Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: Eight Irons

Okay what we’re going to do here; following
in the vein of thought that sometimes you need a less risky shot, maybe not as much
as a reward. So imagine if behind the green we’ve got water or some big sand trap, or
super big thick rough; so you don’t want to go behind the green. And that’s one of the
risks of using a sand wedge or a pitching wedge, or a 90 degree a 60 degree wedge is
the you can skull the ball which is kind of hitting it with the; with the edge and it
just sends them sailing. So this club you may not get quite as accurate of a shot but
it’s a, it’s a lower loft and it’s going to be a flatter ball so all we’re going to do
here is just pitch the ball up there because you can see that ball; if you can see it,
it was much lower than the pitching wedge; sand wedge or 60 degree. But we got the sand
traps over there on the right and the left so I’ve got a clear view of the green. I don’t
have to hit a more risky shot. So under a lot of circumstances; extreme wind or a lot
of tough penalties behind the green, you might want to pitch the ball up. So an eight iron
is a great club, you just keep your feet together a little more; choke down a little bit and
just take like a half a swing, and just pitch the ball up there and with a lot pf practice
you’ll be able to get this ball to the spots you want.

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