was to leave the pin in while you’re putting. You know, in the old days, people used to
do that. And it turns out you hole about 30% more chip
shots and putts if you leave the pin in, if the ball hits the pin, than if you take it
out, because a lot of the balls that you think would go in, when the pin’s not in there,
lip out. They don’t stay in. They hit the — not the very edge, but they
hit the side of the cup and they go out. So, really, it’s smart to leave the pin in
when you putt, from all distances. A lot of people don’t like to. Some of the pros — Bryson DeChambeau is leaving
it in pretty much most of the time. In the last tournament I was at, at the Dell,
oh, shoot, half the field was leaving it in on longer putts, over about 20, 25, 30 feet. So, it will speed up the game. I think it’s good for the game. I think it’s good for golfers if they leave
the pin in. ♪♪>>You being the short-game guru that
you are, you think you could help me a little bit on my putting?>>Only if I see you putt.>>Okay.>>Take a putt. I mean, I have to know your tendencies. What do you worry about in putting? Do you miss left-right? Are you short, long?>>One thing that I struggle on is not getting
the right distance and not hitting it — Not hitting it on my line that I want to hit it
on.>>Other than that, other than line and distance,
you’re good, huh?>>[ Laughs ] I’d like… [ Both laugh ] Well, no. Literally everything, but those are the two
things that I think –>>Well, really, there are two things in putting — line and distance. And if you’re weak in both of them, you need
some help. So, look, line tends to be very intuitive. Get a putter that you can aim that has some
alignment on it. You know, the 2-Ball Putter? I invented that because I tested, and people
aim it better. But I see you’re putting with nice lines on
that putter. That’s a — I think that’s a soft-touch putter. But it’s a Huntington Beach. A very nice putter. But aim it and let me see where you’re aiming. You’re a little bit outside left. So, what that means to me is — he aims left
and he pushes. If I tell him to aim straight, he’s gonna
miss everything right. So you’ve got to be aware that you need to
practice aiming with a laser beam or some — We teach, in our schools, with a laser
beam. And we have the golfer say, “Yes,” and the
laser comes on and shows him where he’s aiming. Because if you don’t learn to aim right, it’s
a difficult thing. Now, for speed, are you aware, first off,
that the ball should roll 17 inches by the hole? You will make the most of any — that you
can possibly make with your skill if you roll each putt at a speed, when it gets to the
hole, that if it misses, it goes 17 inches by. If you roll them faster than that, you get
more lip-outs. If you roll them slower than that, it hits
the vagaries of the green, and you miss the cup more. So, let me see you roll that putt to this
ball and just happen to roll it right through the hole. Roll it right through that hole to this ball. See, imagine that that hole has a cover on
it. It’s an invisible cover. Can’t make it. Just roll it right over it to that ball. Well, that was very weak. That ball would have not gone past here. So his speed control isn’t very good. What I recommend is getting a device that
we sell in retail stores called the Phony Hole. And it’s just a real thin piece of rubber
that’s black that you put anywhere on the green and practice putting to it and roll
it right across it — the ball can’t go in — and try to get it 17 inches by. It’s half the length of your putter — 17
inches. You’re not gonna miss them coming back. That’s the magic speed of which you will make
the most putts.>>But, Dave, I got one last question for
you.>>Okay.>>You ever got frustrated on the golf course? And what’s your thought on throwing the putter?>>[ Laughs ] Throwing the putter. Only throw it if no one’s in the way and there’s
no water and you don’t think the shaft will break when it hits. If you’re gonna throw them horizontally, like
this, then they hit and they bounce. If you throw them up or down, the shafts tend
to break. I wouldn’t do that.>>[ Laughs ]>>So, if it relieves your tension,
step back, realize that you haven’t practiced enough. There’s nothing in golf that should really
frustrate you. In my view, most people really want to play
good, but they don’t want to practice. If you get a backyard like this, you love
to practice and you’ll play better and then you won’t ever get frustrated.>>Dave, thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thanks for watching “Golf Life.” Don’t forget to visit us at and
sign up for weekly giveaways. Plus, find us on social media for daily golf
videos and reviews. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you at
the 19th hole.

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