Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Choosing Golf Clubs

OK, so we’ve got a variety of clubs to use
from this distance from the green, this ten to thirty yards, plus the size of the green.
So, what club do you use? Well, let’s say we were behind the sand trap instead of to
the right or left of the sand trap and I had to get over the sand trap. Well, I’m going
to have to use the sand wedge or the 60 degree wedge or the pitching wedge because I’ve got
to get enough loft to get over the sand trap and yet stop the ball when it gets over there.
So, if there was water right here, all the way up to the green, I would definitely use
a more lofted club to get over the water. Because, if I used an eight or a nine, even
a seven iron, I might not get enough loft on it to get it over. Or, if I did, then it’s
going to roll forever. So, depending on the situation, you use the club that’s appropriate.
So, that’s why all these clubs have their purpose in chipping and pitching. So, thru
a lot of practice, trial and error, and I hope that I’ve helped you a little bit here,
you’ve got to master the ability to even hit the ball to a spot and then when you’re confronted
with all these different circumstances you’ll be able to work your way out of it properly.

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