Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: Nine Irons

O.k. the nine iron; once again we’ve got this
shot that’s not a full club of any club, so what club do you use? Well we’re going to
explore the use of a nine iron on this segment. So I want you to think about; I can roll the
ball up because there’s nothing in my way, there’s no water; there’s no sand, the traps
are to our right and our left. So even if I skull it and just hit kind of a crumby shot
it’s still up there, it’s not the worst thing that can happen. So the nine iron in this
situation; I don’t need to get the ball over anything, I don’t need to have a perfect shot.
So in this situation I might say “I’ve had it where there’s water behind the green; I
used a sand wedge, I skull it over the green into the water”. So if I use a nine iron I
may not get the perfect shot that I would with a great sand wedge but I’m not going
to skull it and cast myself penalty strokes. So a lot of times you got to look at what’s
the risk reward ratio. So in, with that in mind we’re going to put the nine irons up
to the middle of the green. So I’m going to choke down a little bit because it’s a powerful
club and I’m going to keep my feet relatively close together. And I’m just going to take
a swing about to here and that’s going to give me plenty of power to get the ball there.
But it may be hard for you to see, but that ball doesn’t go as high as a sand wedge
or even or; even a pitching wedge, or a 60 degree wedge. So it’s a really safe shot and
a lot of times you don’t need to do anything great, you need to be safe. So use the nine
iron for a lot of these pitches and you’ll, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality
of the results.

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