Golf Mental Tips – The Inner Game of Golf Requires Focus & Relaxation – Part 2 of Focus Series

Hello there, it is Linda Candy from Golf Mental
Tips with your quick video tip of the week and as we started last week we are going to
carry on about focusing and how important it is to your game. But although focusing
is important to your game, do you know that relaxation is as well? You cannot, cannot,
cannot focus for the whole time it takes to go round a golf course, it doesn’t matter
if you’re quick and you do it in two and half hours or if you are a slow player and it takes
you three to three and a half hours. You cannot be focused for that length of time, not to
get your best anyway. So what I’d like you to do is to realise that it only takes ooh
I don’t know an average 40-45 seconds to set up and play a ball, so that means you should
only be focusing for that amount of time and then you switch off and you relax and you
enjoy where you are, you enjoy the people you are playing with, you enjoy the scenery,
you just enjoy being out in the fresh air. Now to help you make this happen – what I
would like you to do is imagine that at the beginning of your game you have an egg timer
and this egg timer is full of about 90 minutes worth of concentration/focusing powers and
each time you set up to play your ball a little bit of the concentration powers go out of
this egg timer. So you don’t want to waste it, so as soon as you have played the ball
you turn the egg timer on its side and it stops taking out the concentration power and
you relax and then when you set up to play your next ball you turn it back up and the
concentration powers go down a little bit more. You cannot use the whole of your concentration
powers until you have finished the game, so use them sparingly, use them wisely and relax
and by doing that you will play better golf. OK I hope you like your golf video tip of
the week , don’t forget to share it with other golfers and I’ll see you next week for more
things about focusing. Bye for now.

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